Fan Fic / Fun With Leon And Ashley

Fun with Leon and Ashley is a Crack Fic of Resident Evil 4. The plot is basically a Theme Park Version of the game where Leon is a bad mouthed, self-absorbed Jerkass who gets an erection even from thinking of himself. Yeah, Out of Character is the whole premise of the story.

This fanfic contains examples of:

"Yeah, you know why you're still a virgin Ashley? Because you're a fucking whore!"
  • Jerkass - Leon is this trope turned up to eleven! He constantly insults everyone and spends a good deal of the story being naked and making love to himself.
  • Out of Character - In fact, it's the whole premise of the story.
  • Rasputinian Death - In the end, Leon is shot more than twenty times by the merchant, Ada, and Luis, and Ashley delivers a nasty Groin Attack to him.
  • Squick - Leons constant ejaculations, which he gets from something as simple as seeing his own reflection in a pool of blood.
  • Why Don't You Just Shoot Him? - Averted. Leon kills both Saddler and Salazar without a second thought.