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"You are a plague on this world, but that's not why I'm here. I'm here because of only one man. A man I love. A man who's life you will endevor to destroy. I just wanted you to know, before you die, exactly what it was that ended you. It was that thing you call weakness. It was love."
Ginny Weasley

Dead by Voldemort's hand, the power of Harry's blood sacrifice enables the survivors to fight to ultimate victory in the final battle. But Harry is dead and Ginny is distraught. Her grief unlocks great powers in the Room of Requirement, granting her wish to see Harry alive again in an unexpected way. Ginny is sent back in time and finds herself once more 10-years-old and about to meet the 11-year-old Harry Potter for the first time at the entrance to Platform 9¾.

From the Flame to the Spark by Nightboy, is a Peggy Sue Fan Fic from the Harry Potter fandom that features Ginny Weasley as the only time-traveler, though other characters are affected by fragments of the future that comes back in Ginny's wake. Features a believable determinator!Ginny, hardened from leading the DA during the year Harry was Undesirable No. 1, who doesn't even attempt to keep events close to the original timeline.

Includes a muggleborn OC in a minor role, who ends up with the adult Ginny's magical core as well as some of the magic of the Room of Requirement, loves DC Comics, and comes to all the wrong conclusions about what having powers means he is. From the Flame to the Spark is not actually a crossover with Teen Titans.

Compare Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past.

Warning: Has not been updated since 2013.

From the Flame to the Spark provides examples of: