Fanfic / Friendship Is Tragic

A rather sad story about a what-if situation for the Mane Cast, seen from Twilight's point-of-view. If Twilight went on yet another adventure, what if things went wrong? What if Equestra wasn't the nice place it was anymore?

This fanfic provides examples of

  • Made a Slave: Fluttershy is forcibly enslaved. After having her freedom bought by Rarity, she basically ended up an indentured servant to her savior. If the slavers liking her was any indication, she almost became a Sex Slave and was logically thankful and unwilling to leave.
  • Moral Dissonance: Blatant with some.
  • Slave Collar: How Fluttershy went mute. She has the scars from it on her neck.
  • Values Dissonance: Saying how much you care about someone's feelings while essentially psychologically torturing them?
  • Willing Suspension of Disbelief
  • Would Hit a Girl: She is one, but her physique is on par with a well-built stallion. Applejack.