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"The first rule, you will all kill each other until only one remains. This is not a fantasy. This is not a lie. This is a fact and the reality you will face after you leave this room. All but one of you will die before this ends. If one of you intends to be that lone survivor, you will need to accept this fact wholeheartedly and place it at the center of everything else; before everything else. And by that, I mean your friends and family."
— Omatsu Reiko, Program Supervisor

1st American Blitz is a Fan Fiction written by Terryllennium (the pen name of Terryll Preston), an Elsewhere Fic based around the universe shared by the novel, film and manga adaptions of Battle Royale.

This is an Elsewhere Fic using the standard conventions of a typical Original Battle Royale (OBR) such as a Cast Herd of OC's from Eagleland (or any other country of the writers choice) stranded in a abandoned area for a kill or be killed game with a political backdrop of some type. All of these factors vary Depending on the Writer but remain largely consistent throughout the fandom.

The Blitz is the American variant of the BR Survival Act, a regularly occuring government sanctioned act that uses the frequent mass killing of middle school students to lower teenage crime, juvenile delinquency and academic boycotting as a method of behavioural deterrence. The teenagers in question are a group of 29 high school students from across the states, all of whom are finalists for a ' National French Essay Contest'. The Blitz was proposed as a solution to the high numbers of unwanted teen pregnancies, STD's in minors, juvenile crimes including rape, arson, vandalism, theft and murder as well as the future of the nation being flushed down the toilet due to an apathetic generation of drug addicts and aspiring criminals.

The author achieves deep and rich characterization through the use of the A Day in the Limelight method, making each chapter resolve around a certain student and their experiences within the game. It should be noted that this story is not for everyone, containing scenes of violence, death, sex, rape, foul language, drug references as well as numerous characters with politically incorrect stances. Whilst there hasn't been much bloodshed through the story so far, any deathscene is a combination of Nausea Fuel and Nightmare Fuel. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

Whilst a work in progress, the 1st American Blitz is currently 25 chapters long and has a word count of 149,923 making it a potential Door Stopper. It can be found here.

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