Fan Fic / Elysion

Elysion by Rayless Night is a Persona fanfic dealing with the popular idea of crossing over Persona 3 and Persona 4.

Life has moved on past a more or less "happily ever after" ending for the heroes of Persona 4, but not for the remaining heroes in Persona 3. Someone is targeting Persona users, and Detective Naoto Shirogane is on the job. Kidnapping, torture, and murder abound, and someone who we all thought was good turns out to be manipulating events and taking lives in order to save the soul of one boy, even willfully giving up her soul in the process. The plot is darker than the stories of both Persona 3 and (especially) Persona 4, given the betrayal and sacrifice at a level not seen in either game, but is arguably one of the most popular Persona 3/4 fanfics.