Fan Fic: E350s Nicktoons Unite

A collection of Nicktoons Unite universe Fan Fic stories written by E350.

In Chaos and Eggnog, Timmy finds some gems in his basement and gives them to Jimmy, Danny and Spongebob as last-ditch Christmas presents. Unfortunately, it transpires that the gems are cursed, and Timmy is blamed. Eventually, the group end up going on a roadtrip to the source of the curse in order to break it.

The sequel, The Quest for the Orb of Power, which takes liberal inspiration from Indiana Jones, sees Dani crash into Danny's life again, badly destablised. Danny and Jimmy head into the Ghost Zone to find a cure, but end up trapped in a bizarre place that emulates the 1930s, along with Valerie and what appears to be Sam's clone, Sammie. Meanwhile, the other Nicktoons, Jazz, Sam and Tucker fight dragons.

In the third story, Stage Fright, Spongebob is chosen for the lead role in a play by a mysterious man, who gives him a cloak to help him with the role. Shortly after, people start to dissappear as Spongebob begins to feel the effects of the man's cloak. Meanwhile, Timmy is forced into the play to spy on the man.

The fourth story, A Day at the Lab, follows the Nicktoons as they spend a rainy day in Jimmy's lab, testing his potions. It's much shorter then the other stories, with a more light-hearted nature.

The fifth story, Darkness Rising, made up for that in spades, with the Nicktoons finally taking on the Man in the White Suit. Unfortunately for them, the Man has been ready for them for centuries...

The sixth story, Planktopolis Now, the Syndicate return as the main villains as they steal a time-altering device, which they use to erase Spongebob from history. This in turn replaces Bikini Bottom with the Orwellian Planktopolis.

This fanfic provides examples of:

     Chaos and Eggnog 

     The Quest for the Orb of Power 

     Stage Fright 

     A Day at the Lab 

     Darkness Rising 

     Planktopolis Now