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Fan Fic: Digimon Frontier As The World Ends
A Fan Fiction of Digimon Frontier - obviously - by Aguasama. Set two years after the actual end of Frontier, this brings in four new characters, or Original Characters, to "Complete the elemental ten-some" Can be read both here and here Consdering the page is written by the author, expect spoilers down below!

  • Action Girl : Any girl that has a spirit. Even Izumi counts.
  • Badass : Anyone with a spirit is pretty much this. Tomoki included.
    • Badass Adorable : Liri and Tomoki.
    • Heartbroken Badass : Probably Ren. Considering the tidbit of Backstory we get from Chapter Nine, she, most would agree.
    • Badass Boast "WE ARE THE CHOSEN CHILDREN!" From Chapter Ten. Oh, and Grumblemon's "It's what a Warrior's got to do" Plus, any of the "Digi-Code... Scan!" moments count.
      • Word of God Says that "We are the Chosen Children!" And "It's what a Warrior's got to do." Will show up again.
  • Elemental Powers : Let's see.. We've got Ren Making a Splash, Lori Dishing Out Dirt, and Liri with a Green Thumb that's prone to using Petal Power, Oh, and Oscureomon, Extra Ore Dinary, when not trying to scythe you to death...
  • Emotionless Girl : Ren. Seriously, most of the things she says, she says completely without tone... Takuya blatantly Lampshades it in the chapter from his point of veiw.
    • Then subverted: It's revealed by her flashback in chapter nine that's pretty much her way of coping. She's capable of the emotion, but even she states she hasn't felt it in a while.. Really, just more of a Broken Bird Make what you want of that.
  • Genki Girl : Liri. See Token Mini-Moe
  • Playful Hacker : Lori is one.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni : Takuya and Ren, Lori and Kouji, Liri and Lori, this can go on forever. (Yes, Lori is Red compared to Kouji, but Blue compared to her sister, the Token Mini-Moe Genki Girl.)
  • Scars Are Forever : Turns out, Ren's little arm cover is not a fashion statement, it just covers her scar. From a car accident. When she was three... Ouch.
  • Sassy Black Woman : Lori, by technicalities. She's Half-Morocian, and Word of God explains that she's pale thanks to a Japanese dad. And boy, is she sassy. Her mom, according to Word of God is one too.
  • Token Mini-Moe: Liri. From Chapter 5 "... Liri was simpily cute" She's a ten-year old amongst thirteen year-olds, what did you expect?
  • Trolling Creator : Agua has litterly stated "Shipping May Vary"... She teases every ship you can think of.. Save the Squick-y ones, anyhow. But, on the other hand, if you suggest a really good idea, not only will she reply, she'll probably write it down and use it later..
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