Like every mare in Equestria, Rainbow Dash has a father. Unfortunately, Rainbow Dash has a lonely, depressed wreck of father, Blue Streak, who has been that way since his beloved Firefly passed away. About 7 years later, Rainbow Dash gives her dad a visit to cheer him up again, but finds he's already been cheered up. Streak reveals, to Rainbow's delight, that he's started dating again and has found a wonderful mare.

The good is that Streak's marefriend is brave, smart, funny, and pretty awesome. The bad is that it's Twilight Sparkle, Dash's best friend. Can Dash deal with her friend romancing her dad[[labelnote:+]]Hint: No[[/labelnote]]? Will Streak's courtship of Equestria's newest princess end in joy or in tears? And just what does the trickster-god Discord have to do with all of this?

This story by [[ A Bag O Vicodin]] can be found [[ here]].

! This [=Fanfic=] provides examples of:

* AttractivenessIsolation: Implied to be the case for Firefly, "the sexiest mare at the Academy," when Blue Streak asked her out. She proceeded to fly Streak to the movie theater immediately after saying yes.
* TheBet: Blue Streak was dared by his buddies to ask Firefly out, who was incredibly beyond his league. It ended very well for him, obviously.
* BlandNameProduct: Little Celestia's fills in for the Little Cesar's pizza chain when Dash notices it's been replaced with a [[RunningGag Quills and Sofas store]].
* DudeWheresMyRespect: {{Averted}}, unlike the main series. Rainbow Dash is able to browbeat a Royal Guard into letting her enter Canterlot Palace and talk with Discord, simply because she's the Element of Loyalty.
* FailedASpotCheck: Rainbow Dash is nearly a dead ringer for her father, which makes it highly improbable that Twilight Sparkle never figured out the two might be related in some fashion. She's very sheepish when this is pointed out.
* FiveStagesOfGrief: Dash is going through them after she found out Twilight and her dad are dating. She stuck on anger for quite a bit and ended her talk with Discord on the Depression stage.
* GenerationXerox: Not appearance-wise, but Rainbow Dash inherited her athleticism and competitive spirit from her mother. She got her unique appearance from her father.
* HappilyMarried: Blue Streak and Firefly, which gave them a beautiful daughter. Slight {{Deconstruction}}, because as the main source of happiness in his life, Streak was devastated after Firefly's untimely passing and it took seven years to move on.
* HypocriticalHumor: As Dash and Scootaloo eat lunch together, Dash offers the filly some advice to deal with overbearing parents, which is “Your family doesn’t always know what’s in your best interests.” At the time, she's currently raging at her father for getting romantically involved with her friend.
* InsecureLoveInterest: Blue Streak, for both Firefly and Twilight Sparkle.
* InsaneTrollLogic: Father dating your best friend? It's quite obviously a maniacal ploy by Discord to distract an Element-bearer so he can once again take over the world, at least if your name is Rainbow Dash. Even [[MadGod Discord]] thinks it's ridiculous, [[{{Troll}} after playing along for a bit]].
* ItsAllAboutMe: Rainbow Dash's major problem with Twilight and Streak's romance is that ''they neglected to mention it to her''. Considering how Rainbow throws a tantrum upon its discovery, their discretion may have been justified.
--> '''Rainbow Dash''': [Twilight] treats me like I’m some kind of idiot... like dating my father is okay just because it makes him happy.
* LampshadedDoubleEntendre: Twice in chapter one, both regarding Streak's intimacy with his new marefriend.
* [[LikesOlderWomen Likes Older]] [[InvertedTrope Stallions]]: Twilight Sparkle, which is one reason she went for Blue Streak, someone literally old enough to be her dad.
* MasculineGirlFeminineBoy: Blue Streak and Firefly when they were married, the former being a librarian and the latter being a world-class athlete.
* [[MySisterIsOffLimits My Dad Is Off Limits]]: Rainbow's mentality once she finds out it's Twilight Sparkle that her dad is dating. As she embodies Loyalty, Rainbow feels like Twilight betrayed her trust for eloping with her father without even mentioning it.
* MayDecemberRomance: Princess Twilight is dating Blue Streak, who has a daughter the same age as her.
* NeverMyFault: Quoth Rainbow when asked why she isn't willing to talk to Twilight about her romance with her father:
--> She’ll probably just find some way to twist my words against me like she did last time.
* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: Blue Streak actually seems cheerful when Dash first visits him, which immediately clues her into to something about his life changing for the better.
* OrwellianRetcon: The first chapter was rewritten, and the chapters from then on follow the rewrite.
* PersonaNonGrata: Blue Streak briefly tells Rainbow that she is not welcome in their house.
* ShowerOfAngst: Rainbow Dash's shower after Streak's new flame is revealed turns into this, as she laments Twilight neglecting to mention this to her and eventually fearing that relationship soils Firefly's memory.
* SoProudOfYou: Brief one when Streak reveals Twilight as his marefriend, with Streak thanking his daughter for not freaking out about him dating Dash's friend. Unfortunately, Dash proceeds to freak out.
* TemptingFate: The first line of the story.
--> [Rainbow Dash's] life just couldn't get any better.
** Her life then goes sideways 15 minutes later.
* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: Discord delivers a brutal on to Rainbow Dash after claiming she, despite being the element bearer of loyalty, is one of the least loyal ponies he knows thus far.
* ReformedButRejected: Played with. Discord is allowed a chaotic room in Canterlot Castle and the Mane 6 (minus Rainbow Dash) have extended their own olive branches, but the populace at large is still mistrustful of Discord.
* UnequalPairing: Creative spin with the inequality going both directions. Blue Streak is literally old enough to be Twilight's father, but as savior and princess of Equestria, Twilight holds magnitudes more power than than a simple librarian.
* WeHaveThoseToo: A salespony tries to offer Rainbow a quill. As she's a pegasus, she has plenty of feathers to spare as quills. He still tries to sell her some after she points it out.
* WhamEpisode: "Rupture". It continues on from the previous chapter's ending of [[spoiler:Rainbow walking in on Twilight and Blue about to have sex]] and [[spoiler:to summarize what goes down, let's just say that things went FromBadToWorse]].
* WhatTheHellHero: Dash gives two to her father and Twilight Sparkle, for getting intimate with her best friend and said father while neglecting to mention this to her, respectively. They proceed to turn the tables on her when they point out Dash's various hypocrisies when refusing to accept their relationship.