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Fan Fic: Darkish Souls
"Seek Guidance; Hurl Lightning Spear. Everything starts to make sense. Praise the motherf &*ing sun."
— ''Author's description'

Dark Souls isn't a very funny game. It's rather bleak and humorless, and the closest thing you get to a laugh is when you die again because you missed that half-naked Hollow who just stabbed you in the back with a rusty sword. Well, Queen Syndon decided to remedy that.

Darkish Souls is an parody of From Software's aforementioned Dark Souls. Follow Stacy and her companion Bob as they try to make their way through the twisted and oftentimes nonsensical and baffling world of Lordran. Their quest would probably be much easier if the Chosen Undead wasn't such a Jerkass.

It also contains Solaire suplexing Maneater Mildred. Just getting that out of the way, because if that didn't make you want to read it, nothing will.

The fanfiction provides examples of:

The Outcasts Of Hope And The Remnants Of DespairFanFic/Video GamesKunoichis Like Us

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