Fan Fic / Corrupted Fantasies

"You're just the classic odd ball. Some have endless beaches. Some have jazz rooms, some have endless lakes…but you,... You went over kill. You don't just have one thing taking up a entire world. You made one yourself. A entire universe, just for yourself."

Corrupted Fantasies is a Fanfic written by BosBaBe and it takes plot elements from both Soul Eater and Alice: Madness Returns, twisting them into a story fitting for both while staying true to the original content of both.

As a child, Maka Albarn had always loved when her father read her a tale of a place called Wonderland. Yet, as she grew up, she noted that life was not like Wonderland. But still she kept the memory of it in her heart as a reminder of her childhood.But she soon realized what that had caused.

In the final fight with Crona, in a last ditch attempt, she's hoping against hope she can save whats left of his soul. But it's easier said than done...Pulling him into her soul, both Maka and Crona find themselves falling deeper and deeper, before getting lost in a world they can't explain, a twisted, fantastical Wonderland where the world and it's inhabitants are far more bizarre and fantastic than they have any right to be. But something is wrong. Something is terribly, terribly wrong. Maka's haven is being destroyed, poisoned piece by piece, killing her from the inside out. It's up to her and her reluctant companion to save her precious Wonderland, and in doing so, save whats left of their minds and souls. But can they do it? Can they fight the rolling tide of black? And can they piece together the shattered fragments of Crona's memories, before they drown with them? Everything is not as they appear, and nothing is as it seems. And who can they trust? And what's more...

Can they dare to fall in love, when everything threatens to tear them apart forever?

This is the beginning of the end, the end of the beginning, and the destruction of everything in between.

This Fanfic provides examples of:

  • Cats Are Snarkers: Not too suprising given that Soul is the Cheshire Cat
    Soul: "Well, just my luck. She takes her sweet time in getting here, and then when she does, all she can do is gawk. Close your mouth Maka, you look like you're trying to catch flies or something."
    Maka: "You just shut your mouth, you damn cat! Stop bullying me! I won't take this crap!"
    Soul: "There we go, see? Not so hard, right?"
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Insane Crona begins to start this when he is contradicting himself.