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Fan Fic: Coccinea
Coccinea is a short crossover Fan Fic written by MoonlightBomber. It crosses over the worlds of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight and Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Due to certain events in "the traitor game" that happened in a space station, Kit Taylor's and Kyouko Sakura's fortunes have intertwined. Due to similar characteristics (their transformed forms are both colored red) and circumstances (their fathers were their reasons why they fight), they knew each other quickly and fell in love. Soon, they became a Battle Couple.

Until the curtains of truth were unfurled, and Kyouko was revealed to be a Traitor, much to Kit's dismay. And she betrays him. Eventually, both were killed off. Or so it seems...

Before their relationship goes awry, Kit and Kyouko have to mend their new-found love before time runs out. Fortunately, there are other people who are more than willing to lend a hand — the revival of the two being their first move.

Can be read here. A Visual Novel (which is a director's cut) is released some months after the original fic is published.

You can download the visual novel here.

Coccinea uses the following tropes:

Cicadas Case Of The Endless DreamerFanFic/CrossoverCode Geass 50 K Lelouch Of The Imperium
ClownTroper WorksCoffeehouse

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