Fanfic: Children Of An Elder God

Do NOT gaze too long into it. It is dangerous...
Sometimes, children go into their parent's closet and dress up, pretending to be their parents, acting as if they were in charge, as if they ruled the house, as if they were the kings and queens of the Earth. But then their parents come home, and the game is revealed as a lie.
For millennia, humanity has played at being kings and queens, at ruling the world they call home. Now, the car is pulling into the drive...

Children Of An Elder God is a Neon Genesis Evangelion/HP Lovecraft Fusion Fic by John Biles and Rod M, replacing the Angels with Cthulhu and all the rest of the Great Old Ones, giving an already mind-screwy stew an entirely new flavor.

It's the year 2014. Humanity feels safe in their homes, seeing themselves like kings of the planet. Little do they know, the live in an island isolated in the middle of an universe plagued with horrors... and those horrors are coming back home.

Only a few Children can stop the Old Gods from reclaiming their world. However, each battle makes their bodies evolve and gain new powers...and maybe to save humanity, Shinji, Asuka and Rei must stop being human.

The fic's main site is here, although it is missing the final chapter. It is also located here in text-only format, and includes the complete fic, annotated versions of the first three chapters, and a history of the Cthulhu Mythos. The original draft of the final chapter is here.

Compare with Thousand Shinji, another Evangelion crossover with similar themes (the Children becoming more than human due to the action of Eldritch Abominations and picking up powers as they killed things). In fact, Children Of An Elder God gets credited as one of the two biggest influences.

If you are interested in learning about other classic Evangelion fics of that era go to Neon Genesis Evangelion R, HERZ, The Child Of Love, The One I Love Is or Higher Learning.


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  • Affably Evil: Nyarlathotep, as always.
  • Berserk Button: Just try and hurt Shinji when Rei's around. Even if she's not around, she will know anyway. Shown best in chapter 12, where Orifel almost convinces Rei to switch sides, until she sees Shinji being overwhelmed by Orifel's children, at which point she promises to eat his heart.
  • Bittersweet Ending: At the end, Shinji and Asuka have lost almost everyone that they care for, and due to their mutations they don't fit into human society any longer, so they abandon civilization forever. Still they are still together, the narration states that their remaining friends will meet them again, and thanks to them humanity has been saved and will endure for several centuries more.


  • Did I Just Say That Out Loud?: In an omake Gendo asked Kaji if he had not been stupid enough to read a forbidden text. Kaji intended to tell he did not read it... and then he said he did it.
    "You do know that, like the text of 'The King in Yellow', this material here is Seraphim clearance only?"
    "So I trust you weren't foolish enough to read it?"
    'Of course not' Kaji wanted to snort in reply. "Of course I did."
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: Most evident for Ritsuko and Maya. The former awakens from a 500-year-long coma, where she has been watched over by the latter all that time. Ritsuko is still a mermaid of sorts who can't breathe air, but Maya assures her that it might be possible to make her human again. Regardless, they can finally live their lives together again.
  • Eldritch Abomination: The Great Old Ones take the place of the Angels...and then there's the Outer Gods.
  • False Utopia: Yui and Gendo's plan is to take the power of the Great Old Ones after the Children kill them all and use it to create paradise. Unfortunately, that power corrupts the world they created and the Children eventually rebel to restore the original world.


  • Giant Spider: They're some of the first enemies Shinji battles.
  • Gratuitous German:
    • Used by Asuka extensively.
    • In an omake NERV makes figurines of the pilots as part of a money-making scheme. If you squeeze one of the Asuka action figures she says: "Gott in Himmel!", "Halten Sie!", "Schnell!" or "Sieg Heil!"
  • He Who Fights Monsters: The premise of the story is the Children fighting Cthulhu Myths' Eldritch Abominations and gaining their powers after slaying them. They did not stop being heroes, but they gradually stopped being human. Gendo stated that "they gazed into the abyss, and the abyss became them."
  • Heroes Want Redheads: Although Shinji is attracted to Rei he also likes Asuka and they get together eventually.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: During the Final Battle Rei sacrificed herself to ensure that the EldritchAbominations disappear forever.
  • High School Sweethearts: Shinji, Asuka and Rei met when they were fourteen. Although Shinji also had feelings for Rei he fell in love with Asuka. At the end of the history he and Asuka left human civilization together. It is implied that they will always be together, not matter what.
  • Holding Hands: Shinji and Asuka held hands several times, including the night they left humanity. Shinji grabbed Asuka's hand and they walked onto a boat before sailing out.
  • Humanoid Abomination: Rei, in this fic, is far more than just a mere clone.


  • Last Kiss: In the final episode Shinji kissed Rei before she sacrificed herself to keep the Outer Gods sealed forever.
  • Let's Wait a While: In chapter 23 Asuka is feeling very strong urges to make love to Shinji. However she suspects the Outer Gods want them to give in their base instincts so they can wipe humankind out, and she restrains herself, telling herself they are still too young and with no idea of how to do it properly.
    One day she would she would make love to him. But not now. She was too young, and so was he, and she had a feeling that was what Nylarathotep wanted.
    Also, she wasn't sure how to do it properly.
  • Love Confession: In chapter 23 Shinji and Asuka are resting in his room, wondering if they will be slaughtered in the next battle by the latest Eldritch Abomination they are fighting, how longer the war will last... then Asuka tells him she loves him, and Shinji replies he loves her, too.
    "Shinji," she said softly. "I love you."
    He gulped and kissed her again, then said softly, "I love you too, Asuka. Don't ever leave me. Please."
    "I won't," she said. "Never."
  • Lovely Angels: In this crossover Asuka and Rei team up to destroy Eldritch Abominations... but not of the usual kind.


  • Metamorphosis: Chapter 16 reveals that Ritsuko is in the process of turning into a Deep One. By the end of the fic, the transformation is complete.
  • Mobile Fishbowl: In chapter 22, Ritsuko's metamorphosis is accelerated by Anna under the influence of Nyarlathotep, then arrested using Touji's blood. She winds up unable to breathe air. One of the pilots immediately thinks of a water-filled diving suit, but the actual solution is a neck brace that circulates water over the gills.


  • Please Don't Leave Me: In chapter 23 Shinji to Asuka are resting in his room, wondering if they would be killed by the latest Eldritch Abomination in the next battle. Shinji kissed Asuka and begged her never leaving him:
    Asuka:"Shinji," she said softly. "I love you."
    Shinji:"I love you too, Asuka. Don't ever leave me. Please."
    Asuka:"I won't, [...] Never."
  • Rape as Drama: One of the monsters Rei absorbed forces her to rape Asuka in one of the later chapters.


  • The Scottish Trope: One of the Angels (actually a Lovecraft-canon creature) can possess anyone who knows her name (even by simply seeing it written down), and will be almost guaranteed to do so if the possessee-to-be speaks it out loud. After Rei defeats her, she gains this power and applies it to her own name. Did you read that spoiler?
  • Shout-Out: Shout-outs must be added in the proper subpage.
  • The Stations of the Canon: Thrown completely out of the window as soon as the first chapter, when Shinji fights Matarael instead of Sachiel.


  • Victor Gains Loser's Powers: A pretty dark example. When Shinji, Asuka, Rei and other pilots defeated an enemy they stole its power... but their enemies are the Eldritch Abominations from the Cthulhu Mythos. Ergo, their powers allowed them easily obliterate a planet... and corrupted everything around them, making people frightened. Finally Shinji and Asuka were so fed up with people freaking out whenever they passed by they left human civilization forever because they did not fit anymore.

Fuyutsuki:"They gazed into the Abyss and now it lives inside them."