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Fan Fic: Chateu Los El Forests
Chateu Los El Forests is a Fan Fiction author who is English, wants to learn Spanish, and fails horribly at typing stories in both.

His stories are So Bad, It's Good, and show hints of possibly being a Stealth Parody. Intentional,or not, his stories really do tend to have ridiculous levels of horrible, such as Out of Character moments, random Shipping for the hell of it, and horribly mangled Spanish inserted into the middle of dialogue.

He can be found at

His stories so far include:

  • Mcraft, a Minecraft/Homestuck crossover involving John and Rose playing Mcraft, Karkat being told to start a 'revolushun', and Gamzee 'honking such spades' for Vriska.
  • Doctor Whooves: The Crack in Time, a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and Doctor Who crossover. It's about Dr, Whooves and Derpy supposedly fighting a 'tiem, kracken'. Although that hasn't come up yet.
  • HALF-LIFE: hypothesis, a Half-Life story in the style of Gearbox's "alternate perspective" sequel games.
  • A guest story called Talport by Chateu's friend, Creeper Sushi.

ATUHORS NOTE: i make a list of tropes! what do u think?

  • Bilingual Bonus: Chateu's 'spanish' isn't good spanish. In particular, the word 'nosotros' is used randomly.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: In regards to Homestuck. Vriska's alive and Tavros is dead in Mcraft, and they mention that Vriska killed Tavros, as seen in the actual comic. If we're going by in-comic deaths, than Vriska should be dead too...
  • Funny Foreigner: Averted - he isnt really spanish, he just practices it by putting it in... english stories?
  • Shout-Out: Various lines or mispellings from Half-Life: Full Life Consequences have popped up.
    • Half-Life: Hypothesis even has Curly telling a story about "Gordon Freeman's younger brother" who's name is "Jo[REDACTED]". It's pretty obvious this is a Troll Fic if you manage to catch all the references. Other badfic references include a bit of speech similar to Hans Von Hozel ("madly") and the same "past" mechanics as in ITS MY LIFE! in which everything that happened in the past happened in the past - i.e. the entire past is one time period.

To be contined?
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