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Fan Fic: Boundless World Of Danmaku
The Fan Fiction Boundless World of Danmaku is written by Terrarian Creeper and hosted on It was published in early September 2013 as an Adventure/Fantasy Touhou fanfic. Like most others, it begins with the usual system of unfortunately gapped OCs, but expands into a wider plot as the story continues.

Following Darius Loyhrs, who finds himself forced into Gensokyo against his will by Yukari to distract and escape from an angered Reimu, he ultimately decides to stay. During his initial visit, Reimu discovers an incident and brings him along, starting his adventures. It starts out similarly to most other Touhou fan fiction, but quickly breaks the mold and expands into a fresh new story as it progresses.

Find it here, or read the sequel over here.

Boundless World of Danmaku contains examples of:

  • Eldritch Location: Yukari's Gap Dimensions. In particular, the Border Catacombs are heavily implied to be this, with a heavy dose of Mind Screw thrown into the mix.
  • Enforced Cold War: Beginning at chapter 38, in which Karin intercepts the protagonists but refuses to fight them in broad daylight. Lampshaded by her, too.
  • Medusa: Another recurring theme for Goukei.
  • Mind Hive: Alexa's analysis of Yukari turns out to be this. Later on, Karin evolves into this as well. Both wind up using Voice of the Legion.

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