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Fan Fic: Believing In Magic
Believing In Magic is a Blues Clues prequel fan fic by Aqua Lion.

The story follows Steve and Joe through their childhood. After school, the two of them go stay at a magical house, where everything is alive and joyful. Joe has no friends at school. None of the other kids understand him, least of all his brother. Joe doesn't care; he has friends at the Blue's Clues house.

At seven years old, Joe starts feeling lonely. He and mailbox have aged normally, but the rest of their friends have stayed young. Soon he's cut off from the magic house and those within it. Without a friend in the world, Joe wants to rely on Steve for support, but is jealous of the attention he gives Blue. Joe isolates himself, growing distant as the years pass.

This work provides examples of:

Tech 10 RebootedFanFic/Western AnimationBeginning of the End

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