Fan Fic: Ashes of the Past

Ash: I want to go back to the day my journey began, when I first set off from Pallet.
Sir Aaron: Hah! Told you, you great lump.
Arceus: I thought 'any day but then' was good odds.
Ash: Were you two betting on me or something?
Sir Aaron: Err… nooo?
Ash: Somehow I don't believe you.
Arceus: Now, Dialga!
Narration: In that second of absolute stillness, Ash thought to himself that using the – a – legendary Pokémon that controlled time to get out of an embarrassing situation really took some beating. Then there was a roar, and he fell into blackness.

Can be read here by Saphroneth

Summary by the author: Time Travel, based on the Pokémon anime. So, the world ended. That's bad news. Who best to get to fix it? Well, there is this guy with a track record in world saving... Not entirely serious. T rating may be overdoing it.

Synopsis on Pokemon General: At some point during the Pokémon: Best Wishes season, Cyrus succeeded in remaking the world in his image. Arceus did not like that very much, so he chose a champion to go back in time to Set Right What Once Went Wrong. Naturally, having already saved the world several times and having great potential with Aura, Ash Ketchum is that champion. After a week in a pocket dimension training to learn Aura, Ash is returned to the day he started his Pokémon Journey with the ability to restore his friends' memories of the other timeline and sets off to solve as many problems as possible...and, of course, have fun on the way.

Tropes contained in Ashes Of The Past

  • A Birthday, Not a Break: Revealed to be the case for the events of Pokémon Heroes, as it took place on Ash's 13th Birthday. As a result of Latios' sacrifice in the original timeline, Ash didn't do anything for his later birthdays.
  • Adaptational Badass: Everyone.
    • Most notable in the case of Ash's Charizard when using Blast Burn. For context, in the games, Frenzy Plant, Hydro Cannon, and Blast Burn are the Grass, Water, and Fire (respectively) versions of Hyper Beam. In this fic, when Ash's Ivysaur and Squirtle use Frenzy Plant and Hydro Cannon, that's how they're portrayed: as powerful but draining finishing attacks. In contrast, Charizard's Blast Burn is second in power only to the Pokemon equivalent of a nuclear warhead.
    • Similarly, Pikachu's Volt Crash can vaporize a swimming pool in one shot.
    • Particularly in the case of previously underdeveloped and rather weak Butterfree and Pidgeot.
    • Meowth Takes A Level In Badass when he decides he's sick of being good as nothing more than a translator. He then becomes a ninja.
    • During the Orange Islands, Brock fought off a bunch of Unown... with a crowbar.
    • Starting in Johto, even the Characters of the Day are getting in on it. This is hinted to be the result of the Butterfly Effect. Examples include Casey using the FEAR strategy to defeat Charizard and Miki's Skarmory holding its own against two fully-evolved Fire-types at the same time.
    • Lugia gets in on the action at Shamouti, Actually demonstrating why he's the trio leader of the birds.
    • In the third movie, Molly Hale gives both Brock and Misty a Curb-Stomp Battle because her illusory Pokémon have no limits except her imagination. In this fic, though Brock goes down more or less the same way, Misty is able to fight her to a draw.
    • Misty is now considered a trainer strong enough that she got scouted as possible replacement for Lorelei of the Elite Four. She took up the challenge, and succeeded. Even better, we don't even know which one she replaced — Lorelei, Agatha, and Lance all stepped down for various reasons, and thus three of the trainers that took the challenge (one being Misty, the other two being the canonical Karen and Will) were admitted into the group.
    • Muk is some sort of horrible amalgamation of Cookie Monster and the embodiment of pure murder. The two times he or it was used, it was a complete curb stomp battle. The first time involved him using twenty TM moves at once, and the second time is summed up as "And then Muk opened his mouth, and all Weavile knew was pain."
    • Vicious/The Iron Masked Marauder took advantage of Giovanni sending a squad of Rockets after him early to 'Acquire' some of their Pokemon via Dark Ball. And then he manages to get Pikachu in one...
    • The Pidgey who wanted to be the highest-flying Pidgey in the world actually manages to outfly Ash's Pidgeot in terms of height- she had to stop in the Stratosphere because her wings were icing up, but Pidgey was still ascending. The only reason he stopped was because he passed out and Pidgeot had to catch him.
  • Alien Arts Are Appreciated: Apparently, all Squirtle are huge anime fans.
    • Ash and Gary's are Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Fans, while the Squirtles on the Squirtle Island are all Naruto fans. Later on in the Orange Islands, we meet a group of Wartortle who are Power Rangers fans.
    • And in Johto, we find a Wartortle re-enacting Sailor Moon. Which apparently has an in-universe dub Sailor Cressalia. And introducing it to Quilava.
  • Alternate Universe: Very subtle, but there are some changes from the main Pokemon universe- and that's not including the changes that the main characters have wrought to the timeline. For example, Hunter J and Lawrence III are brother and sister, and Koga (poison Gym Leader) adopted Meowzie (meaning she left Hollywood, rather than stayed for the episode of the anime where she debuted).
  • Badass Family: This time around, the Entei created by the Unown gets joined by Suicune and Raikou. And they will all do whatever it takes to ensure Molly Hale's safety and happiness.
  • Bag of Holding: Sir Aaron's bag. Lampshaded when Misty boggles at Ash pulling an entire chalkboard out of it. He says the real trick was getting it in there in the first place.
  • Barrier Warrior: James' Abra.
  • Battle in the Center of the Mind: Used five times so far via Aura Purge. The first time was to help cure Misty's phobia of Bug types by going back to her memory of the traumatic event that caused it and battling a horde of Bugs led by a mental projection of Genesect. That fight was used as a practice run for the battle against Sabrina, which culminated in the only sane fragment of her personality cutting down her inner darkness with a representation of Keldeo's Sacred Sword, Excalibur Galatine. Then came the incident with Molly Hale and the Unown, though that wasn't a battle so much as a therapy session. Jessie's Cubone has also had a therapy session. Also, during the Whirl Islands mini-arc, Ash uses it on Lugia's mate, who had been turned into a Shadow Pokémon by Namba and Cipher, while falling in midair.
    • It turns out that the original purpose of the Aura Purge technique was to fight against the Shadow Pokémon of Pokémon Colosseum and XD.
  • Berserk Button: For Pidgeot, being mistaken for a male. The first time it happened, she retaliated with a massive Sky Attack and left the message "I'm female, twit" carved into the surface of the glass lining the resulting crater. Subverted the second time, when the culprit managed to apologize for his mistake in time to prevent her wrath.
  • Beyond the Impossible: Ash's Squirtle has broken space. To quote Dexter:
    Dexter: Also, battles will almost invariably end in some improbable manifestation of power.
    • Given that Squirtle's character is that of a massive fanboy of Gurren Lagann, the Trope Namer of Beyond the Impossible, this is somewhat to be expected.
    • And somehow Beyond the Impossible has been taken Up to Eleven when Squirlte created Squirtilite and Mega Evolved into Mega Squirtle. It broke after one use, but it worked.
  • Big "NO!": Ash let out a good one when reminded of "Maiden's Peak."
  • Blood Magic: The secret to using Ghost-type attacks while still alive and not getting fatigued.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: All pokemon captured in Dark Balls, briefly including Ash's Pikachu.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: James' Abra, Misty's Psyduck and Arceus are guilty of this.
  • Breather Episode: Chapter 101, to unwind after the action-packed Heroes movie. It acts as a Day in the Limelight to various supporting characters, and Ash, Misty, and Brock, while mentioned, do not appear at all.
  • Brilliant but Lazy: James's Abra is a good sample of this trope.
  • Bring My Brown Pants: Implied to have happen to Damian, the guy who Ash's Charizard used to belong to and abandoned him.
  • Brother-Sister Team: In this fic, Hunter J and Lawrence III, who team up at the end of Chapter 37 to begin the attack on Lugia.
  • But for Me, It Was Tuesday: Ash tells Riolu after he joins Ash that the time they saved him from Hunter J, he considered it a slow week.
    • Morty and Eusine are understandably stunned at the sight of the legendary Beast trio, their shiny counterparts, and Keldeo acting as the peanut gallery to Ash's gym battle with Morty. Ash, Misty, and Brock don't even bat an eye.
  • Butt Monkey: The Oaks. Professor Oak is often the butt of many Pokemon's hijinks (primarily Ash's), while if something bad is happening, it's usually happening to Gary.
  • Canon Foreigner: During the Elite Four meeting where the current members discuss the status of their potential successors, aside from Will, Karen, Koga and Misty, other candidates are mentioned that are characters taken from other Pokémon games, such as Courtney and Isaac from the Pokémon Trading Card Game, and Rosie from Pokémon Battle Revolution.
  • Calling Your Attacks: As the dialogue of the Pokemon in this fic is translated, and quite often are allowed to determine their own fighting styles, they often do this. Gary's Nidoqueen even lampshades it in Chapter 34.
  • Chain of Deals: Gary Oak gets caught up in a chain of deals while trying to teach his Alakazam Teleport. The chain ends up getting derailed when Gary talked to Professor Oak, who reveals he has several of the items needed, including several heart scales. Gary decides to finish the chain anyway, which results in Gary getting an Anorith and Furfrou.
  • Chekhov's Gag: During one of the early Johto chapters, Muk started acting like the Cookie Monster and starts eating the TMs like cookies. In the first chapter after the Spell of the Unown arc, Ash summons Muk as his last Pokemon against Whitney. After taking a Rollout which does little to no damage, he proceeds to fire off no less than twenty successive TM attacks (among which includes Hyper Beam and Flamethrower), which wins Ash the match but absolutely destroys Whitney's gym in process, including setting part of the gym on fire. Everyone is at a loss of words at the sight of the carnage.
    Muk: I like cookies.
    • Also included: Rain Dance and Sunny Day. At the same time. What?
    • After Squirtle is left behind at Oak's ranch at the start of Ash's Johto Journey, a few throwaway lines in later chapters mention his usual antics involving Ash's five Tauros, including him trying to ride all five at once and teaching one to walk on water. Come Altomare and a Fossil Pokémon Apocalypse, we get to see what they've been working on: the Bull-Dozer.
  • Chekhov's Gun: The Sacred Ash from the first chapter.
    • It was mentioned early on in the fic that limestone is the result of the combination of several fossilized remains. As it turns out, Altomare is built on limestone, allowing Annie and Oakley to unleash a Fossil Pokémon Apocalypse onto the entire city via the DMA.
  • Chirping Kricketune: After Ash's outburst about his refusal to dress up as Ashley again. Lampshaded when the narration points out how they aren't native to Kanto.
  • The Chosen Many: The Dragon Clan qualify as this, even referring to themselves as the Chosen.
  • The Chosen One: Aura Guardians, and those descended from them. Sir Aaron's Lucario knew full well that Ash (a descendant of Sir Aaron) was one when they first met, because, according to him, it's hereditary.
  • Commuting on a Bus: As in canon, some of Ash's Pokemon leave him from time to time for various reasons. This time around, they take a transponder with them that acts as a portable version of the Pokemon transfer system at Professor Oak's lab, allowing Ash to use Dexter to call on them if necessary.
    • Since Ash started recruiting Legendary Pokemon onto his team, he has made an allowance that if they need to take part in their jobs as Legendaries, they can leave and come back if they want.
  • Cosmic Retcon: The author's plan for the Pokémon X and Y new type, Fairy. And Mega Evolution, as Gary specifically admits that this didn't happen in the previous timeline, and speculates that this was the result of the time travel. His theory is confirmed when Korrina's grandfather admits that one of his Lucario mega-evolved the same day Ash went back in time, at the start of his journey.
  • Critical Research Failure: In-universe:
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Due to Ash being able to restore the memories, and power, and evolutionary level, of his Pokémon, and that of his friends, including Jessie, James and Meowth to whatever they were before Cyrus did his thing, they meet some people who they completely overpower.
    • Early on, when Ash encountered the samurai guy who uses Bug-type Pokémon a second time from his point of view, well, it is easy to guess how that went.
    • When they did the Princess Tournament again, the early rounds, in the author's words, were one-sided.
    • The record for shortest Pokémon League battle is 2 seconds, that is all.
  • Cutting the Knot: With their knowledge of the future, Ash and the other characters are able to avoid a lot of problems with relatively simple solutions. For example, teaming up the man with the Pokeflute that helped them with the Snorlax early in their travels with Jigglypuff, to counteract her sleep-inducing song.
    • Team Rocket was supposed to do Koga's dungeon of traps before facing him. What instead happened was that they used Abra to teleport directly to Koga at the end of the dungeon.
  • Didn't See That Coming:
    • Ash didn't expect Casey would have a plan to defeat Charizard on their first encounter. She pulled the "Focus Sash-Endeavor-(Quick) Attack-Rattata" strategy on him.
    • No one expected illusionary counterparts to Suicune and Raikou at the Hale Manor.
    • And definitely no-one expected Pikachu to be captured in a Dark Ball.
    • And absolutely nobody, not even the readers, expected Squirtle to actually succeed in Mega Evolving.
  • Discontinuity Nod: Dexter brings up the events of the infamous banned Porygon episode, which none of the others can remember. He attributes the memory loss to seizures brought on by the digital environment.
  • The Dreaded: Ash, after winning the Indigo League Champion. He became even more feared after Spell of the Unown, where Charizard, after some bizarre Mega Evolution activation and transitioning, started beating back the Unown-created Raikou, Suicune and Entei on live television.
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: Zigzagged. After becoming Indigo League Champion, Ash garners a lot of respect, and a lot of people do fear battling him, but his eccentric, borderline insane behavior, along with his Pokemon's tendency to do impossible, means they have issues taking him seriously.
  • Dungeon Bypass: The Fuschia Gym requires challengers to navigate an obstacle course before they can face Koga himself. Jessie and James get through by having Abra teleport them to the goal, which Koga promptly disallows for future challengers. Ash and his Pokemon get through by using Aura Sight to spot the traps and just smashing through the walls.
  • Dying Moment of Awesome: Several seen when time breaks. Included in their number are Keldeo's parents final stand against a rampaging Reshiram and Ash's father breaking a tidal wave over Pacifidlog.
  • Evil Versus Oblivion: The purpose of Rocket executives, or at least the department the promoted Jessie, James, and Meowth are in. You can't rule or make a profit in a destroyed world, so somebody needs to point Idiot Heroes in the right direction to protect all those potential victims.
  • Failed a Spot Check: When Eusine meets Morty (at the moment in the middle of a Gym Battle with Ash) he excitedly talks about his new findings about various legendary Pokémon trios in Johto... not noticing that almost all the Pokémon he mentioned were seated in the stands watching Ash's battle with Morty at that moment. Ash lampshades it by his increasingly louder not-laughter.
  • Famed In-Story: Ash eventually gains a reputation with his various accomplishments and how he achieves them. This is what his league profile says about him.
    Profile: Ash Ketchum. Winner of the Indigo and Orange Leagues, this young trainer is probably insane and completely unorthodox, and so are his Pokemon. Half the things they do should be impossible. His preferred style is probably sweeper, but it's hard to tell. His starter Pokemon is a Pikachu. Class - probably A.
    • He also has a reputation for absolutely pulverizing Gyms that he fights in. By the Johto Arc, the Gym Leaders have started to move their battles outside... not that it always helps.
  • Field of Bones: Jessie's Cubone (based on Archer) can manifest her reality marble, which takes this form. After she gets therapy, it becomes a simple grass field.
  • Fix Fic: Technically a subversion. Most Fix Fics completely ignore canon after a certain point, but this one only works because the characters have knowledge of canon.
  • For Want of a Nail: While there hasn't been one huge event that is the culmination of the butterfly effect ala Yet Again, it crops up every once in a while. The most notable would have to be Spell of the Unown, where Delia's decision to stay away from Greenfield results in the Unown creating an illusionary Suicune as Molly's mother instead, and an illusionary Raikou to act as her older brother, on top of having the canonical Entei as her father. Eventually, after all the love she puts into the illusions of the Legendary Beasts and an Eevee she used in her battles against Brock and Misty, they become real (albeit, shiny).
  • Fossil Pokémon Apocalypse: As the result of the bedrock Altomare is built on being made of limestone and a pair of Pokémon thieves with delusions of world domination having access to the DMA.
  • Friendly Enemy: Jessie, James and Meowth. After their memories got restored and Ash explained the situation to them, of course. Then again, considering that Ash knew them well enough to restore their memories in the first place, they were probably already that anyway.
  • Get Out: After Muk destroys her gym, Whitney, after being dumbfounded for a moment, throws the Plain Badge at Ash and tells him to get out.
    • To be fair to Ash, at that point most of the gym was destroyed by Miltank. Whitney was just acting out.
  • Goldeen Fu: Misty hits Brock with her Goldeen, usually whenever he starts being himself around women.
  • Heroic BSOD: Comedic example in Ecruteak Gym Leader Morty when he saw Entei, Raikou, Suicune, another Legendary Beast trio (albeit shiny) and a Keldeo sitting in the stands to watch Ash's battle with him. At least he holds it together to give Ash a proper Gym Battle, but his reaction after the battle says it all.
    Morty: ...well, I guess you've earned the Fog badge. Now I'm going to go home, and... probably sit down for a bit.
  • Hero of Another Story: In the previous timeline, Gary tried (and failed) to stop Cyrus from going A God Am I at Spear Pillar.
    • Due to Ritchie being "Destiny Entangled" with Ash, he has his own heroic quest to complete... and will face his own world-saving trials.
    • Some of the Pokemon that Ash lets go have had their own, separate, adventures, and gained unbelievable amounts of power. For example, Butterfree, Lapras, and Pigeot all spent years away from Ash as defenders of their groups or areas.
    • In this fic, Professor Ivy studies the Reverse World, and gets attacked by a group of Unown. However, Brock is able to prevent a catastrophe by fighting them off with nothing but a crowbar. Of course, we don't hear about it until after he rejoins Ash.
  • Hopeless Boss Fight: Ash's Gym Battle against Misty was supposed to be this in order to teach him humility, since in this fic, Gyms are designed to test a Trainer's character as well as their battling prowess. Unfortunately, Ash didn't get the message and ended up accidentally bringing the roof down as a result of his refusal to give up.
  • Hurricane of Puns: Oh, come on Wobbuffet. How much do we have to suffer.
  • Hypocritical Humor: On occasions, Ash complains or wonders how some Pokémon is using a move they can't learn in games but common sense says should be able to use (like Rock Throw). This is in spite of his Pokémon using moves they can't learn (Earthquake, used by Pikachu, or Aeroblast, used by Pidgeot), moves that don't even exist (Volt Crash), attacks that aren't even moves at all (half the things Squirtle does), and even being able to use Pokémon moves (for example, Shadow Ball) himself.
    • Ash is sometimes called on this, and admits it is a fair counter-point.
  • I Need a Freaking Drink: Professor Oak takes several swigs from a hip flask while Ash fills him in on the time travel situation.
  • Innocent Innuendo: While Jessie and James are challenging Koga at the Fuchsia Gym, Meowth is led away by a female of his species who offers to help "remedy his depression" over feeling worthless as anything other than a translator. The next Jessie and James hear from him, he's crying out ecstatically, which Squicks them out to no end when they realize the implications. Then Meowth walks in and proudly offers to show them why he's so happy now... before demonstrating that the female Meowth has taught him how to finally use Pay Day.
  • Insistent Terminology: Mawile insists that Larvitar is her little brother by virtue of the fact that he hatched after her, even though (due to time travel) he's actually three years older than her.
  • Instant A.I., Just Add Water: Dexter, as well as Gary and Professor Oak's Pokedexes, develop full sentience as a result of uploading all the information Dexter had cataloged from the future and become Porygons.
    • And now May and Max both have Porygon Pokédexes as well.
  • I Resemble That Remark: Avoids doing it fully, but still gives us the humor.
  • It Only Works Once: Squirtilite only works once: after use it breaks in a massive explosion of water.
  • King of All Cosmos: Arceus and the second Dialga and Palkia, much to Sir Aaron's dismay. "Every hour I'm in here with you guys, my image of the Kami becomes a little more tarnished..."
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: At one point, Team Rocket steals Dexter, planning on making a copy of all that useful data he'd cataloged over the years for themselves. By the time Ash and the others catch up to them, they're about to make their getaway in a jet that they'd acquired. Then the situation triggers Dexter's emergence as a full-fledged Porygon. Jessie and James share a look, realize that this new development does not bode well for them, chuck Dexter out of the cockpit, and take off while they still can.
    • Ash invokes this when Vulpix turns herself into a Nintetails by remarking that he will make sure to forfeit if Brock gets involved in Pokémon contests.
    • Butch and Cassidy, of all people, get in on this when Ash shows up at one of their scams; they recognize him as the Indigo League Champion and how one of his Pokemon beat back three Legendaries. They waste no time skedaddling, not even bothering with a battle. Giovanni praises them for it.
  • Laborious Laziness: Abra actually works pretty darn hard at being as lazy as possible. He is capable of teleporting Team Rocket to many places in a very short amount of time, creating shields that are capable of protecting them from Mewtwo, and is able to stand on his own in Pokemon Matches far above his weight class... all in the name of getting a little extra sleep.
  • Lampshade Hanging: Some of the sillier/weirder/crazier stuff that happened in the anime gets commented on by the characters.
  • Large Ham: Ash's Squirtle, oh so very much. Same with Gary's Blastoise. Ash has this to say about his Squirtle:
    Ash: I've heard of showy, but that turtle takes the cake.
    • Mewtwo lampshaded it asking if Gary's Blastoise was feeling well.
    • The Aforementioned Squirtle and Blastoise are massive Gurren Lagann otaku, so it's justified... somewhat.
  • Living Crashpad: Happens to Ash a couple of times when restoring unevolved Pokémon that end up spontaneously evolving and falling on top of him. Brock's Forretress and Ash's own Donphan are two examples.
  • Magic A Is Magic A: Magic and Aura are not the same: using Aura when you are under the effects of Magic and lead to catastrophic results. Ash almost died when he tried to use the Aura when he was transformed into a Riolu.
  • Magikarp Power: The Trope Namer in action, as this time around, James puts in the effort of actually training the Magikarp he bought from that con artist and ends up with a Gyrados that doesn't just want to blast him into the middle of next month.
  • Make It Look Like an Accident: After Vicious (the Iron-Masked Marauder) is captured, he has a stroke in prison - courtesy of Giovanni's Persian and its Shadow Claw.
  • Meanwhile, in the Future: The story frequently cuts to the sub-dimensional bubble where Arceus, Sir Aaron, Dialga, and Palkia play lots and lots of board games while waiting for Ash's changes to the timeline to take effect.
  • Mid-Battle Tea Break: A literal one happens during Ash's gym battle against Erica. Ivysaur and Gloom are locked in a stalemate against each other, easily healing any Scratch Damage the other manages to inflict. During that time, Erica and Misty enjoy a Spot of Tea, a bored Ash starts looking up the record for the longest Pokemon match in history, and both Pokemon resort to using the nearest computer to look up their movesets in search of anything that will turn the tide one way or another.
  • Mission from God: Arceus himself gave Ash the mission of making sure Cyrus doesn't succeed.
    • Ritchie is on another one due to his destiny entanglement with Ash.
  • Monster Adventurers: Raikou has started his own version of this by going around fighting the Johto Gyms for badges. Using himself.
  • Mundane Utility: Vulpix uses Safeguard to carry a Fire Stone without triggering her evolution into Ninetales before Brock has properly paid for the Stone.
    • Mewtwo can use his telekinesis for movie special effects.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Arceus creates a second Dialga to send Ash into the past, and later creates a second Palkia to round out his gaming group. In Heart Gold and Soul Silver, Arceus could create a copy of one of the Sinnoh Dragons if brought to the Sinjoh Ruins.
    • Ash mentions having Dexter develop a way to jailbreak TMs so they could be used more than once while they were in Unova during the original timeline.
    • James expresses surprise at not whiting out and waking up at the Pokémon Center after running out of usable Pokemon during a battle.
    • Ash and Gary face each other in the finals of the Indigo League.
    • May and Max's new Pokédex (soon to be Porygon) AIs are named Ethan and Kris respectively.
    • Ash having a Charizard, Ivysaur, and a Squirtle, much like Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Pokémon Trainer.
    • The Entei from Spell of the Unown knows how to use Sacred Fire. In Gen VI of the games, Sacred Fire was added to Entei's movepool.
    • The Battle Tower near Olivine City, which only made a cameo in the anime, is visited. On its wall, there is a coat-of-arms with the official motto Nil Sine Pokémonnote .
    • James still has the infamous Moltres costume. Strangely, Moltres is now interested in him.
    • The third personality that assists Ash during his battle with Sabrina's dark side and creepy inner child is the her gentle, jovial shrine maiden incarnation from the Electric Tail manga who represents her childhood dreams before her powers.
  • Nice Hat: Sir Aaron's hat, which grants its wearer the Dark subtype. This protects Ash from psychic-types and mind reading.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: All the levels that Ash took in badass when he got sent back in time come back to bite him (but mostly Brock and Misty) in Spell of the Unown, as Molly, inspired by Ash's success at the Pokémon League, utilized some of his strategies during her battles against them. And since she was already capable of curb-stomping them in canon...
    • To be fair, Brock are Misty have taken a few levels in badass themselves. Misty is able to hold Molly to a draw. She was up 3-2 until Molly called on her Dream!Suicune.
  • Noodle Incident: Brock's extremely negative reaction to hearing Professor Ivy's name in this fic is implied to be because she became trapped in the realm of the Unown after a Freak Lab Accident, and Brock felt guilty about being unable to save her the first time around. The fact that he uses his foreknowledge to prevent this the second time through is therefore why he is okay with mentioning her again when they all go to Johto.
  • No Sense of Direction: Emphasized and lampshaded in this story.
    • This helps them to get to Shamouti Island the day before they arrived in the previous timeline.
    • Dexter has a GPS built in, so this is somewhat averted... but in order to collect various plot coupons and friendly Pokemon, they still tend to go far out of their way to where they went the first time.
  • Oh, Crap: Ash and Pikachu's reaction to Lt. Surge's Thunderstone accidentally making contact with Pikachu.
    • A similar reaction happens when Team Ketchum gets blown to Shamouti Island, since they remember full well all the trouble that happened there.
    • When Pikachu gets captured in a Dark Ball, this is everyone's reaction.
  • Omniglot: Adept enough aura users can easily communicate with Pokémon, and Pokémon with similar skill in aura can do so with any human. Much of the humor in the fic is the result of Ash, Misty, Brock, and Tracey being able to fully communicate with their Pokémon, becoming more aware of their... quirks. Molly Hale also gained this ability as a result of her encounter with the Unown.
  • Ooh, Me Accent's Slipping: Yes, even in a fanfiction. The author's British accent accidentally slips through occasionally, such as calling Ho-oh a "Whacking great phoenix," or Ash calling his mother "Mum" when typically he (Ash) speaks with a more North-American version of English.
  • Original Character: Jessie and James catch a Cubone and an Abra, respectively.
    • Ash gets a Houndour to follow him in Johto.
    • Brock does the same with a young Stantler found in a filler story.
    • Misty gets her hands on a Kabuto, which evolves into a Kabutops in the middle of a fight against Entei.
  • Otaku: Ash's Squirtle, Gary's Blastoise and the entire Squirtle evolutionary family are all Otaku of one type or another.
  • Out of Focus: The Team Rocket Trio in Johto only really make appearances in the movies and Mewtwo Returns, aside from short scenes back in the Rocket base. This is mainly because they don't follow Ash around anymore, as he's proven himself capable to Giovanni, and they have proven themselves as great for PR.
    • Somewhat surprisingly, the author has managed to avoid this in regards to Ash's Pokemon, almost all of whom get to have a shot at at least one Gym after they leave.
  • Parental Substitute: All but stated to be the relationship between Keldeo and the other Swords of Justice, who adopted him as an apprentice after his parents died. The author justifies there being other Keldeo at one point, as Canon!Keldeo had to come from somewhere.
  • Pass the Popcorn: When the Legendary Beasts and their shiny counterparts come by to watch Ash battle Morty, Suicune asks Entei to make them all some popcorn.
  • Passing the Torch: During the Johto saga, three of the Elite Four decide to step down from their positions: Lorelei (so she can focus on her writing career), Agatha (due to her age), and Lance (so he can fully take on the responsibilities as Grand Champion of the Kanto and Johto leagues). Subsequently, Karen, Will, and Misty (who beat out Koga due to her heightened skill as a result of the time travel) are admitted in to take their places. Ash is also recruited as an opponent for exhibition matches with the old line-up, including Bruno, the only one who's staying.
  • Peggy Sue: The basic premise of the story.
  • Pokémon of Mass Destruction: Charizard learned Blast Burn. Also Victini used V-Generate against Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the last World War.
    • Ash keeps blowing up Gyms.
  • Pokémon Assemble!: As a result of the Fossil Pokémon Apocalypse above, Ash is forced to summon every single Pokémon on his team to help combat it alongside several other trainers in town for the festival.
  • Power Incontinence: While not an overly dangerous version, Mewtwo tends to overwhelm people when he forgets to tone down the natural aura of power he projects. He's quite sorry when he does it unintentionally.
  • Pragmatic Villain: Giovanni. He wants to conquer the world and convince the world he should have power (thus, he has it with no trouble), but, as pointed out above, he's also making sure the world doesn't get destroyed. Also, there's what he has to say on the power to remake reality:
    Giovanni: There are some morons out there who actually try to get this one. Don't. [...] Useful, I'll admit, but far too flashy - And dangerous to acquire. And Team Rocket does not like risk. Agents risk, the Team endures".
  • Properly Paranoid:
    Fearow:"Protect, Endure and your order to dodge there makes me think of Detect. You're an impressively paranoid fellow."
    Ash:"I try. And I've been attacked enough to make it seem the right choice.
  • Psychopomp: In this setting, Darkrai is considered the god of death, though he only appears to greet the dead on "special occasions."
  • Pungeon Master - What Jessie's Wobbuffet turns out to be.
  • Right Behind Me: A twist — Ash says a version of the phrase about Charizard to Damien.
  • Running Gag: In spades. Specific ones include:
    • Bulbasaur's screwed up ancestry, resulting in a very, very varied move pool.
    • Squirtle's obsession with Gurren Lagann (and the Squirtle evolutionary line's obsession with anime in general). All of which include his tendency to break space and his rivalry with Gary's Blastoise.
    • Ash's tendency to destroy gyms, enough to garner him the nickname "Gym Destroyer." It's so prevalent that his first two Johto gym battles were done outside — and by the end of the third, Whitney wishes she had followed their example.
    • People frequently freaking out at extraordinary things that don't even cause Ash to blink.
  • Secret Legacy: In this story, Ash is actually a descendant of Sir Aaron through his father's side.
  • Secret Test of Character: Giovanni orders James to give up his beloved Growlie so the Team Rocket highers-up could use his firepower. James ultimately refuses, with Jessie and Meowth backing him up. This convinces Giovanni that the trio have what it takes to be promoted to Executive status and learn about Team Rocket's secondary goal (see Evil Versus Oblivion above).
    • The Gym matches are revealed to be this- at least partway. Each is designed to teach a different lesson- Brock's is about Endurance, Cerulean's is about not giving in despite hopeless odds, Cinnibar's is about intelligence, the Poison Gym is about tricks...
  • Seen It All: Very, very few things surprise Ash and Co. anymore.
  • Sequence Breaking: Happens frequently.
    • Ash goes to Cameran to free Aaron's Lucario and collect Aaron's equipment right after getting the Boulder Badge. Compare to the original timeline where he only went to Cameran after the Hoenn League during the Battle Frontier arc.
    • Ash clashes with Hunter J before he finishes the Kanto League, about the time he was supposed to get Muk. In the original timeline, Ash clashed with Hunter J while in Sinnoh.
    • Ash captures Muk way later than the original timeline, while helping that movie director, because he forgot about Muk due to the battle with Hunter J.
    • Sometimes, Ash deliberately uses his knowledge of the future to try to take an "Idealized" path, avoiding trouble spots that he had in the original timeline. For example, his plan for Porta Vista involves grabbing Misty's Horsea and getting out immediately, while his reaction to doing the SS Anne and Maiden's Peak were summed up as "Screw that," and "Not only no, but HELL no" respectively. This allows him and his team far more time to train, and thus get a massive leg up on future problems.
  • Set Right What Once Went Wrong: Ash was sent back in time to make sure Cyrus doesn't succeed in his second attempt to capture the Creation Trio.
  • Shout-Out: Enough to get its own page.
  • Shown Their Work: Many of the moves shown in the story are based on real world science.
  • Sneeze Cut:
    • In one chapter, Team Rocket's Meowth went looking around Hollywood for Meowzie, the Meowth that made him want to become human-like, but couldn't find her. We cut to Meowzie sneezing in the Fuchsia Gym, where it had already been established that she was living after Janine had adopted her.
    • A second example happens when an Ambipom throws a Heart Scale at Totodile, and the scene cuts to Gary, exhausted after running around trying to find one, tossing in his sleep.
    • When Ash sends out Quilava against Pryce, she is upset with him that he saved her for last, pointing out that Charizard and Houndour are both off by themselves at the time. The scene then cuts to Charizard hanging out with Charla, and then to Houndour telling his pack about his time with Ash.
  • Spared by the Adaptation:
    • Sir Aaron's Lucario. After being awakened early and learning the truth about Aaron's "betrayal", he resumes his Aura training, ensuring that he'd be strong enough to survive purifying the Tree of Beginning in the future.
    • The illusion Entei conjured by Molly and the Unown, who (along with the copies of Suicune and Raikou) was made a real Pokémon instead of fading away.
    • Latios.
  • Speak Friend and Enter: Gary finds himself embroiled in a Chain of Deals in order to get the Move Relearner to teach his Alakazam Teleport. When he speaks to Professor Oak about it, the professor points out he still has the TM for Teleport.
  • Stating the Simple Solution: Some characters point out to other characters very simple solutions to problems they had during the original timeline. Vague wording due to the fact that the relevant positions are sometimes switched around.
  • Stunned Silence: During the Spell of the Unown chapters, both the news studio that is providing the feed for the events of the movie, and Professor Ivy, who is providing analysis of these events, are absolutely speechless when Charizard starts to mega-evolve back and forth between his X and Y forms, and in the process starts beating back all three of the Unown-created Legendary Beasts.
  • Super Empowering: Ho-Oh grants Togekiss the ability to use Sacred Fire as a birthday gift.
    • A Running Gag throughout the fic is how just being around Ash seems to trigger evolution in other people's Pokemon, even the ones he can't restore to the way they were at the end of the former timeline.
      • At one point, Professor Oak tries to justify it as the fact that Ash gives off so much Aura that exposed Pokemon are given a massive power boost and can evolve much more easily that way. Ash rejects this, as even before he got a massive Aura power boost, pokemon would still spontaneously evolve around him (such as Caterpie, Ponyta, and Charmander (for a very abridged list of all the evolutions that happen around him)).
    • In The Power Of One Part 4, Lugia teaches Pidgeot how to use Aeroblast, following Ho'oh's example above.
    • When Ash comes into contact with people or Pokemon that he can restore, they get this, returned to the power levels they were at when the last timeline came to an end. This sometimes means that they evolve more than one level at a time.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: The way Dexter denied that the three Porygons have a silly nickname for themselves.
    Dexter: You heard nothing. I most definitely did not mention a silly nickname we have for ourselves.
  • Tangled Family Tree: The reason Bulbasaur and later Ivysaur has such a varied movepool is due to a very long, convoluted series of chain breeding in his ancestry.
    "I know of a Charmeleon, a Sableye, and a Skarmory in there somewhere. It's more of a family Kudzu..."
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: After all the trouble he went through in Kalos, most of which was from his Chain of Deals to get his Alakazam to relearn Teleport, Gary finally gets one in the form of a Keystone and a piece of Blastoisinite.
  • Time Crash: During Voice of the Forest, the Iron Masked Marauder orders Celebi to "Get rid of them by any means neccasary" at the same time that Sammy works out that he's Professor Oak. Needless to say, things get a little... wonky.
  • Those Two Pokemon: Ash's Squirtle and Ivysaur have this kind of friendship.
  • Trap Is the Only Option: Happens during the Doctor Namba arc, when Lugia chooses to stick around with Ash for a while, because if they prevent Dr. Namba from abducting Silver then, he might do it at a time when they aren't prepared.
  • True Companions: All of Ash's traveling companions, and their Pokémon.
  • Unexpected Character: In the episode "The Little Big Horn", Brock helps a wild baby Stantler. The fanfic's adaptation has that Stantler join Brock due to the different circumstances (no Team Rocket, Togekiss consoling the Stantler, etc)
  • Weather Dissonance: The crazy weather Ash and the others have to put up with on occasion is implied to be a result of Butterfree disrupting the weather patterns when he used Sunny Day in the middle of a rainstorm to save Charmander's life. Another possibility that gets suggested is that temperamental Legendaries are to blame. Given that some of the legendaries are genuinely insane (as shown in the segments with Aaron), this is entirely possible.
    • Mewtwo causes a massive storm that threatens to wipe out humanity and the Legendary Birds cause one even worse, but that was already canon.
    • Normal Pokemon sometimes get in the game, with moves like Rain Dance and Sunny Day. Lapras' use of Rain Dance altered the weather in a resort island... And had no effect on the match because they were indoors.
    • When Misty fights Entei, she makes sure to have one Pokémon out whose sole job is to perform Rain Dance any time that Entei tries to perform Sunny Day, cancelling them out.
  • Weirdness Magnet: Misty actually calls Ash this. Ash accepts.
    • It's bad enough that in Chapter 38, Misty resolves an issue that originally took an entire episode without violence in a few minutes. Ash dives for cover, and even when he gets out he still prepares for an airship crash or Legendary encounter or suchlike. Considering the chapter ends at Shamouti, which had both happen...
    • Lampshaded by Ash's Houndour, who asks if his trainer is constantly followed by an Absol, a Pokémon that appears before disasters happen. At least one fan suggested that there might be an agreement between Absol that following Ash was off limits for the Absol, as every Absol would follow him otherwise.
      • When Ash meets Karen's Absol, the opposite is instead proven true. One look at what she sees as a walking disaster zone, and she tries to pull a defenestration exit. Shame the window was too strong.
  • WTH, Casting Agency?: In-universe, Ash is cast as Genghis Khan, of all people, in one of Cleavon Spielbunk's movies. Gary hangs a lampshade on how ridiculous this is.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: When facing the Grass Gym, Ash temporarily forgets that he has Charizard. The strongest fire pokemon on his team. Who he specifically brought for this gym. Who has Blast Burn, an attack that is only second in power to the local equivalent of a nuclear strike. Ivysaur, who had just gotten done with what is lampshaded as one of the longest pokemon matches ever (due to various moves not affecting the combatants), was not pleased at this little fact, and roughs up Ash appropriately.
    • Suicune calls out Raikou for trying to throw the battle between him and Ash just so he can learn Volt Crash from Pikachu.
  • World's Strongest Mon: Mewtwo loves to remind other that he is this.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: Played doubly straight with Lt. Surge, who initially believes Riolu's Aura Sphere is a close-range attack because of an anime he watched, resulting in his Pokemon getting knocked out. However, he later shows that his knowledge of Electric Type Pokemon is top notch when his Raichu overloads Pikachu, something even Ash wasn't aware could happen.
  • You're Insane!: Aaron's reaction to the concept of a "Legendary Pokemon Three Legged Race," especially since there are so many variations on how pokemon move- ranging from hovering (no legs) to having too many legs for the race to work, not to mention the sheer difference in sizes between them. Arceus admits that the whole idea was because he was running out of games.
  • Yubitsume: What Giovanni demands from Annie and Oakley when their actions run counter to his plans.

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