Fanfic: Anthology Of A Conflicted Scientist

What would happen if a prominent scientist emigrated to the US, soon finding himself in one dangerous situation after another? Would he fight against the darkness threatening to consume his life? Or would he succumb to it?

You'd get the Anthology of a Conflicted Scientist, created by the writer known as Ocks Fusion Reaction/The Inimitable Enigma Cypher.

The series is located in two places, the official, currently-under-construction website here: [1], which has the final, finished version of the story, and at Fusion's dA account here: [2]

Titles in the series:

A New Beginning

Red Sky: The Octopus's Return

Black Night: The Octopus' Revenge

Black Night: The Lab Assistant's Revenge (a one-shot fic)

The Night Her World Went Black (a one-shot fic)

This fanfic contains examples of: