Fan Fic: Affliate Zero

A Mega Crossover fanfiction created by Shraffe1001. It features characters from Super Sentai, Kamen Rider and a lot of Toku. It also features original characters.

It is set in a world where all the Tokusatsu exist as TV shows. The powers that exist in there are either created by human, have their own different origin, or have the same background as the TV shows.

The story is about a world created after another world is destroyed. The main character, Ashraf Naqiuddin 'Shraffe' bin Nazmi Haris, is a boy who is born with immortality. He has the memories of the destroyed world and goes to search for his now separated friends. At the same time, a group of villains is formed as revenge on the destroyed world.

It can be read here.

Tropes Associated with Affliate Zero: