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Fan Fic: Across The Second Dimension
Mabel: This is gonna be the best day ever!

Gravity Falls The Movie Fanfic: Across the Second Dimension is fanfic inspired by Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension. It is written by users Exoshon13 and Galaxina-The-Seedrian.

Old man McGucket has invented a machine that can go trought dimensions and Mabel and Dipper soon get mixed in the trouble, can Mabel, Dipper and everybody they love, and hate, escape the 2nd dimension alive?

The Fic is more or less like Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension, except for minor changes and characters replaced with Gravity Falls characters.

There's a YMMV page in progress and the fic can be found here in

Gravity Falls The Movie Fanfic: Across the Second Dimension contains examples of:

  • 3-D Movie: Like the movie it was based on, Parodied with the full title: "Gravity Falls The Movie Fanfic: Across the Second Dimension in the never seen Gravity-D".
  • Action Girl: On the 1st dimension side: Grenda, Mabel, Wendy and Candy. Pacifica is debatable.
    • On the 2nd dimension side: Wendy-2, Mabel-2 (later on), Grenda-2, practically all the female resistance members.
  • Adult Fear: With Blubbsbots and Durloids patrolling everywhere, and adults being more or less useless, Old Man McGucket-2 dystopian empire might be just as bad as Doof's-2.
  • Adults Are Useless: played with. as mentioned above the second dimensions adults, minus Soos-2, are useless. But in the Robo-Armageddon Stan, Soos, Manly Dan, Blendin Blandin, The Cute Biker and more adults do participate in the battle.
  • Alternate Universe: True to the movie, They go trought a lot of these.
  • Anvil On Head: Played straight with a Blubbsbot and Durloid in chapter 6, literally with the Blubbsbot.
    • Double Subverted with Pigborg, it looks like the Blubbsbot and Durloid is gonna fall on top of him, but they miss. He's then hit by a bus.
  • Arson Murderand Jaywalking: When Waddles is revealed to be a secret agent, Mabel's upset because she thought Waddles only used them as cover, the fact he could have stopped Mabel and Dipper from helping McGucket but didn't, and the fact that he could have cleaned all of his "duties" himself.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: Definitely played straight with both Wendy-2 and Pigborg. averted with the Blubbsbots and Durloids.
  • Badass: Wendy-2. The Resistance might be a case of this.
  • Badass Adorable: Mabel and Dipper, Mabel ripped off the head of a Durloid with her grappling hook and Dipper shoot Pigborg straight!
  • Badass in Distress: Wendy-2 becomes this when she's captured by Mc Gucket-2 while saving the first dimension counterparts of Mabel, Dipper and everybody else.
  • Being Unable To Communicate Kills: Just like Phineas, Mabel probably could have gone a lot easier if she knew the consequences of discovering Waddles secret.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Mabel really couldn't let it go when she found out Waddles was a secret agent.
  • Big Bad: Old Man Mc Gucket-2.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Let's count them:
    • Chapter 16: Robbie-2, Dipper-2 and Mabel-2 breaking Wendy-2 out of prison.
    • Chapter 13: Wendy-2 saving Mabel, Dipper, Waddles and everybody else from their doom.
    • Chapter 17: Waddles coming to the aid of his fellow agents, followed by Mabel and Dipper coming to his aid, then followed by half of the Gravity Falls Population and then, thought offscreen, the 2nd dimension selves coming to their aid.
    • Chapter 18: Dipper-2 and Mabel-2 arriving just in time before Old Man Mc Gucket-2 hit Mabel with the Milk Blaster.
      • Dipper using his slingshot right after Waddles used "the knocker" so that Dipper could aim at Pigborg's Shoulder Cannon.
    • Chapter 10: Grenda-2 saving Mabel, Dipper, their 2nd dimension selfs and the others from a Blubbsbot and Durloid.
    • At the very, very end, Old Man Mc Gucket.
  • Big Damn Movie: Well, fanfic, [1] but it's based on one.
  • Big Sister Instinct: Wendy-2, thought Mabel and Dipper aren't part of her biological family, she considers them and Soos-2 to be the only family she has left.
    • And just like Candace-2, it's taken to the point of a deconstruction, but with more people involved. And like Candace-2, she comes back for them once Mabel-2 and Diper-2 are safe.
    • Waddles also has a Big Brother Instinct, just ask Pigborg.
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