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Fan Fic: A Child Shall Lead Them
Arise, Pterodactus Prime…

This page is for the Transformers fanfic. For the trope, go here.

A Transformers Generation 1 Alternate Universe fic by Kenya Starflight, taking place during the events of Transformers: The Movie. The fic diverges from canon at the point of Optimus Prime’s death, though the plot roughly parallels events of the movie.

After the battle at Autobot City, a dying Optimus Prime tries to pass the Matrix, and with it the mantle of leadership, to Ultra Magnus. The Matrix, it seems, has other ideas as to who should lead next, and through a seemingly chance coincidence the Matrix ends up in the hands of one of the least likely candidates imaginable – the Dinobot Swoop, now called Pterodactus Prime. Needless to say, this doesn’t go over well for anyone – the Autobots, the Dinobots, or Swoop himself.

Fic can be found here on, or here on deviantART.

This fanwork provides examples of:

Total DramaFanFic/Western AnimationCanonfodder

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