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Fan Disservice: F Ilm
This is Bob. Bob had bitch tits.
While most Hollywood actors and actresses are attractive, there are times where the fan service gets unattractive.
  • Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle: Two college girls who are also twins with English accents? Fantasy completely ruined when the boys overhear them playing a game of "Battleshits".
  • Little Sweetheart should clue you in by it's title alone. It's a close-up panty shot from the front of a girl in rather skimpy panties. Too bad the actress is about 11 or 12 and the character is 9. You can tell that they either shaved her or she hadn't grown anything yet, and this aired on The BBC at some point where kids saw it back in the 90s (as was discovered by browsing Netflix reviews), and John Hurt is in this film.
  • House of Sand and Fog: Jennifer Connelly and Ron Eldard have some really hot sex intercut with Ben Kingsley and Shoreh Aghdoshloo having old-person sex
  • When the Creature Shop designed Aughra, did they really have to give her such prominent nipples?
  • The infamous shower scene in Psycho. The remake includes the voyeuristic undressing of Marion, repeated shot-for-shot — except now we're treated to Vince Vaughn's "oh" face accompanied by ridiculous splat noises.
  • Angel Heart was notorious for Lisa Bonét's nude scene. The aforemention nude scene was accompanied by bordering-on-violent rough sex, Mickey Rourke at his greasy sleaziest, and blood streaming down the walls half way through. Not to mention the later revelation that she's his daughter.
  • The Angels' Melancholy (Melancholie Der Engel) is Fan Disservice: The Movie.
  • The entire sex scene between Otto and Wanda in A Fish Called Wanda. Not only is it intercut with scenes of the excruciatingly chaste bedtime rituals of Archie (John Cleese) and his wife Wendy—up to and including Archie trimming toenails on his hairy feet—but the sex itself between the former couple is ludicrous. Otto speaks Italian (really mostly a laundry list of Italian food) the entire time, blows up Wanda's boot like a balloon, tears off his undershirt as if he has a Chest Burster coming through, sniffs his underarms, throws Wanda's panties over his face (and says "Benito Mussolini" while doing so) and most blatantly of all, makes the silliest orgasm face imaginable. According to IMDB, the reason Jamie Lee Curtis doesn't say a word during this scene was because she could barely keep from corpsing when the cameras were rolling.
  • Big Fish. Danny DeVito's naked backside. There is no Brain Bleach strong enough to erase it from your memory.
  • Zwartboek: Carice Van Houten is put through a Humiliation Conga by the Dutch resistance as punishment for sleeping with a Nazi, which involves her being stripped naked, forced to sing Happy Days are Here Again, gets hits with a stick to get her in position, has a bucket of crap dumped on her (apparently placed there just for that reason), and they finally finish her off by "cleaning" her with a high pressure fire hose, another example is the first sex scene with the above Nazi - 'is this Jewish?'.
  • The nude fight scene in Borat, while also a Crowning Moment of Funny, showed us way more of Borat and Azamat (especially the latter) than anyone wanted to see.
  • The movie Quills features a camera panning over Kate Winslet's naked body in extreme close-up. Too bad she's, you know, a corpse.
  • Blade: Trinity had a Shower Scene for Jessica Biel. She's washing off the blood of close friends and deadly enemies.
  • Pretty much everything even remotely sexual in the Bob Guccione film Caligula.
  • Candyman: Virginia Madsen's character is arrested and stripped by the police. The fact that Virginia Madsen is naked is quite overshadowed by the fact that she is crying and covered in blood.
  • The opening shower scene in Carrie starts out as straight fanservice, with shots of most of the female cast members naked or topless. (The scene in question was even used in Knocked Up when Ben's friends are creating their celebrity porn site.) It quickly turns into disservice when Carrie starts having her period for the first time and is absolutely horrified by what's happening with her body. The 2002 TV remake follows this by having her fully nude and in a foetal position on the shower floor while the blood trickles into the locker room. Then you get the rest of the girls who are all in towels and their underwear surrounding her chanting "period" with the eeriest looks on their faces. There's later another scene where Carrie gets into the bath (fully clothed) but you still see a lot through her dress. She's also covered in pig's blood and her mother tries to drown her.
  • If you can stomach the nudity in Cannibal Holocaust, then you need to have your stomach replaced.
  • Casino Royale: James Bond is naked, tied to a wicker chair with the bottom cut out, and struck repeatedly in the groin with a rope by means of Cold-Blooded Torture. The fact that Bond is utterly broken with pain and the occasional screams of Vesper in the other room ruin any fetish material this may have had for any but the most depraved; even though Bond is laughing through the whole thing, he does it in a horrible, half-hysteric fashion. But on the other hand, Bond laughing and mocking his torturer through it ("A LITTLE TO THE LEFT!") may count as a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • The Devils Advocate:
    • Charlize Theron whips off the blanket covering her to expose her complete nudity... and the massive number of scratches over her body... as she screams over and over, "He did this to me!" "He" being Satan, who spent the afternoon raping her. The fanservice is sucked right out of the scene.
    • And earlier in that movie, Charlize is trying on clothes with two other women whose faces briefly turn into some sort of weird demon-thing.
    • There are many other examples in this film. Remember, lust IS one of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Die Another Day: The opening credits are done in the same style as every James Bond credits sequence: pop music, flashy edits, and writhing female silhouettes. But it's intercut with a plot-advancing torture scene, and there's a strong suggestion that the sexy images are Bond's hallucinations as the suffering ravages his mind. It's too bad the movie didn't run with that plot idea of Bond becoming psychotic and in denial. No, we got the infamous invisible car instead.
  • The Nutty Professor 2 shows a dream sequence with Grandma Klump leaping through a field of daisies with her enormous, saggy breasts flopping up and down inside a see-through nightgown.
  • Schindler's List: Helen Hirsch, a Jewish woman, is hiding from the SS man who's preying on her. He enters the room. She's standing there while he talks to her and caresses her, with her nightgown being clingy enough to show her nipples. The fact that she's scared out of her wits and that he then beats her up removes any possible fan service this might have had. The film also contains male and female full frontal nudity, but this is during the concentration camps entrance process, thus lacking any eroticism. As a rule, you cannot get fan service in a film about The Holocaust.
  • Monkeybone opens with an episode of the eponymous cartoon starring a parody of its creator, Stu. In it, Young Stu finds himself oddly aroused by the repeated, slow-motion slapping of his teacher's fatty forearms.
  • Walk Hard offers us a dangling male member. Judd Apatow was so tickled by this that he's used it in every movie since.
  • 28 Days Later has a prime example of pseudo-romantic Fan Disservice. As a Zombie Apocalypse film (well, Rage Virus Apocalypse film), there's plenty of violence and non-erotic zombie nudity, but some very sweet moments between the leading male and leading female. At the end of the film, the two share in a passionate, chick flick style hands-on-face kiss, after a badass rescue sequence. There's even a moment of brief comic relief afterwords. What's wrong? Well, this is right after Jim beat the head of Selena's would-be soldier rapist repeatedly and violently against the wall and proceeding in gouging his eyes out with his thumbs. Literally, seconds after. He and Selena are both covered in the blood of their captors, Jim in particular has it all over his face and mouth — and visibly all over his thumbs, up to the last joint and under the nails. According to Danny Boyle, while shooting the scene, he repeatedly told Cillian Murphy to keep his hands out of the shot for this very reason. Some good that did...
  • Requiem for a Dream: The ass-to-ass scene in Marion's portion of the climax of the film graphically illustrates the abuse she is willing to endure for a bag of cocaine. Elegantly summed up by The Onion AV Club: "Jennifer Connelly is reduced to performing a sex show with another woman in front of a leering crowd of horny businessmen. This is nowhere near as hot as it sounds."
  • Now, one would think that Jodie Foster in a knotted shirt with no bra would be highly attractive, but not when she's 14. This one was clearly intentionally not meant to be sexy and more to reflect the abuse she was suffering as a child prostitute.
  • The Accused: Jodie Foster wears a low-cut top and does a sexy dance... then gets brutally gang-raped.
  • And a third Jodie Foster example: her hiked-skirt dance in Nell, much to the amusement of the hicks and horror of Liam Neeson.
  • The Evil Dead's infamous "tree-rape" scene.
  • Salo Or The 120 Days Of Sodom, which was based on the famous story by the Marquis de Sade (who gave us the word "sadism" and really needs no introduction), takes "disservice" to a whole new level and beyond. Possibly the most perverse and disturbing film ever made.
  • Ang Lee's film version of Lust, Caution was rated NC-17 in the States for containing around ten minutes of sex scenes with full frontal nudity. Depressing, tragic full frontal nudity.
  • Strange Days, a not-quite-cyberpunk film from the late '90s, had a plot which centered around the increasing use of recorded memories turned into a full-sensory virtual-reality experience. While the main character primarily deals in the obvious pornographic applications of this wondrous technology, things go bad when he receives a disc that was recorded by a rapist/killer who, in turn, was jacked into the victim directly — so that both the user of the disc and the victim get a taste of the sensations of the rapist. The main character immediately threw up. The members of the audience were probably not that far behind.
  • Famed example from Silence of the Lambs: Buffalo Bill dancing naked with his penis tucked between his legs. His "Would you fuck me?" is answered around the world with a resounding "No" by the viewers.
  • The Machinist has Christian Bale shirtless a lot, and even completely naked at times. Unfortunately, this is Christian Bale weighing all of 50 kg, and he looks disturbingly cadaverous—most likely intentionally. Though the man is quite handsome, the fact that when he kneels you can count his vertebrae and clearly see the outlines of his ribcage and shoulder blades cuts the squee factor considerably. Apparently Bale managed the feat by eating only a can of tuna and a single apple each day in preparation for the role and freaked the director out with his dedication. And then had to bulk up immediately after shooting, to play Batman.
  • Black Swan:
    • Natalie Portman gets a lot of what should be fan-servicey shots, if not for the fact she looks almost corpse-like.
    • The lesbian sex scene comes across this way to some. Particularly with the revelation that Nina's imagining having sex with herself and you see her with a rather demonic look on her face.
  • The Fisher King. Robin Williams. There are circumstances where he could be considered Fanservice material (stop laughing)... but not when he's playing a mentally ill homeless man all covered in dirt. And he's jumping around for God's sake. That would be a turn off in the case of any full-frontal scene.
  • Jack: Delicious open shirt is not delicious when he's playing a 10 year old boy in a 40 year old man's body who is suffering from angina.
  • One Hour Photo: Will Yorkin and Maya Burson are nude and forced to pose sexually by Sy Parrish at knifepoint. Very disturbing. Also, Sy has a shower scene after his Eye Scream nightmare. No, it is not a fanservice-y Shower of Angst.
  • Resident Evil: Towards the end of the first movie, Matt finally loses his shirt. He has a vest on underneath but still looks damn good in it. Immediately afterwards, however, he is mauled by the Licker and the resulting wounds... would've looked much less gross if he'd kept the shirt on.
  • Saw 3 features a trap involving a completely naked woman in a meat locker who, after the protagonist enters the room, starts getting periodically sprayed with cold water, while he decides whether or not to save her before she freezes to death. Word of God says that they were going to have her in a t-shirt to preserve her modesty - but decided that erect nipples through a t-shirt, regardless of context, would tantalize too much.
  • The Incredible Hulk. Most straight/bi ladies and gay/bi men would not normally reject the idea of a naked Edward Norton, but when he's huddled in the fetal position on the bathroom floor, clearly suffering from the after-effects of his Transformation Trauma... it's not very sexy.
  • There's a scene in American History X and the Prison Rape is itself Fan Disservice. Actually, Ed Norton spends quite a bit of American History X naked or partly clothed, and given the kind of shape he got himself into for the role it'd be rather nice... except for the huge swastika on his left pec.
  • The Wall Slap scene from The Wicker Man is at once extremely sexy (naked Britt Ekland and naked Britt Ekland body double!) and extremely creepy.
  • Coraline loves this:
    • First there's the street play in the Other World. The main performers are two fat old ladies, who are completely naked save for some skimpy swimsuits...emphasis on skimpy.
    • When the Other Mother transforms, much of her chest becomes clearly visible, but she's so hideous otherwise that you don't even want to see it.
    • Even before then, when Coraline first meets the Other Mother. She's kind, kinda witty, and unbelievably hot for someone still wearing trousers and a turtleneck jumper. The Hartman Hips help. What pushes it into Uncanny Valley Fan Disservice is that you can tell something is off about her. The button eyes are one thing, but she smiles too widely, seems too eager to be around Coraline. She's dissonantly calm and cheerful up until Coraline starts outright rejecting her. A great example of Fan Disservice not being from Body Horror but being more subtle and creepy.
  • The Lives of Others has Christa-Maria, an actress, who is seen getting into someone's car for an assignation. But she's repulsed by the Stasi minister, and her wince - and the shot of his underpants momentarily threatens to be Narm.
  • Theres Something About Mary includes a scene in which one of Mary's suitors is spying on her changing her clothes. He aims binoculars at her room to get a good look at her naked breasts. Unfortunately, the binoculars are aiming at the window next to Mary's, and he - and the audience! - see the very unattractive naked breasts of the elderly woman who lives with Mary. There's also a scene at the beginning involving a zipper...
  • The 1997 film of Lolita is a double dose. The sex scenes with the female lead are uncomfortable for obvious reasons (Dominique Swain was fifteen at the time)... and then you discover how much worse it can get when Frank Langella, 60 years old and playing the pedophile Clare Quilty, starts running around in an open bathrobe.
  • Pyramid Head in the Silent Hill movie (also mentioned in the video games section). Incredibly muscular shirtless man wearing nothing but a robe? Hot. Incredibly muscular shirtless man wearing a torture helmet and covered in blood? Not so much. Incredibly muscular shirtless man covered in blood and ripping off a woman's skin with one hand? That's why he's such a Memetic Molester.
  • Mulholland Dr.. Near the end, Naomi Watts is seen masturbating. Is it arousing? Not really, unless you're turned on by a miserable, frustrated, crying woman trying furiously to climax.
  • David Lynch is very good at this trope, as seen in Inland Empire as well. Laura Dern? A pretty attractive girl. Justin Theroux? A pretty attractive guy. You'd never guess that them having sex is actually one of the most nightmarish scenes in the film (probably thanks to Nothing Is Scarier). Probably has something to do with the fact that It's the first scene where Nikki realizes she's lost in her character.
  • Horror director David Cronenberg is a master at this:
    • Shivers has a Lust Plague that will show you why everyone in the world screwing everyone else is not hot at all. The one scene that could have been hot (two attractive women making out) is ruined by the fact that their necks are throbbing with parasites.
    • Rabid has Marilyn Chambers (a porn star of the day) as a sort of vampiric being, which is fair enough (especially when she goes after that bikini-ed brunette in the hot tub), except that she drinks people's blood through a tentacle which emerges from an anus-like hole in her armpit.
    • The Brood gives Samantha Eggar some kind of external uterus.
    • Videodrome. Both the eponymous TV show (for most viewers, anyway) and the film itself. While James Woods is a handsome enough man, his shoving his gun inside the orifice that just split open in his torso was probably not meant to be sexy.
    • The Fly (1986) has Jeff Goldblum and Gina Davis having creepy, animalistic sex. And then there's another scene where Goldblum, by now quite acne-scarred and greasy, has sex with a drugged-out hooker in a filthy room full of candy wrappers.
    • Dead Ringers stars Jeremy Irons as a pair of twin brothers who are gynecologists. The implications alone are hideous enough without the specifics.
    • eXistenZ has Jude Law and Jennifer Jason Leigh in a motel room and then shows the body modification orifice added into the small of the back so that one can port into virtual reality. This is coupled with Jude Law's character arguing against it and sounding virginal, while Leigh's pushes and pushes him into body mods. Ewww. When Law finally gets his port installed, Willem Dafoe does it with an enormous pneumatic machine in a dirty garage. The allusion to buttsecks is obvious, but not terribly appealing for anyone who likes the idea of Dafoe and Law having buttsecks. Plus, the gamepods themselves resemble the bastard children of an N64, a vagina, and an ear.
    • Spider has a flashback scene of the title character, as a boy, sneak into a pub, where Miranda Richardson appears as a boozy, creepy slut and waves a breast at him. Made even worse by the fact that Miranda Richardson also plays Spider's mother. The flashbacks also have Richardson in a sordid and very unsexy affair with Spider's father (Gabriel Byrne), except because of Unreliable Narrator, the father keeps getting replaced by Spider himself during the flashbacks.
    • Eastern Promises has naked, heavily tattooed Viggo getting attacked by thugs wielding linoleum knives, the drugged-out and borderline catatonic strippers, and two (underage?) prostitutes kissing drunkenly for Kirill and Nikolai's viewing pleasure, one of whom Nikolai is forced to have sex with. While Kirill watches.
  • Let the Right One In. Normally, we'd question the judgment of anyone who wants to get a peek at Little Miss Badass Eli (who is twelve, even if she's been so for a long time) in the altogether, but Oskar peeps through the door at her while she's changing into one of his mother's dresses. And gets an eyeful. Of unpleasantly mutilated groin, because Eli was a castrated little boy in life. The Mood Dissonance in some of the film's other scenes (between "aww, how strangely sweet!" and horror) might qualify as romantic fan disservice as well.
  • Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday has what is probably the most graphic sex scene in the series, with a chick riding her boyfriend cowgirl style in a tent. In the middle of sex she gets impaled and ripped in half with a tent spike, vomiting blood onto her boyfriend, who's just screaming his ass off before getting his skull crushed.
  • Red Beard was the only film from director Akira Kurosawa that featured nudity. A naked young woman is undergoing surgery, and though it isn't graphically shown, the fact that she's thrashing around and screaming in agony (no anaesthetic when the movie takes place) makes one eager for it to end.
  • The film adaption of The Road To Wellville has this is spades. Nude scenes with Colm Meaney and Camryn Manhiem, random shots of naked flabby men, John Neville in short shorts, and Anthony Hopkins giving himself an enema. Not to mention Lara Flynn Boyle, depending of course on how much you're turned on by skeletons with skin stretched over them.
  • Final Destination 3. The Tanning Bed scene. It begins as typical Fanservice, until you are forced to watch them either burn to death or (in the DVD version) collectively electrocuted. Just imagine getting burned in places you really don't want to feel on fire. DVD commentary revealed that the intentionally unerotic color of the tanning bed lights was a deliberate effort at making the scene Fan Disservice.
  • Epic Movie offers at least three scenes of this, all being bait-and-switch fat jokes: In the musical scene on Jack Swallows' ship, several pirate wenches are scrubbing the deck with water and soapy suds... except they then get replaced with a big, hairy guy doing the same. During the battle when almost all the heroes get killed, Peter finds the remote from that Adam Sandler movie; a female jogger shows up (why is she jogging through a battlefield in Narnia?) and he uses the slow-motion function so he can stare at her bouncy boobs. Then an overweight male jogger shows up and we're treated to slow-motion bouncy manboobs. And then there's the pre-battle sex scene when Peter gets it on with Mystique who, played by Carmen Electra in a layer of latex, should sate a good portion of any conventional US audience, but then Peter takes advantage of her shapeshifting powers to make her gain a whole lot of weight (obviously not intended to make her a BBW from the audience's point of view, so it counts). Also, a bit of Jayma Mays' sexy back, but after she's just had sex with Fred Willard dressed as a lion.
  • In universe example: In Dazed and Confused, Tony describes a dream he had in which he made love to a perfect female body... except it had Abe Lincoln's head (hat, beard, and all).
  • In the Russian film adaptation of And Then There Were None, a bareback shot of a pretty female about to have sex would normally be hot under any other circumstances... except here, you get a bareback shot of Vera Claythorne just as she is about to get raped. Later, you see Vera and Lombard sitting up in bed, having just woken up, him shirtless, her Godiva Hair barely covering up her breasts. It gives the scene a somewhat disturbing context.
  • The Hangover:
    • Alan and an old man's bare butt. Not to mention the worst of all, at the very end of the credits: Alan getting a blow job in full view of the camera, given by an elderly lady.
    • And in the sequel hermaphrodite strippers.
  • The sex scene between Neo and Trinity in The Matrix Reloaded, overlapping with Narm, made worse by the fact that during the scene it's very hard to tell just whose ass you're looking at, Keanu Reeves' or Carrie-Ann Moss'.
  • The scene where Heather Matarazzo's hung upside down naked and bled to death in Hostel Part 2 is more likely to send you running to the bathroom for other reasons.
  • Two words: Takashi Miike. Two more words: shit bath.
  • Takashi Miike again, but this time: Visitor Q. Incest, necrophilia and milking are really just the start.
  • Fight Club:
  • In Rob Zombie's Halloween (2007) and Halloween II (2009):
    • Danielle Harris has nude scenes. In them, she is freaking out and slowly dying in a pool of her own blood.
    • Michael seems to enjoy killing women while they are partially or completely nude, since he does it so damn much. There's also the sex scene in Halloween: Resurrection which is interupted when a ton of (fake and planted) body parts fall through the wall.
  • There's two such moments The Good The Bad And The Ugly. One is Blondie's shirt hanging open revealing a lot of naked chest, after he's been tortured by being forced to walk in the desert with no water or cover, and is covered in blisters. The other is Tuco - you know, The Ugly. He gets a bath scene, naked except for his gun, and even a brief but loving ass shot.
  • Christina Ricci in Black Snake Moan. When you're endowed like that, and your ribs are still more prominent than your breasts, you desperately need more starches in your diet.
  • Many of the Mexican film output during the late Seventies and The Eighties consisted on "Pel ículas de Ficheras" (movies about sexy cabaret dancers, with plenty of nudity and sex, by the way). The disservice part in those? They featured actors and many comedians who were just plain hideous or fat (or a combination of both) as foils or romantic interests, and in half of the naked scenes.
  • The movie Attack Of The Killer Tongue involves the alien-tongue-possessed Latina kill-mating the lowest of the low and the oldest of the old. Including very old a nun.
  • P2: Rachel Nichols spends nearly the whole film running around in just a white dress with her cleavage on display... while being chased around a deserted parking garage by a creepy, evil security guard with a gun and a rottweiler.
  • Dead Mans Shoes: Gang leader Sonny forces a girl to have sex with Anthony, a developmentally disabled teenager being bullied by a gang.
  • Cabin Fever:
    • The infamous leg shaving scene, but perhaps more egregious is Jordan Ladd, who starts decaying before the others, starting with her thigh, leading to the also infamous "that's not her pussy" scene.
    • In the sequel, there is a scene at the very end with a schoolgirl stripper with a burst cold sore on her lip (our first clue that things will go Very Wrong). We see her act, overall okay, though she seems a bit tired, until she takes off her bra to reveal that her breasts are covered in pustules. One of her admirers in the audience indicates that he'd still tap that.
  • The Boondock Saints. Willem Dafoe in bed, shirtless, with a cute Asian guy? Pretty good Fanservice, if you're into that. Willem Dafoe crossdressing to infiltrate the Big Bad's hideout, seducing one of the guards, and then shooting said guard in cold blood when he notices his manhood? Oh no stop no stop no stop no stop no.
  • Eurotrip has a nude beach scene. The cast rushes eagerly there expecting to see tons of hot naked women — and given the pace of the movie so far we wouldn't put it out of the question. Instead, we are greeted with tons of naked men who came to said beach expecting exactly the same thing, and zero naked women because they didn't want to deal with that during tourist season. Oh, and they're not [supposed to be] hot men either — they're chubby, scraggly, unwashed, wrinkly tourist men with skin flaps everywhere. Everywhere.
  • Both The Abominable Dr. Phibes and Dr Phibes Rises Again have the title character (Vincent Price) dancing a waltz with his beautiful assistant, Vulnavia. Normally, there's nothing particularly horrific about this - except that Phibes has hideous burns all over his face and an exposed skull.
  • Malena
    • The scene in which the gorgeous Malena (also played by Monica Bellucci) walks around only in her lingerie and in a dazed state after having been dragged trough the streets and brutally beaten up by the jealous women of the town. She's half nude but also covered in blood and crying.
    • The scene at the brothel comes across as this as well. You have all the whores surrounding Renato (who is a pre-teenager), mockingly blowing kisses at him and making fun of him. The way the scene is done makes it more creepy than sexy.
  • Medeiros from REC is definitely not someone you ever want to see naked and yet the camera takes at least a minute to pan over her mostly nude deformed and mutated body.
  • Norbit. Eddie Murphy in a fat suit as the title character's domineering, aggressive girlfriend. Also made somewhat weird in that Eddie Murphy (being Eddie Murphy) also plays Norbit.
  • Not for the first time, either. In the NuttyProfessor sequel, The Klumps, villainous Buddy Love (now reduced to blue protoplasm again) gets stuck to a rotund woman's backside. That's all well and good, but then she has an attack of gas and farts him out.
  • Adrien Brody having sex with a woman/animal hybrid creature, which is also technically his daughter, in Splice.
  • In that same vein, Isabelle Adjani having sex (over and over and over again) with a Cthulu creature in Possession (1981)
  • Oldboy has an awkward scene between the antagonist, and his sister that looks an awful lot like coercion/rape until she pulls out a mirror and starts smiling. Later we find out that the other slightly awkward sex scene from earlier in the film was even further down the incest tree.
  • ''District B-13: Ultimatum''. The thong-clad exotic dancer. And because Fan Disservice is the intention... well, hello Unfortunate Implications.
  • An unpleasant scene in an otherwise fine movie— Pay It Forward. Scene in question was a love scene... between Helen Hunt and a badly-scarred Kevin Spacey. Creepy. Uncomfortable.
  • The Last House on the Left: Basically the premise of the whole movie's intro, two hot girls being treated to a realistic non-hollywood rape. Also the bad girl's brutal fight at the end, though mildly averted due to the way she falls back and butt-plops on the ground after being shot through the eye. The motion for it, and of her chest... resembles what could have been an intimate moment in another film had there been no blood and the shirtless guy beneath her.
  • Blue Velvet is a superb film, but it is best to drink bleach and attend therapy directly afterward.
  • The entire Skywalker family goes through fanservice-y moments, but...
  • Tommy Wiseau's gratuitous ass shots in The Room. Of course, that might actually be preferable to his face. And it's not just the ass - you see pretty much every part of Wiseau's bizarrely neanderthal physiology except, thankfully, the part you really don't want to see.
  • In The Magdalene Sisters, there's a scene where young girls have to stand naked in front of nuns who cruelly comment on their body flaws until one of the girls burst into tears.
    • Let's not forget when one of the girls takes her dress off to reveal that she has the same body/skin rash as the Padre that sexually abused her, while saying "YOU'RE NOT A MAN OF GOD!" all over again.
  • A rare example not related to nudity or sexuality - the Costume Porn in Memoirs of a Geisha qualifies for fans deeper-in-the-know about geisha and/or kimono culture - while many say they can ignore the flaws and mistakes, there are also some who think the film has been ruined by excessive creative license.
  • When watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, you will be probably be squicked out (and probably laugh, too) by Daniel Radcliffe in a lacy bra and panties.
  • The first Ace Ventura movie's big reveal is intended as this... but for some, the real' disservice comes from the really nasty bigotry (specifically bashing trans women) that is the basis for said reveal and its intended Fan Disservice.
  • Ed Helms and Kurtwood Smith have a nude scene together in Cedar Rapids. This goes on for much longer than it actually should. Also, John C. Reilly has a shirtless scene.
  • The man getting breast milk squirted up his butt in Mystery Team.
  • Flashdance. Jeanie dancing naked in the Zanzibar bar... while in a massive Heroic BSOD state.
  • The Swedish film A Hole in My Heart, as thoroughly discussed on this review.
    Porn has more value. One thing that can be said about A Hole in My Heart is that, despite lots of graphic sex and nudity, there's not an erotic moment in the film.
  • A Serbian Film: With sex scenes that are all as sick, nauseating and bloody as possible.
  • In X2: X-Men United, Mystique tries using her powers to shift into various women to seduce Wolverine. It's straight-up fanservice until she turns into Rogue, who in this movie series takes the "young protégée" place that girls like Jubilee and Kitty Pryde have had, and then into Stryker of all people.
  • Withnail & I has a number of scenes in which Paul McGann is not wearing very much and looking attractively disheveled. A lot of them count as straight-up fanservice, but in one of them, his character has a Near-Rape Experience at the hands of a man who's possibly all of twice his size.
  • Since women in prison films tend to be aimed at a certain set of tastes, with the Female Prisoner Scorpion films director Shunya Itou takes female humiliation and abuse by male guards and weaponizes it against the audience it usually titillates; the title sequence of the first film is the best example. Female convicts exercising nude are not really that bad, until the camera starts to focus in on the reactions of the guards, whose grotesque expressions of cruelty and lust remind you that what's titillation to some is horrific degradation to others.
  • In the movie Lifeforce, the main characters are hunting a space vampire who looks like an attractive young woman who doesn't wear any clothes. Firmly fanservice, but when she visits a man in his dreams after she's made a mental connection to him, she proceeds to make out with him while lightning is engulfing the room and animalistic shrieks and howls can be heard all around them.
  • There's a scene in The Black Dahlia where the cops watch a lesbian porn film. Said film features an actress who was brutally murdered but the filmmakers deliberately prevent it from being sexy at all with shots of the actress in tears as she's doing the various sex acts, making it look like a rape video. One of the detectives actually throws something across the room in disgust at the film.
  • Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. Which is worse: Uhura—whose actress is 57-years-old—doing a naked fan dance? Or the three-breasted catgirl stripper?
  • Crazy Heart: The endlessly beautiful and sexy Maggie Gyllenhaal having sex with...The Dude? Oh God, no no no no no no no...
  • Bram Stoker's Dracula has the scene with Jonathan and the three Brides start off as straight Fanservice. All three women are topless and well endowed. But then the fangs come out and you realise you're basically watching a rape scene. There's another one later on that doesn't even pretend to be Fanservice. Jonathan is shirtless in this one but the Brides are actively draining his blood and he's also aged a bit because of it.
  • Crank High Voltage has a nice scene at a strip joint... except a gunfight erupts and a random stripper with implants is shot in the breasts. The implants then start pouring out of her breasts the whole time as they begin to deflate. It's highly doubtful any man's going to be aroused any more by that point.
  • Shame features Michael Fassbender engaging in sex with numerous attractive women in full, NC-17 rated glory. Never once is he depicted receiving significant arousal or enjoyment from having sex with any of them, but is instead the explicitness is used to illustrate how enslaved he is to his addiction to sex.
  • Re-Animator has the love interest (Barbara Crampton) show full frontal nudity; the problem? The disembodied head oozing blood over her while a headless corpse gropes her.
  • Zardoz has Sean Connery spending much of his time wearing a red speedo with matching crisscrossing bandoliers and black thigh-high boots. And then there's a scene where he disguises himself by wearing a wedding dress...
  • The opening scene of Attenberg, featuring two girls making out...except they have their hands straight at their sides, their mouths are way too open, and it looks like they're jousting with their tongues more than anything.
  • Dogtooth, another arthouse-y weird Greek film, contains lots and lots of sex, but none of it sexy. Possibly the most normal sex scenes, with the prostitute hired to slake the son's sexual needs, are joyless and clinical. The others are incestuous, with the children (who are, thankfully, of age) not comprehending the significance of sexual acts.
  • Not even "wholesome" family films are immune. Big has an uncomfortable scene early on in which Tom Hanks pulls down his pants to reveal to his mother that he's a boy trapped in a grown man's body - and yes, he is actually still wearing his cartoon-character underpants.
  • The first time we see Django's very pretty wife Broomhilda in Django Unchained outside of flashbacks and fantasy sequences she's completely naked, but any Fanservice is quickly wrecked by the circumstances: She's been locked in the "hot box" all day as punishment for attempting to escape the plantation, and after they drag her out they douse her with water and take her off in a wheelbarrow, all while she's screaming her head off. Later we get some equal opportunity Fan Disservice when Django himself is mostly naked, but considering he's being suspended from the ceiling by his feet and is tied up while another man threatens to castrate him with a hot knife it loses any appeal just as quickly. In both cases this is very intentional to highlight the exploitation and objectification of slaves.
    • The mandingo scene. Django pulls suggestively on a cigar, lips slightly open, while we watch two beautiful, naked men wrestling each other in the soft light of a fire, shot in loving and intentionally homoerotic detail. The men are slaves and they are being forced to murder each other for the entertainment of their evil plantation master, which they do in a horrible, gory way.
  • In the fourth Wishmaster movie, The Prophecy Fulfilled, there is a sex scene between the Djinn in its human form and the protagonist. In the middle of it, multiple monstrous Djinn arms suddenly appear to caress Lisa, which she doesn't notice.
  • The shower scene (Warning: Link is NSFW...kinda) in Take this Waltz plays this pretty straight but without being too much "in ya face": We get – rejoice! – a full frontal nude scene featuring Sarah Silverman, which reveals that... well, she simply looks like an average woman in her early forties... What keeps this from sailing straight into pure YMMV-territory (or the Fetish Retardant trope, for that matter) is the fact that this scene is shot in an intentionally unsexy manner (to be fair: Whether the same applies to Michelle Williams is debatable). Allegedly Silverman even gained a few pounds for that role in order to look well... just average (as opposed to Hollywood Homely). Additionally the dialogue in that scene (Silverman telling Williams to "pee in the shower like a lady") might come across as a bit squicky to some people and both characters are seen showering amidst considerably older women, which consolidates this trope being in action here even further.
  • One of the very first sights we're treated to in Limitless is the main character barely dressed, sitting on the toilet. Brain Bleach, please.
  • In Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny, the part where Jack Black and Kyle Gass show each other their ass birthmarks.
  • The "love" scene in Eden Log. One half of it is a straightforward love scene (which is how it's occurring in the man's head, not what really happens), but this is contrasted with shots of the man assaulting the woman and her distant screams being heard all throughout the scene.
  • Sleeping With The Enemy. Visually, the sex scene between Martin and Laura is appealing, but it's ruined by the context—this is makeup sex for him to atone for hitting her earlier and the expression on her face makes it clear that she hates every minute of it.
  • In Species 2, the sex scene between the two human-alien hybrids is intercut with Body Horror and their alien halves.
  • Thor: The Dark World gives us Selvig running around in various states of undress as a side effect of his possession at the hands of Loki. Made especially uncomfortable by a bit of Fridge Horror - we're basically supposed to be laughing at Selvig's unusual form of PTSD.
  • Bad Reputation's rape scene is filmed with the camera mostly focusing on the rapists.
  • Sightseers has an Adorkable lady getting out her pink crotchless lingere and spreading it on the bed. She hand-knitted it.
  • In Hellraiser: Inferno, the makeout scene Joseph has with the Wire Twins clearly invokes this. They're mutilated, eyeless Cenobites in bondage-type clothing and give him an erotic massage by burrowing their hands into his chest. Joseph is partly turned on and partly appalled and halts it partway through.
  • All of Laura's sex scenes with clients in Student Services feature no music and are filmed to make it clear that what she's doing is abhorrent to her.
  • Averted in The Color of Money; the script called for Fast Eddie to play one match in the nude, but Paul Newman declined on the grounds that "You don't want to see a 60-year-old man naked."
  • About Schmidt has Kathy Bates topless in a hot tub.
  • Seth Rogen gets topless in Neighbors.
  • But I'm a Cheerleader has "simulated sexual lifestyle," in which gay teens are taught how to have straight sex. By dressing in skintight leotards (complete with strategically placed fig leaves) and going through the motions of missionary position sex. It's made very clear that they're not enjoying it at all.
  • Pulp Fiction has a scene with Mia (Uma Thurman) in an open white shirt with a black bra underneath. This would have been sexy, if it hadn't been for the fact that Mia is dying from an overdose, her face is covered in blood, and she is about to have a huge syringe plunged into her heart (which saves her life, but looks rather gruesome).

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