Famous Last Words: Young Justice

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    TV series 
  • "Access: Superman. Martian Manhunter. Superman." Amazo
  • "Have faith. Do what you can't explain. Believe in what you can no longer... deny." Kent Nelson
  • "His son was lost... son was lost... son waaa..." T.O. Morrow android
  • "Why? Once we belived we lived, now there is only Red Inferno and Red Torpedo. Why should we help save humanity, when we are no longer human?" Red Inferno
  • "Father would be so disappointed." Red Volcano
  • "Freeze!" Jim Daniels
  • "But the legend!? Only the pure of heart should be able to summon that power!" The Curator
  • "Take care of my girl." Zatara, before sacrificing himself to the Helmet of Fate
  • "The Metas flee! Victory is at hand!" Translated last words of the Bibbo Krolotean
  • "Do not trust the Earthling!" Translated last words of the Krolotean general
  • "Poor sportism. Poor sportism. Poor sport... tis... m...." L-Ron
  • "No, Savage has the right idea. This battle is pointless. Do not resist! The heroes have no jurisdiction here!" Ra's Al Ghul. It's made pretty clear that he would get better, but the show was cancelled before we could see that happen.
  • "Just tell them, okay?" Kid Flash

  • "Attention. You have entered the boundaries of Earth Space. Disengage all weapons and engines. This is your final warning." John Stewart
  • "Code Red. Full defensive deploy." Batman
  • "No!" Iris West-Allen
  • "Red Tornado to Cave. I fear I am all the remains of the League." Red Tornado
  • "GOTCHA COVERED! GET INSIDE, I'M ALMOST THERE!" Artemis's last thoughts
  • "Belay that, you six are assets we cannot afford to lose." Wade Eiling
    • "Now or never." Superboy's last thoughts
  • "First team deploy." Robin
    • "That's an order. We'll follow as soon as we've blown those doors." Robin's last thoughts
  • "Perfect." Kid Flash's last thoughts
  • "No, no, no, no. We have to get out of here. Now!" Miss Martian's last thoughts

    TV comics 
  • "I know why you are here. I still have my souces. I know about Mason and I know your work. But I am disappointed in you, Rako. I have protected you since you were a child. Have you no loyalty?" Duk Trang
  • "Guess that kid... was... invulnerable..." Henry Yarrow
  • "NOOOO!" Ra's al Ghul. He Got Better
  • "Anything, my queen. But... But what about Garfield?" Marie Logan

    Video games 
Young Justice: Legacy
  • "Goodbye, my friends. I love you, Garth." Aquagirl