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[[folder:The Doctors]]
[[AC:First Doctor]]
* ''The Tenth Planet''[[note]]Aired when Pluto was a planet.[[/note]]: "Ah, yes! Thank you. It's good. Keep warm."
** Not [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXjgj3tbfwA#t=227 "I'm a bit knackered!"]]
* ''The Tenth Planet: Original Script'': "No... no, I simply will not give in!"
* ''The Tenth Planet: Novelisation'': "No, no. We must go, I say."
* ''The Power of the Daleks: Novelisation'': "This old body of mine is wearing a bit thin. I must get the TARDIS's help!"
* BBC Doctor Who Classic Series website: "No, I can't go through with it! I can't. I will not give in."
* ''Twice Upon a Time'': [[spoiler: "Well then... here we go... [[TheSlowPath the long way round]]."]]

[[AC:Second Doctor]]
* ''The War Games'': "No! Stop, you're making me giddy! No, you can't do this to me! No, no! No, no, no, no, no, no! No, no, no, no!"[[note]]Thanks to the Season 6B theory, it is debatable as to whether or not these were his actual last words.[[/note]]
* ''[[Franchise/DoctorWhoExpandedUniverse The Night Walkers]]'': "Fear no more, Hogan... After this dreadful night has passed your [[ItMakesSenseInContext scarecrows will not walk again]]!" [[spoiler: Bit more touching, no?]]

[[AC:Third Doctor]]
* ''Planet of the Spiders'': "A tear, Sarah Jane? No, don't cry. While there's life, there's..." [[note]]For the curious, the last word is "hope" and the Doctor is quoting the Roman playwright Terence's ''Heauton Timorumenos''.[[/note]]
* ''Planet of the Spiders: Novelisation'': "Tears, Sarah Jane? Now don't cry. You must remember that while there's life, there's..."
* ''[[Recap/EighthDoctorAdventuresInterferenceBookTwo Hour of the Geek!]]'':
-->A tear, Sarah Jane? he said.
-->Itd be nice to record that those were the last words he said to her, before the change began in earnest and the Third Doctor effectively ceased to exist. However, there was one more thing he managed to say, one more message he felt he had to pass on to the world before he slipped away.
-->[[MakeWrongWhatOnceWentRight "This is wrong".]], he said.
-->Then he died in the dust.

[[AC:Fourth Doctor]]
* ''Logopolis'': "It's the end. But the moment has been prepared for."
* ''Logopolis: Novelisation'': "This is the end... but the moment has been prepared for."

[[AC:Fifth Doctor]]
* ''The Caves of Androzani'': "I might regenerate. I don't know. Feels different this time..." His last ''words''.
** "[[MyGreatestFailure Adric?]]" His last ''thought'', as he's regenerating.
* ''Circular Time: Winter'': "Thank you, all of you. Goodbye."
%%* ''The Eternal Summer'': "" [[spoiler: The Lord of the Manor]]

[[AC:Sixth Doctor]]
* ''The Ultimate Foe''[[note]]His last on-screen words[[/note]]: "Carrot juice, carrot juice, carrot juice."
* ''Terror of the Vervoids''[[note]]His last words in the TV series' chronology - ''Terror'' is set in his future.[[/note]]: "Vesti la guibba e la faccia."
* ''[[Recap/BigFinishDoctorWhoSpecialTheLastAdventure The Brink of Death]]'': "Who said that? Who is that? Who's there...?"
** "Our future is in safe hands." Final InnerMonologue, said in unison with the Seventh Doctor.
* ''Time and the Rani: Novelisation'': "Take a look at the computer read-out screen."
%%* ''The Death of Me'': "."
* ''[[Literature/PastDoctorAdventures Spiral Scratch]]'': "Local... tractor beam..."
* ''[[Franchise/DoctorWhoExpandedUniverse Time's Champion]]'': "You want me to become a god?"
* ''[[Recap/BigFinishDoctorWho Jubilee]]'': "[[GetItOverWith Go ahead]]. I'm not telling you what to do." [[spoiler: The Doctor's future self]]

[[AC:Seventh Doctor]]
* ''Doctor Who'': "The Master, he's out there! He's out there... I've got to stop... him..."
* ''Death Comes to Time'': "I've been dead before."
* ''A Death In The Family'': "Oh yes, I've got last words - several ''billion'' last words, in fact! It's high time, Nobody No-One, that you heard exactly what kind of a man I am..." [[spoiler:The Doctor's present self]]
* ''A Death in the Family'': "They always said I would be. Pick a good life for yourself, Thomas Hector Schofield. I meant it when I said [[SoProudOfYou how very proud]] [[KilledMidSentence of you...]]" [[spoiler:The Doctor's future self]]
%%* ''These Things Take Time'': ""

[[AC:Eighth Doctor]]
* ''[[Magazine/DoctorWhoMagazine The Flood]]''[[note]]WhatCouldHaveBeen[[/note]]: "It's all right... Destrii... You got me back to the TARDIS... that's all I needed... No point... in being scared... You're changing... that's all... I know it hurts... I know it's frightening... But change... is what it's all about..."
* [[spoiler: ''The Night of the Doctor'']]: "[[Literature/TheBible Physician, heal thyself.]]"

[[AC:[[spoiler: War Doctor]]]]
* [[spoiler: ''The Day of the Doctor'': "Ah yes, of course. I suppose it makes sense. Wearing a bit thin. [[TemptingFate I hope the ears are a bit less conspicuous this time.]]"]]

[[AC:Ninth Doctor]]
* ''Father's Day'': "I'm the oldest thing in here! Everyone get behind me!" [[spoiler:He gets better.]]
* ''The Parting of the Ways'': "Rose, before I go, I just want to tell you, you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And do you know what? So was I."

[[AC:Tenth Doctor]]
%%* ''The Pirate Loop'':
* ''The End of Time'': "I don't want to go."

[[AC:Eleventh Doctor]]
* The Doctor got two in [[spoiler:the dream worlds of]] ''Amy's Choice''
** [[spoiler:Rory's Dream]]: "Okay. Okay."
** [[spoiler:The Doctor's Dream]]: "Because I know who he is!"
* ''The Big Bang'': "Live well. Love Rory. Bye bye, Pond." His FinalSpeech before his HeroicSacrifice, [[spoiler:that is undone moments later]]
* ''The Impossible Astronaut'': "I'm sorry." [[spoiler:This turned out to be the Tessalecta.]]
* ''Journey to the Centre of the Tardis'': "I'm from your future. We haven't got long to reset time."
* ''The Time of the Doctor'': "I will not forget one line of this. Not one day. I swear. I will always remember when the Doctor was me."
** ''Time'''s working script: "Goodbye, my Impossible Girl."

[[AC:Twelfth Doctor]]
* ''Heaven Sent'': "How long can I keep doing this, Clara? Burning the old me to make a new one."
* ''The Doctor Falls'': "Pity...no stars...I hoped there'd be stars..."
* ''Twice Upon a Time'': "Laugh hard! Run fast! Be kind. Doctor...I let you go."

[[AC:Other Incarnations]]
* ''The Invisible Enemy'': "Get out of my brain!" [[spoiler:The Fourth Doctor's Clone]]
%%* ''Matrix'': "" [[spoiler:The Valeyard]]
* ''Project Lazarus'': "Just go! I... I was never alive... it doesn't matter. Save the aliens: they... matter..." [[spoiler: The Sixth Doctor's Clone]]
* ''Amy's Choice'': "I hope you've enjoyed your little fictions. It all came out of your imagination, so I'll leave you to ponder on that. I have been defeated. I shall withdraw. Farewell." [[spoiler:The Dream Lord]]
* ''The Almost People'': "[[CatchPhrase Geronimo.]]" [[spoiler:The Eleventh Doctor's Ganger.]]

[[folder:The Companions]]
* "You show me so many strange mysteries. [[TemptingFate With you, I know I'm safe]]." [[spoiler:Katarina in "The Daleks' Master Plan"]]
* "Sara!" [[spoiler:Bret Vyon in "The Daleks' Master Plan"]]
* "Doctor..." [[spoiler:Sara Kingdom in "The Daleks' Master Plan"]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Brod in "A Stitch in Time"]]
* "The evil thing. Very close. And another. Doctor, we're going to be trapped." [[spoiler:Leela's clone in "The Invisible Enemy'']]
* "Now I'll never know if I was right." [[spoiler:Adric in "Earthshock"]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Angus Goodman in "The Moderator"]]
* "Destroy me. Please." [[spoiler:Kamelion in "Planet of Fire"]]
* "FOR THE CLAN MCCRIMMON!" [[spoiler:Jamie [=McCrimmon=] in "The World Shapers"]]
* "Hey! What do you wan-MMPH!!!" [[spoiler:A Peri Brown's last words before she is BoundAndGagged in "Mindwarp"]]

%%* "." [[spoiler:Jo Grant in "Blood Heat"]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Dodo Chaplet in "Who Killed Kennedy"]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Ace in "Ground Zero"]]
* "We're in temporal orbit, Doctor. What is it? What is that?" [[spoiler:Dr. Grace Holloway in "Doctor Who". She Gets Better.]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Roz Forrester in "So Vile a Sin"]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Liz Shaw in "Eternity Weeps"]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Kamelion in "The Ultimate Treasure"]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Fitz Kreiner in "The Infinity Race"]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Miranda Dawkins in "Something Never..."]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Ace in "Loving the Alien"]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Catherine Broome in "Companion Piece"]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Ace in "These Things Take Time"]]

* "Hope so. You know what they say about Earth workmanship." [[spoiler:Lynda Moss in "The Parting of the Ways"]]
* "[[FacingTheBulletsOneLiner I kinda figured that]]." [[spoiler:Captain Jack Harkness in "The Parting of the Ways". He Gets Better. '''Really''' Better.]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Gemma Griffin in "Terror Firma"]]
* "Affirmative!" [[spoiler:K9 MKIII in "School Reunion"]]
* "Mister Capricorn! I resign." [[spoiler:Astrid Peth in "Voyage of the Damned"]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:C'rizz in "Absolution"]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Robert McIntosh in "The Haunting of Thomas Brewster"]]
* "I did it, Doctor! I managed to find it!" [[spoiler:Alternate timeline Adric in "The Boy That Time Forgot"]]
* "Please." [[spoiler:Alternate timeline Donna in "Turn Left"]]
* "No, no, no! Please! Please! No! No, no, no!" [[spoiler: Donna Noble in "Journey's End". While she didn't technically ''die'', [[CharacterDevelopment the person she had become]] certainly did.]]
* "Doctor, they were right, they were right all along. This is no place for emotion. When you come, you must remember that." [[spoiler:Grayla in "The Whispering Gallery"]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Mila in "Blue Forgotten Planet"]]
* "Is there nothing you can't do?" [[spoiler:Adelaide Brooke in "The Waters of Mars"]]
* "I'm going to die in a minute, Doctor. But before I do... I just want to say... you've ruined my life..." [[spoiler:Majenta Pryce in "The Crimson Hand"]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Matthew Finnegan in "Final Sacrifice"]]
* "Self-destruct commenced! Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one." [[spoiler:K9MKI in "Regeneration"]]
* "The cybermen are gone! Your masters are ''gone!'' [[spoiler: Zoe Herriot in "Legend of the Cybermen]]
* "For you, Doctor? Anything." [[spoiler: Evelyn Rossiter, in "Death In The Family"]]
** "Goodbye, Doctor... and thank you. For everything. [[spoiler: Evelyn Rossiter, while in the Hand of All]]
** "As the lights grew faint around her and the [[BigBad Word Lord]] [[VillainousBreakdown paced the shrinking room in silence]], [[spoiler: Evelyn Rossiter]] sat quietly without fear, thinking about her friend, the Doctor. ''Her'' Doctor, with his bright coat and bravado, and all their wonderful adventures together in time and space." [[spoiler: Evelyn Rossiter, narrating her death]]
* "Lucie, get back into the ship!" [[spoiler:Alex Campbell in "To the Death"]]
* "Not likely, mate. You come here, you mess up my planet, you mess up my life, and now you say you're going to kill the best bloke I've ever met. And you think I'm just gonna what, bleedin' surrender?! Well all I can say is you don't know me. You don't know me at all, and in case you wanted to know who it was that blew you to pieces; the name is [[spoiler: Lucie Miller]]! You got that? [[spoiler: Lucie]] bleedin' [[spoiler: Miller!"]] [[spoiler:Lucie Miller in "To the Death"]]
* "I love you..." [[spoiler:The TARDIS' human form, Idris, in "The Doctor's Wife".]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Hex in "Gods and Monsters"]]
* "Maybe now I understand what you were saying before... about why you do it. Why you risk everything for him. Maybe I would have been good enough after all... eh, Doctor?" [[spoiler:Adam Mitchell in "Prisoners of Time"]]
* "Urgent: action required. You must patch the telephone device... back through the... console... unit..."[[spoiler:Handles in "The Time of the Doctor"]]
* "My life in exchange for billions of others, I'll take those odds." [[spoiler:Cinder in "Engines of War"]]

[[AC:River Song]]
* "Hush, now spoilers!" [[spoiler:"Forest of the Dead"]]
* "I'm sorry, my love." [[spoiler:"The Pandorica Opens", in a time looped exploding TARDIS]]
* "It's all right. It's quite all right. I'm dying. But I can fix that. It's easy, really. See?" [[spoiler:Melody Pond, before she regenerates into Mels in "Day of the Moon"]]
* "Shut up, Dad! I'm focusing on a dress size!" [[spoiler:Mels, before she regenerates into River Song in "Let's Kill Hitler"]]
* "Goodbye, sweetie." [[spoiler:River's Ghost in "The Name of the Doctor"]]

[[AC:Rory Williams]]
* "Look after our baby." [[spoiler:"Amy's Choice", in his dream.]]
* "Doctor, the Dream Lord conceded. This isn't a dream." [[spoiler:"Amy's Choice", the Doctor's dream.]]
* "You're so beautiful. I'm sorry." [[spoiler:"Cold Blood"]]
* "No." [[spoiler:Auton Rory]]
* "Rats was all I could hear!" [[spoiler:"The Curse of the Black Spot"]]
* "I know you can do this. Of course, if you muck it up I'm going to be really cross. And dead." [[spoiler:"The Curse of the Black Spot", again.]]
* "Amy." [[spoiler:"The Angels Take Manhattan", dying of old age in a negated timeline.]]
* "Amy, look--" [[spoiler:"The Angels Take Manhattan", before committing suicide with Amy.]]
* "There's a gravestone here for someone with the same name as me!" [[spoiler:"The Angels Take Manhattan", before being sent back by a Weeping Angel.]]

[[AC:Amy Pond]]
* "I love [[spoiler:Rory]], and I never told him. But now he's gone." [[spoiler:"Amy's Choice", Rory's dream.]]
* "How do you know that?" [[spoiler:"Amy's Choice", the Doctor's dream.]]
* "There it is. You remember. This is you. And you are staying." [[spoiler:"The Pandorica Opens"]]
* "How can he do that? Is he magic?" [[spoiler:Alternate timeline Amelia in "The Big Bang"]]
* "Oh, no!" [[spoiler:Amy's Ganger in "The Almost People"]]
* "Show me Earth. Show me home. Did I ever tell you about this boy I met there? He pretended to be in a band..." [[spoiler:Amy-2 in "The Girl Who Waited".]]
* "Changing the future. It's called marriage." [[spoiler:"The Angels Take Manhattan", before committing suicide with Rory.]]
* "Tell her, this is the story of Amelia Pond. And this is how it ends." [[spoiler:"The Angels Take Manhattan", last onscreen written words to the Doctor.]]
* "Raggedy Man... Goodbye!" [[spoiler:"The Angels Take Manhattan", last onscreen spoken words to the Doctor.]]

[[AC:Clara Oswald]]
* "Run you clever boy, and remember." [[spoiler: "Asylum of the Daleks", "The Snowmen", intended to be so in "The Name of the Doctor", "Hell Bent" (altered to "Run you clever boy, and be a Doctor")]]
* "Let me be brave." [[spoiler: "Face the Raven"]]

[[folder:Doctor Who (1963-1989)]]
[[AC:Series 1]]
* "They won't make fire. There won't be fire any more." [[spoiler:Old Mother]]
* "Yes! She set them free. She set them free. She did this. I, [[spoiler:Kal]], killed her."
* "Keep away from me! Keep away from me! Keep away from me! Keep away from me! Keep away from me!" [[spoiler:Dalek Sentry]]
* "Take these things." [[spoiler:Temmosus]]
* "Help. Cannot control. Cannot control. Help me. Help me. Help! Help! Help! Help! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!" [[spoiler:Dalek in Section 3]]
* "There's no point in trying to cross the lake, you think?" [[spoiler:Elyon]]
* "It's too smooth!" [[spoiler:Antodus]]
* "STOP... OUR POWER... FROM WASTING... OR IT WILL BE... THE END... OF THE... DALEKS!!!" [[spoiler:The Dalek Leader]]
* "So, the mighty War Lord is awake!" [[spoiler:Acomat]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Malik]]
* "The War Lord Tegana." [[spoiler:Kuiju]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Vizier]]
* "No, you overestimated yourself." [[spoiler:Tegena]]
* "For the sake of all my people, I hope you succeed." [[spoiler:Arbitan]]
* "Kill her! Kill her!" [[spoiler:Morpho Brain]]
* "Quickly, the darkness! The whispering will start." [[spoiler:Darrius]]
* "I'm going out the back way." [[spoiler:Vasor]]
* "All right, I'll tell you everything. I'm not in this alone. They made me do it. I'll tell you--" [[spoiler:Aydan]]
* "She will have told them of her father's death, of course, but it doesn't matter. The machine's power will spread through the planet. There is no escape now except for us. I will bring them back with this." [[spoiler:Yartek]]
* "You have denied me honour!" [[spoiler:The First Victim]]
* "He has betrayed us. Ian and the girl have gone." [[spoiler:Ixta]]
* "May victory always rest upon your shoulders." [[spoiler:The Perfect Victim]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Rouvray]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:D'Argenson]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Webster]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Léon Colbert]]

[[AC:Series 2]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Arnold Farrow]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Dortmun]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Jack Craddock]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Mick Thomson]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Baker]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Ashton]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Larry Madison]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Bennett]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Maximus Pettulian]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Tigilinus]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Locusta]]
* "Vrestin! Hrostar! The Zarbi!." [[spoiler:Hrhoonda]]
* "Yes, I'm ready." [[spoiler:Hrostar]]
* "You have not the power. Power! Master them! Master theeeem!" [[spoiler:The Animus]]
* "I've heard nothing." [[spoiler:Reynier de Marun]]
* "I took her to El Akir." [[spoiler:Luigi Ferrigo]]
* "Now I shall show you how I deal with those who do not obey me!" [[spoiler:El Akir]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Sita]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Lobos]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Bosun]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Albert G. Richardson]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Benjamin Briggs]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Willoughby]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:The Cabin steward]]
* "Susan, don't look this way. It'll be nasty." [[spoiler:The Robot Doctor]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Gunnar the Giant]]

[[AC:Series 3]]
* "The Earth people! We can catch them!" [[spoiler:Maaga]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Drahvin 1]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Drahvin 2]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Drahvin 3]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Gordon Lowery]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Jeff Garvey]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Marc Cory]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Hector]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Cyclops]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Priam]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Paris]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Achilles]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Kert Gantry]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Kirksen]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Daxtar]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Trantis]]
%%* "." [[spoiler: Representative Zephon]]
* "You cannot kill me!" [[spoiler:Mavic Chen]]
* "I see. Was Bondeaux caught?" [[spoiler:The Abbot of Amboise]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Anne Chaplet]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Yendom]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Maharis]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Seth Harper]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Charlie]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Warren Earp]]
* "I will, next time." [[spoiler:Johnny Ringo]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Ike Clanton]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Phineas Clanton]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Billy Clanton]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:The Tramp]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Melvin Krimpton]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:WOTAN]]

[[AC:Series 4]]
* "Avery's curse on you, you black villain." [[spoiler:Joseph Longfoot]]
* "Captain. Captain. I beg thee. No! No! No! Ahh!" [[spoiler:Jamaica]]
* "The rope will make more mark on your fine skin." [[spoiler:Jacob Kewper]]
* "Not from such a black pig as ye." [[spoiler:Cherub]]
* "Here's an end to ye, sawbones, damn your eyes." [[spoiler:Captain Samuel Pike]]
* "Who is that? Who the heck are you?" [[spoiler:American sergeant]]
* "Hey, sir, what's going on?" [[spoiler:Tito]]
* "Fuel's gone!" [[spoiler:"Bluey" Schultz]]
* "Hello Snowcap! Hello Snowcap, fuel's gone! Can't get back in! Any ideas?!" [[spoiler:Glyn Williams]]
* "Do not resist. Give me that weapon." [[spoiler:Unnamed Cyberman]]
* "No, that is one of the weaknesses that we have removed." [[spoiler:Krail]]
* "The only person I gave a care about in this whole world, and you killed him. So now I'm going to kill you and I'll start on you, Doctor." [[spoiler:General Cutler]]
* "Records, Krang." [[spoiler:Jarl]]
* "The humans are behind the door. Let the gas do its work." [[spoiler:Regos Krang]]
* "Report to me as soon as you are ready. We must have time to evacuate." [[spoiler:Gern]]
* "Resistance is useless. Drop your weapons." [[spoiler:Shav]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:The Examiner]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Kebble]]
* "I will not be intimidated" [[spoiler:Hensell]]
* "Don't be a fool." [[spoiler:Janley]]
* "Ah, but you wouldn't kill me. I gave you life." [[spoiler:Lesterson]]
* "I'm still the governor, and you will. Valmar!" [[spoiler:Bragen]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Alexander [=McLaren=]]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Ramo]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Lolem]]
* "No! No! You cannot do this to me! No! No! No!" [[spoiler:Zaroff]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Ralph, before his Cyber-conversation]]
* "Nine, ten! Fire!" [[spoiler: The Cyber-Leader]]
* "Keep away. Don't touch me. I'll obey." [[spoiler:The Controller]]
* "Jamie? Jamie? Jamie? Ah!" [[spoiler:Medok]]
* "No! No! Don't let him. No!" [[spoiler:Macra Control]]
* "They won't escape me." [[spoiler:Chameleon Jenkins]]
* "Have the Chameleon aircraft in sight. Am following at ten thousand feet, heading due south." [[spoiler:R.A.F. Pilot]]
* "You traitor!" [[spoiler:Chameleon Pinto]]
* "You fools, how can you trust him?" [[spoiler:The Director]]
* "Look out!" [[spoiler:Chameleon Jamie]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Kennedy]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Toby]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Kemel]]
* "No time for me." [[spoiler:Edward Waterfield]]
* "The Daleks must not, cannot be destroyed. The race will survive! The Daleks will live and rule forever!" [[spoiler:Theodore Maxtible]]
* "Obey me! Obey me! Your Emperor is ordering you! You will not fight in here! You will not fight in here! Obey! I am your Emperor! Daleks, obey me! Obey! Obey! Obey! You will be exterminated! All exterminated! Annihilated! We will all be exterminated! Annihilated! The Dalek race will die out completely! Obey your Emperor! Obey!" [[spoiler: The Dalek Emperor]]

[[AC:Series 5]]
* "Okay, go ahead." [[spoiler:Haydon]]
* "No!" [[spoiler:Viner]]
* "No, I have a better idea. Much better idea. I shall leave you to the Cybermen. I'm sure they'll have some use for you. Or parts of you." [[spoiler:Eric Klieg]]
* "No." [[spoiler:Kaftan]]
* "We must survive! We must survive!" [[spoiler: The Cyber-Controller]]
* "They shall never pass Toberman. The door is closed." [[spoiler:Mr. Toberman]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Richen]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Khrisong]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Padmasambhava]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Davis]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Turoc]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Arden]]
* "What we need is someone like Penley, or that Doctor. Somebody who can think. Not with a machine. And what good's your precious computer done anyway? Nothing! Nothing but trouble! And it's time somebody put a stop to it." [[spoiler:Walters]]
* "But, but, but I want to help you!" [[spoiler:Storr]]
* "It was not power in the engines, Zondal. It was heat. The heat from the Ioniser." [[spoiler:Varga]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Zondal]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Rintan]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Isbur]]
* "I really did try." [[spoiler:Fedorin]]
* "If you'll forgive me, I'm really rather hungry." [[spoiler:Alexander Denes]]
* "I can only die once. And someone's beaten you to it." [[spoiler:Fariah Neguib]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Curly]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Anton]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Rod]]
* "Promise you'll bring them to the surface. Swear it... You've got to swear it..." [[spoiler:Swann]]
* "Well, if I'm going to die, Salamander, you'll die with me!" [[spoiler:Giles Kent]]
* "And now I'm going to kill you." [[spoiler:Ramón Salamander]]
* "Travers? Travers, is that you? I am not frightened by your stupid tricks. Travers? [[GenreBlind I know it's you]], I'm not a fool!" [[spoiler:Julius Silverstein]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Corporeal Lane]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Corporeal Blake]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Stephan Weams]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:George Albert Arnold]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Captain Knight]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Bill Duggan]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Elton Laleham]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Kemel Rudkin]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Chang]]
* "Doctor, listen carefully. They're going to poison the air supply. Do you understand, poison the air supply?" [[spoiler:Gemma Corwyn]]
* "I lifted the force field. You'd better replace it." [[spoiler:Jarvis Bennett]]

[[AC:Series 6]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Wahed]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Etnin]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Tolata]]
* "Impossible, countdown has started!" [[spoiler:Toba]]
* "OBEEEEY!!!" [[spoiler:Rago]]
* "You want to hold me, get onto the police. See 'ya." [[spoiler:Truck driver]]
* "What the heck?" [[spoiler:Policeman]]
* "It's too late, Sergeant. I'm getting out!" [[spoiler:Perkins]]
* "No, Mister Vaughn, I can. Given a little time, I'm sure I can!" [[spoiler:Mark Gregory]]
* "Vaughn! They've taken over! The Cybermen, they won't obey! They've killed the... They're coming after us. Vaughn, what have you done to us? What have you done?" [[spoiler:Packer]]
* "Opposition is useless. The Cybermen will--" [[spoiler: The Cyber-Planner]]
* "Well let's not waste time, then." [[spoiler:Tobias Vaughn]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Abu]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Selris]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Osgood]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Brent]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Locke]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Phipps]]
* "Every word has been heard on Earth." [[spoiler:Fewsham]]
* "You have failed us, Slaar! We shall all die! We're being drawn into the orbit of the sun!" [[spoiler:Ice Warrior Grand Marshall]]
* "Kill him!" [[spoiler:Slaar]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Sorba]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Dervish]]
* "Then we'll all die together!" [[spoiler:Maurice Caven]]
* "I've posted sentries all around. If they should send in any troops, our outposts will warn us." [[spoiler:Harper]]
* "Very well, if you prefer to die that's your affair!" [[spoiler:von Weich]]
* "You must send help now!" [[spoiler:General Smythe]]
* "Emergency alarm!" [[spoiler:Security Chief]]
* "He wanted to stop the war games! He tried--" [[spoiler:The War Chief (Edward Brayshaw)]]
* "No, no, no, no!" [[spoiler:The War Lord]]

[[AC:Series 7]]
* "Watch out!" [[spoiler:Corporal Forbes]]
* "Yes, his name's Channing. Now, he seemed to have some sort of mental hold over George, almost as if he was hypnotised." [[spoiler:John Ransome]]
* "If I destroy this, I destroy all of you!" [[spoiler:George Hibbert]]
* "What sort of foolery is this?" [[spoiler:Auton Scobie]]
* "No one can destroy the Nestenes!" [[spoiler:Channing]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Davis]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Mr. Squire]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:John Quinn]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Major Baker]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Charles Lawrence]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Edward Masters]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Sergeant Hart]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Sam Hawkins]]
* "I am the leader! I have decided!" [[spoiler:Okdel]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Private Wright]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Morka]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:K'to]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Sir James Quinlan]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Dr. Lennox]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Heldorf]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Bruno Taltalian]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Patterson]]
* "Don't worry about it. It doesn't look too serious." [[spoiler: Harry Slocum (as himself)]]
* "Yes..." [[spoiler:Harry Slocum]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Private Wyatt]]
* "No, everything's very quiet up here." [[spoiler:John Bromley (as himself)]]
* "Yes, yes. Check all the other systems." [[spoiler:Director Stahlman (as himself)]]
* "Two...three..." [[spoiler:The Brigade Leader]]
* "Go on, Doctor! Go now!" [[spoiler:Section Leader Elisabeth Shaw]]
* "Go on, Doctor! Get on with it!" [[spoiler:Alternate Greg Sutton]]
* "GREG!" [[spoiler:Alternate Dr. Petra Williams]]
* "No! RAAAAAAAAAAH!" [[spoiler:Eric Stahlman (as himself)]]

[[AC:Series 8]]
* "It's moving." [[spoiler:George McDermott]]
* "Alright." [[spoiler:Goodge]]
* "It's beyond me." [[spoiler:John Farrel]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:George Philips]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Rex Farrel]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Arthur Linwood]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Charles Kettering]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Charlie]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Lenny Vosper]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Harry Mailer]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:George Patrick Barnham]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Pigbin Josh]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:George Hardiman]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Professor Winser]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Jim Holden]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Jane Leeson]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Eric Leeson]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:IMC robot]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Allen]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Alec Leeson]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Norton]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Morgan]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:John Robert Ashe]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Gilbert Horner]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Montmorency Vere de Vere Winstanley]]
* "No, no! A friend! I'm a friend!" [[spoiler:Bert the Landlord]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Tom Girton]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Garvin]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:P.C. Groom]]
* "This action does not relate! There is no data! It does not relate! Go! Leave me! All of you!" [[spoiler:Azal]]

[[AC:Series 9]]
* "No, check your source at control point--" [[spoiler:The Manager]]
* "Anat, look out!" [[spoiler:Boaz]]
* "Who knows? I may have helped to exterminate ''you''." [[spoiler:The Controller]]
* "Oh, no, not this time. This time it's going to be different." [[spoiler:Shura]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Torbis]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Hepesh]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Arcturus]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Hickman]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Barclay]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Drew]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:George Trenchard]]
* "This device is causing the power to overload!" [[spoiler:Sea Devil Chief]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:The Administrator]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Vorn]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Varan]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Jaeger]]
* "Good lad, Cotton. Good..." [[spoiler:Stubbs]]
* "Doctor! You've destroyed my dreams! I'll destroy you!" [[spoiler:The Marshal of Solos]]
* "No!" [[spoiler:Dr. Charles Percival]]
* "Not quite! The game is just beginning. A pity you will not live to see the end." [[spoiler:Krasis]]
* "Stay back!" [[spoiler:Hippias]]
* "There's so little time. So little. I tell you the vision of a dying man. Atlantis was doomed. You are a true philosopher. The world must be, must be saved. And you are the one to do it. The only one. Who'd have thought it? My lovely Galleia." [[spoiler:Dalios]]
* "Silence!" [[spoiler:Crito]]
* "Oh, you! Seize him! Seize him!" [[spoiler:Galleia]]

[[AC:Series 10]]
* "Commands? You command me? This is my world! I command! And you pester me with trinkets!" [[spoiler:Omega (Stephen Thorne)]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Kalik]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Orum]]
* "Get in!" [[spoiler:Marat]]
* "It's back this way." [[spoiler:Vaber]]
* "He ordered an immediate report." [[spoiler:Wester]]
* "It has not been possible! We have been unable to use the bacteria bomb!" [[spoiler:Dalek Leader]]
* "Preparations will begin at once to free our army from the ice! We have been delayed, not defeated! The Daleks are never defeated!" [[spoiler: The Supreme Dalek]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Ted Hughes]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Dai Evans]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Bert Pritchard]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:James]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Hinks]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Ralph Fell]]
* "Get out! You have two minutes!" [[spoiler:Jocelyn Stevens]]
* "Who would have thought it would come to this? Stevens, my friend, my sentimental friend. my FRRRIIIEEEE-" [[spoiler:B.O.S.S.]]

[[AC:Series 11]]
* "By your dawn I shall be seven hundred million miles from here. Can I be concerned with the fate of primitives?" [[spoiler:Jingo Linx]]
* "So, destroy my castle by sorcery, would you, Toadface? Well, Irongron's magic is too strong for you!" [[spoiler:Irongron]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Philips]]
* "Congratulations, Doctor. You're just in time to be present at the most important moment in the world's history." [[spoiler:Charles Grover]]
* "No! He's reversed the polarity!" [[spoiler:Professor Whitaker]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Richard Railton]]
* "It's already done. It's an order. Peter will take command." [[spoiler:Stewart]]
* "One charge is enough to damage the beacon! This one we keep!" [[spoiler:Dan Galloway]]
* "Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid. It is trickery! There is nothing to fear." [[spoiler:Vega Nexos]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Blor]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:The Miner]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Ettis]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Ortron]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Sskel]]
* "Now that's enough!" [[spoiler:Azaxyr]]
* "Help me! Help me! Help me, Doctor!" [[spoiler:Eckersley]]
* "From beyond the stars. Could it be a meteorite? Oh, it's beautiful. A gemstone. A blue jewel." [[spoiler:Herbert Clegg]]
* "Didn't they give you one at the main gate, sir?" [[spoiler:UNIT soldier]]
* "I'm afraid this old body has had it, Miss Smith." [[spoiler:K'anpo Rimpoche (George Cormack)]]
* "Dear friends, please don't. Please don't..." [[spoiler:Cho Je, before merging with K'anpo Rimpoche]]
* "A spider that I could easily crush underfoot without a second thought! A spider!" [[spoiler:Rex Lupton]]
* "I hurt! Help me! I am burning! My brain is on fire! Help me!" [[spoiler:The Great One]]

[[AC:Series 12]]
* "No, no, he was only telling-" [[spoiler:J.P. Kettlewell]]
* "Please, Commander, stay back! Please! Don't force me to-" [[spoiler:Libri]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Lycett]]
* "That's my job." [[spoiler:Rogin]]
* "Goodbye, Vira." [[spoiler:Noah]]
* "You won't get me. You won't torture me again." [[spoiler:Roth]]
* "To... to die." [[spoiler:The Prisoner]]
* "Please! Please!" [[spoiler:Vural]]
* "I shall kill you all now, but first I have more important tasks to perform." [[spoiler:Styre]]
* "They're coming this way. I'm going. Come on." [[spoiler:Gerrill]]
* "No! No!" [[spoiler:Ronson]]
* "You are insane, Davros." [[spoiler:Gharman]]
* "Stop this, Davros. You must stop them!" [[spoiler:Kravos]]
* "Yes, Davros." [[spoiler:Nyder]]
* "For the last time, I am your creator! You must -- You will obey me!!!" [[spoiler:Davros. He Got Better.]]
* "I know it's impossible, but it's happened. The information's right here on the electronic register." [[spoiler:Warner]]
* "We've got about five minutes." [[spoiler:Lester]]
* "Look out!" [[spoiler:Kellman]]
* "It's coming towards us! It's set on a collision course!" [[spoiler:Magrik]]
* "My Skystriker, my glory!" [[spoiler:Vorus]]
* "There's a missile on our port bow." [[spoiler:Cyberman]]
* "Engage full thrust! Deploy--" [[spoiler:Cyber-Leader]]

[[AC:Series 13]]
* "It suddenly came at us. Smashed the rig to pieces." [[spoiler:Monro]]
* "Well, the English soldier reckoned they were being bugged, and sure enough I think I've found it, though how on Earth anybody could have fixed this here?" [[spoiler:Angus MacRanald]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Zygon Lamont]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:O'Hara]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Braun]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Baldwin]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Ponti]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Salamar]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Morelli]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:De Haan]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Reig]]
* "I've come too far to turn back now." [[spoiler:Marcus Scarman]]
** "I'm free! Free at last!" [[spoiler:Whatever was left of Marcus Scarman]]
* "And remember to tell Doctor Warlock what I said, sir." [[spoiler:Collins]]
* "Master, spare me. Spare me. I am a true servant of the great Sutekh." [[spoiler:Ibrahim Namin]]
* "No, no, no! Laurence! Laurence! No!" [[spoiler:Dr. Warlock]]
* "Professor Scarman!" [[spoiler:Ernie Clements]]
* "Marcus, please." [[spoiler:Laurence Scarman]]
* "No!" [[spoiler:Sutekh]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Guy Crayford]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Styggron]]
* "You not kill girl. [[spoiler:Condo]] kill you!"
* "No!" [[spoiler:Kelia]]
* "I've done it. Morbius, I've done it. ''(coughs)'' You will live. You will''(cough)''... You will live again." [[spoiler:Mehendri Solon]]
* "Back. To. The. Beginning!" [[spoiler:Morbius]]
* "Derek!" [[spoiler:Charles Winlett]]
* "Charles?" [[spoiler:Derek Moberley]]
* "Hello, main base. Hello, main base. Can you hear me, over?" [[spoiler:John Stevenson]]
* "You're as bad as Chase and the others. You want me to die! You want me to die! You want me to die!" [[spoiler:Arnold Keeler]]
* "We'll see." [[spoiler:Richard Dunbar]]
* "Scorby, he's ill! Leave him alone." [[spoiler:Hargreaves]]
* "Here, do your best. I'll go and see if I can get some more timber." [[spoiler:Sgt. Henderson]]
* "Oh, yeah. Well done, Doctor. Why are you bothering? It's obvious your army friends have scarpered. I'd have done the same if I'd been out there. We're as dead as mutton, you realise? R.I.P. It's ridiculous, isn't it." [[spoiler:Scorby]]
* "You and your kind are nothing but parasites. You're dependant upon us for the air you breathe and the food you eat. We have only one use for you." [[spoiler:Harrison Chase]]

[[AC:Series 14]]
* "Hieronymous! You traitor!" [[spoiler:Count Federico]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Hieronymous]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:King Rokan]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Guard]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Dr. Carter]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Driscoll]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:The Lord President of Gallifrey]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Hilred]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Runcible]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Solis]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Goth]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Sole]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Andor]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Lugo]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:The Acolyte]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Neeva]]
* "No. Get back. Get away from me!" [[spoiler:Chub]]
* "So can I." [[spoiler:Cass]]
* "Stinking murderer!" [[spoiler:Borg]]
* "You filthy, disgusting man and animal." [[spoiler:Zilda]]
* "Goodbye, my friend!" [[spoiler:D84]]
* "Not me, you fool! Him! I am your master! Taren Capel!" [[spoiler:Taren Capel!]]
* "Kill the... kill the... kill the... kill the..." [[spoiler:[=SV7=]]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Buller]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Casey]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Lee]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Chinese man]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Li Hsen Chang]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Cleaning woman]]
* "This is mutiny, Sin!" [[spoiler:Magnus Greel]]

[[AC:Series 15]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Ben Travers]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Reuben]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Harker]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Vince Hawkins]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Henry Palmerdale]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Adelaide Lessage]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:James Skinsale]]
* "We die for the glory of our race. Long live the Rutan empire!" [[spoiler:The Rutan Host]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Crewman]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Silvey]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Safran]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Meeker]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Lowe]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Parsons]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Dr. Cruikshank]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Dr. Hedges]]
* "Do you think a metal barrier can contain the Swarm?" [[spoiler:The Nucleus]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:The Hiker]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:David Mitchell]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Dr. Fendelman]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Thea Ransome]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Maximillian Stael]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Hade]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Klimt]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Rask]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Tarn]]
* "The Castellan will have me shot, sir." [[spoiler:The Presidential bodyguard]]
* "Yes." [[spoiler:Time Lord rebels]]
* "They need you, go!" [[spoiler:Ablif]]
* "No, Chancellor, forward." [[spoiler:Stor's aide]]
* "If we cannot control the power of the Time Lords, then we shall destroy it. Goodbye, Doctor." [[spoiler:Stor]]

[[AC:Series 16: The Key to Time]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Binro]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Sholakh]]
* "All but one of us! Sholakh. Sholakh? Sholakh! To me! To me! Charge! Onwards! Onwards! Push their attack back! Onwards! Onwards!" [[spoiler:Graff Vynda-K]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:The Seeker]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Fibuli]]
* "I shall be free from you, you hag!" [[spoiler:The Captain]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Pat]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Pat's friend]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Martha]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:De Vries]]
* "If you let them do this to me, Doctor, you'll never find what you're looking for." [[spoiler: Cessair of Diplos]]
* "My lord! My lord!" [[spoiler:Madam Lamia]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Harg]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Mensch]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Rohm-Dutt]]
* "Then kill me, but you're not going to kill the others!" [[spoiler:Dugeen]]
* "Master, hear thy servant Ranquin. Great Kroll, defender and saviour of the People of the Lakes, let not thy wrath fall upon thy true servants. Great One, we ask only that the dryfoots and their abominations be crushed by thy mighty power! Master, this is thy servant!" [[spoiler:Ranquin]]
* "I said shut up!" [[spoiler:Thawn]]
* "Sire, I have failed. The Doctor has accomplished his purpose. He has the Key to Time. Sire, I have failed..." [[spoiler:The Shadow]]

[[AC:Series 17]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Movellan Guards]]
* "No, not that switch!" [[spoiler:Fyodor Nikolai Kerensky]]
* "What are the Jagaroth?" [[spoiler:Countess Scarlioni]]
* "No, Herman, no! It's me!" [[spoiler:Twelfth Scaroth (Count Carlos Scarlioni)]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Torvin]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Doran]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Lady Adrasta]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Secker]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Captain Rigg]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Sezom]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Pilot Sekkoth]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Co-pilot Sardor]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Soldeed]]

[[AC:Series 18]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Morix]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Stimson]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Brock]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Klout]]
* "Romana!" [[spoiler:Lexa]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Brotadac]]
* "Maybe it's this one." [[spoiler:General Grugger]]
* "Fool! Stop!" [[spoiler:Meglos]]
* "Tell Dexeter we've come full circle." [[spoiler:Draith]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Dexeter]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Nefred]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Tylos]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Varsh]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Karl]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Tarak]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Habris]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Zargo]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Aukon]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Camilla]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Sagan]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Rorvik]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Packard]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Lane]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Aldo]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Royce]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Seron]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:The Keeper of Traken]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Kassia]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Neman]]
* "Help, Nyssa!" [[spoiler:Tremas]]
* "So, a new body... at last!" [[spoiler:The 14th Master]]
* "No!" [[spoiler:Aunt Vanessa]]
* "I've done what I can, with the Registry in ruins. We must now realign the aerial, beam the programme out to space. There is a CVE close by we might still be able to re-open." [[spoiler:The Monitor]]

[[AC:Series 19]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Ruther]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Shardovan]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Mergrave]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Panna]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Elizabeth]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Ralph]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Charles]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:The Squire]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Terileptil android]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Terileptil Leader]]
* "Sir." [[spoiler:Latoni]]
* "Is that you, Snyder?" [[spoiler:Baines]]
* "Keep trying." [[spoiler:Snyder]]
* "Look, Sarge. What sort of weapon can do that to a person?" [[spoiler:Carter]]
* "Just take my word for it. They're here all right and they don't look--Argh!" [[spoiler:Mitchell]]
* "You're all dead. Why don't you surrender?" [[spoiler:Ringway]]
* "Nyssa, get back!" [[spoiler:Professor Kyle]]
* "But you will not enjoy the victory. I shall now kill you, Doctor." [[spoiler:The Cyber-Leader]]

[[AC:Series 20]]
* "Impulse laser?" [[spoiler:Talor]]
* "No!" [[spoiler:Hedin]]
* "Farewell, Doctor." [[spoiler:Omega (Ian Collier)]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Mawdryn]]
* "The King... Doctor... seek..." [[spoiler:Sir Geoffrey de Lacy]]

[[AC:The Five Doctors]]
* "Exterminate! Under attack! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!" [[spoiler:The Dalek]]
* "What? No, not the mind probe." [[spoiler:The Castellan]]
* "You show me the safe route, or I shall destroy you." [[spoiler:Cyber-Leader]]
* "No. No!" [[spoiler:Borusa]]

[[AC:Series 21]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Karina]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Maddox]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Paroli]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Lieutenant Preston]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Nilson]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Sauvix]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Solow]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Scibus]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Tarpok]]
* "Commence ignition, Scibus!" [[spoiler:Icthar]]
* "He did it!" [[spoiler:Commander Vorshak]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Sir George Hutchinson]]
* "Go, and that's an order." [[spoiler:Brazen]]
* "Get out of here!" [[spoiler:Galloway]]
* "Stay away!" [[spoiler:Osborn]]
* "It's dead." [[spoiler:Colonel David Archer]]
* "Come on, lad. Nothing to worry about. It's only Sergeant Calder. Colonel's gone for an ambulance. Then you'll be all right." [[spoiler:Sergeant Calder]]
* "They're bypassing the door mechanism." [[spoiler:Zena]]
* "That's it." [[spoiler:Dr. Styles]]
* "No!" [[spoiler:Professor Laird]]
* "The prisoner is certainly important. The one on the left is Stien, a member of Lytton's Special Guard. He wouldn't be assigned to escort duties otherwise." [[spoiler:Kiston]]
* "They're Dalek Troopers." [[spoiler:Lt. Mercer]]
* "Davros' Daleks?" [[spoiler:Duplicate Calder]]
* "Behind you!" [[spoiler:Duplicate Archer]]
* "Hello, boys. Just in time for the fun." [[spoiler:Duplicate Stien]]
* "The Daleks will triumph! We cannot fail! The Daleks' true destiny is to rule the universe!" [[spoiler: The Black Dalek]]
* "You will never understand, Amyand. Logar is everywhere. He cares for the faithful." [[spoiler:Timanov]]
* "Thank you, Morgus. I cannot say how much I appreciate this." [[spoiler:The President]]
* "Come on, keep moving. It won't fire at the belt plate." [[spoiler:Salateen]]
* "Jek! Jek!" [[spoiler:General Chellak]]
* "Yeah, well, we ain't getting our heads blown off by Jek's dummies, or boiled in that mud. Not for twenty tons, we ain't." [[spoiler:Krelper]]
* "You take one more step and we shoot." [[spoiler:Morgus]]
* "Sounds like a motor. This way." [[spoiler:Stotz]]
* "Salateen... hold me!" [[spoiler:Sharaz Jek]]
* "No, not that. Please, shoot me!" [[spoiler:The Prisoner]]
* "Childish threats are best left to children, Noma." [[spoiler:Drak]]
* "What are you doing?" [[spoiler:Mestor]]
* "My only regret is leaving Jaconda. Gave me a good life. Many great moments. One of the best, my friend, was that time by the fountain." [[spoiler:Azmael]]

[[AC:Series 22]]
* "Right, check." [[spoiler:Vincent Russell]]
* "No!" [[spoiler:Joe Payne]]
* "I will not!" [[spoiler:Flast]]
* "Very well, take her outside." [[spoiler:The Cyber-Leader]]
* "Ready?" [[spoiler:Eregous Bates]]
* "We made it!" [[spoiler:Lintus Stratton]]
* "Let's get aboard the ship before we open the champagne." [[spoiler:Charles Windsor Griffiths]]
* "Flast? But we thought she was dead." [[spoiler:Varne]]
* "Please, Doctor. Kill me." [[spoiler:Gustave Lytton]]
* "It brought you back for your friend and it will cost you your life." [[spoiler:The Cyber-Controller]]
* "We must go." [[spoiler:Rondel]]
* "This is no time for revenge. Kill them quickly!" [[spoiler:The Chief Officer]]
* "Proceed!" [[spoiler:Quillam]]
* "Operate the defence." [[spoiler:Technician]]
* "Professor!" [[spoiler:Scientist]]
* "You are English? Quién está?" [[spoiler:Doña Arana]]
* "Yes, sir." [[spoiler:Varl]]
* "My space craft." [[spoiler:Stike]]
* "Please, take care of my beautiful moths." [[spoiler:Oscar Botcherby]]
* "The blood is warm and salt, Time Lord. I know how near you are." [[spoiler:Shockeye]]
* "There's been enough killing, Chessene, and it's my fault. I took an Androgum, a lowly, unthinking creature of instinct, and tried to set her among the gods." [[spoiler:Joinson Dastari]]
* "Stop!" [[spoiler:Chessene]]
* "Let's go. Good luck." [[spoiler:Aram]]
* "No, Maylin, you can't do this. Please!" [[spoiler:Gazak]]
* "No, you're making a big mistake. No, I won't go!" [[spoiler:Tyheer]]
* "What, what's happening? Where's the Borad?" [[spoiler:Renis]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Brunner]]
* "Oh, oh please, Borad, believe me. I am not a spy." [[spoiler:Kendron]]
* "You will not destroy my people. I am the Maylin now. I will not let you." [[spoiler:Tekker]]
* "Destroy it! Smash the mirror!" [[spoiler:The Borad]]
* "The Great... Healer. I'm a product of his... experimentation!" [[spoiler:The Mutant]]
* "It is vital that the Daleks are supreme in all things!" [[spoiler:Arthur Stengos]]
* "No!" [[spoiler:Vogel]]
* "What... what have you done? She's killed me. She's killed me. [[spoiler:Jobel]]"
* "Oh, why did I do it?" [[spoiler:Tasambeker]]
* "If only we had a grenade, we could deal with... it's gone. It can't be far. We would have heard it leave, wouldn't we?" [[spoiler:Grigory]]
* "Let's get out of here." [[spoiler:Natasha Stengos]]
* "You fool, you imbecile. I thought you were a man of honour. Now we both die. Satisfied?" [[spoiler:Madame Kara]]
* "Yee-ha! Woo!" [[spoiler:The DJ]]
* "You've done it, master. You've killed him." [[spoiler:Bostock]]
* "No more words." [[spoiler:Orcini]]

[[AC:Series 23: "The Trial of the Time Lord"]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Grell]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Katryca]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Broken Tooth]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Drathro]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Frax]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Dorf]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Crozier]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Kani]]
* "Protect me! I am your lord and master!" [[spoiler:Kiv]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Edwardes]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Hallett]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Atza]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Ortezo]]
* "Then you must also be aware that I mean you no harm." [[spoiler:Professor Lasky]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Kimber]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Rudge]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Doland]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Bruchner]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:The Keeper of the Matrix]]

[[AC:Series 24]]
* "I'm sure Beyus did not mean to appear insolent. He would never do that." [[spoiler:Sarn]]
* "I obey the orders of Beyus." [[spoiler:Lanisha]]
* "You've rarely questioned my actions before. This is the not the time to begin." [[spoiler:Beyus]]
* "No, I can't see anything." [[spoiler:Tabby]]
* "Fibbing now, is it? I hate little fibbers." [[spoiler:Tilda]]
* "Oh, do you? And suppose I won't give it to you?" [[spoiler:Chief Caretaker]]
* "I... I think we ought to hurry, Great Architect. Please, let's hurry." [[spoiler:Pex]]
* "There was nothing wrong with it when I built it, unless unless humanoid creatures have damaged it." [[spoiler:Kroagnon]]
* "Get away. Take this with you!" [[spoiler:Chima]]
* "Thank you. Oh, thank you. Thank you, thank you, sir. Thank you, thank you, gentlemen. Thank you, thank you, thank you." [[spoiler:The Toll Master]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Keillor]]
* "Bye!" [[spoiler:Murray]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Bollitt]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Adlon]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Arrex]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Gavrok]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Zed]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Kracauer]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Belazs]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Anderson]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:McLuhan]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Bazin]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:The Dragon]]
* "No. No, it shall not be!" [[spoiler:Kane]]

[[AC:Series 25]]
* "No." [[spoiler:Headmaster H. Parson]]
* "Now! Run!" [[spoiler:Ratcliffe]]
* "Just stay there." [[spoiler:Mike Smith]]
* "But it says--" [[spoiler:Daphne]]
* "There is no escape." [[spoiler:Harold V]]
* "Other side." [[spoiler:Silas P]]
* "I have to bow, however reluctantly, to your logic, which leaves me only one alternative." [[spoiler:The Kandyman]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Mathematician]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Karl]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Hans de Flores]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Lady Pienforte]]
* "Come on. Come on! Come on!" [[spoiler:Bellboy]]
* "I'm afraid you've really done it this time, old boy. Mags!" [[spoiler:Captain Cook]]
* "[[BigNo No!]]" [[spoiler:The Ringmaster]]
* "Please, more acts are on the way, I promise you!" [[spoiler:Morgana]]
* "Yes, and I shall get my reward. Last chance, Deadbeat. Did you really believed in all that talk of peace and love?" [[spoiler:The Chief Clown]]
* "You know, when I was on the planet Periboea, I met someone who walks around when he was already dead. I must say, as an experience I'd say it was very over--RATEEEEED." [[spoiler:Zombie Cook]]

[[AC:Series 26]]
* "Stay back or I'll shoot!" [[spoiler:Françoise Lavel]]
* "We shall make honour our standard. Put down your guns, draw your swords. Good steel will be our conscience. Do them honour. Kill them all." [[spoiler:Knight Commander]]
* "Pitiful. Can this world do no better than you as their champion?" [[spoiler:The Destroyer]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Inspector Mackenzie]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Ernest Matthews]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Gwendoline Pritchard]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Mrs. Pritchard]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Light]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Hardaker]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Dr. Judson]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Nurse Crane]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:A.H. Millington]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Captain Sorin]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Reverend Wainwright]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Sergeant Leigh]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Perkins]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Petrossian]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Sergeant Prozorov]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Jean]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Phyllis]]
* "Go away! Get away from here! Get away from here!" [[spoiler:Stuart]]
* "Right, lads. Sorry I'm late. Had a wee accident, but everything's all right now. Right, come on then, let's get things moving. Let's start showing a bit of sweat." [[spoiler:Sgt. Paterson]]
* "Waiting on the Sarge? He's been held up. He asked me to have a little chat with you. I learned a secret today. The secret of success. Thought I'd share it with you." [[spoiler:Midge]]
* "Good hunting, sister." [[spoiler:Karra]]

[[folder:Doctor Who (2005-present)]]
[[AC:Series 1]]
* "Don't think that's gonna stop me." [[spoiler:Auton Mickey]]
* "It's true. Everything I've read. All those stories, it's all true!" [[spoiler:Clive Finch]]
* "Join me!" [[spoiler:Nestene Consciousness]]
* "Oh, no, no, no!" [[spoiler:Raffalo]]
* "Control, respond! Sun filter up!" [[spoiler:The Steward]]
* "Then stop wasting time, Time Lord." [[spoiler:Jabe Ceth Ceth Jafe]]
* "We're going to die!" [[spoiler:The Moxx of Balhoon]]
* "I'm... too... young!" [[spoiler:Cassandra O'Brien.Δ17. She Gets Better.]]
** "I mean it. You look so beautiful." [[spoiler:Cassandra in Chip's body]]
* "May I have a moment?" [[spoiler:Redpath]]
* "Come to me. Come to this world, poor lost souls!" [[spoiler:Gwyneth, before being possed by the Gelth]]
** "Leave this place." [[spoiler:Gwyneth, before blowing herself up]]
* "Gwyneth, stop this. Listen to your master. This has gone far enough. Stop dabbling, child, and leave these things alone, I beg of you!" [[spoiler:Gabriel Sneed]]
* "Sir, under section 5 of the Emergency Protocols, it's my duty to relieve you of command. My God, I'll put this country under martial law if I have to!" [[spoiler:General Asquith]]
* "But that's not possible. The Prime Minister left Downing Street, he was driven away?!" [[spoiler:Indra Ganesh]]
* "Mrs. Tyler." [[spoiler:Sip Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen]]
* "Disguise me, disguise me!" [[spoiler:Asquith Slitheen]]
* "Ohhh, bol--" [[spoiler:Jorcrassa Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen]]
* "[[TemptingFate Whaddya gonna do? Sucker me to de--]]" [[spoiler:Simmons]]
* "Cover the north wall: Red Division, maintain suppressing fire along the perimeter! Blue Division, hold--" [[spoiler:Bywater]]
* "Someone's gotta try. Now get out, don't look back, just run!" [[spoiler:De Maggio]]
* "So am I. Exterminate." [[spoiler:The Lone Dalek.]]
* "What is that?" [[spoiler:Eva St. Julienne]]
* "Let go of me! LET GO OF ME!!!" [[spoiler:The Editor]]
* "Goodbye, love." [[spoiler:Pete Tyler]]
* "Affirmative." [[spoiler:Captain Jack's Computer]]
* "Thank goodness we've got you, our esteemed leader." [[spoiler:Mr. Cleaver]]
* "Thank you." [[spoiler:Blon Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen, before reverting to an egg]]
* "Give me that accessory!" [[spoiler:Tine-E]]
* "But that's a Compact Laser Deluxe!" [[spoiler:Zu-Zana]]
* "Bye, then. Bye, Lynda." [[spoiler:Crosbie]]
* "Oh, my masters. You can kill me... for I've brought your destruction." [[spoiler: [[OneSteveLimit The Controller.]]]]
* "They don't work! You lied to me! The bullets don't work!" [[spoiler:The Floor Manager]]
* "You are the weakest... link... good... bye..." [[spoiler:Anne Droid]]
* "You don't exist! You can't, you don't exist, it's not fair! I won the game! I should be rich! I'm a winner, you can't do this to me!" [[spoiler:Roderick]]
* "We did it!" [[spoiler:The Female Programmer]]
* "No! No!" [[spoiler:Davitch Pavale]]
* "I will not die! [[LargeHam I CANNOT DIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!]]" [[spoiler:The Dalek Emperor]]

[[AC:Series 2]]
* "With respect sir. The human race is taking it's first step towards the stars, but we are like children compared to you. Children who need help. Children who need compassion. I beg of you now, show that compassion." [[spoiler:Daniel Llewellyn]]
* "That man was your prisoner! Even your species must have articles of war, forbidding-" [[spoiler:Richard Blake]]
* " I swear." [[spoiler:Sycorax leader]]
* "They're free. By the Goddess Santori, the flesh is free!" [[spoiler:Jatt]]
* "Everywhere, disease. This is the human world. Sickness!" [[spoiler:Casp]]
* "But I worship the mistress. I welcome her." [[spoiler:Chip]]
* "Oh, I don't think so, woman." [[spoiler:Angelo]]
* "It must have crawled away to di-AAAHHHHH!!!" [[spoiler:The Steward]]
* "They'll buy you time. Now run!" [[spoiler:Reynolds]]
* "I committed treason for you, but now my wife will remember me with honour!" [[spoiler:Robert [=MacLeish=]]]
* "Make it brighter. Let me go." [[spoiler:The Host]]
* "I live in Ambrose Hall. The children's home." [[spoiler:Nina]]
* "What is it now, Mister Finch?" [[spoiler:Mr. Parsons]]
* "Burning!" [[spoiler:Ms. Jackson]]
* "You bad dog!" [[spoiler:Mr. Finch]]
* "I don't quite understand." [[spoiler:Dr. Kendrick]]
* "No! Help!" [[spoiler:Morris]]
* "Who the hell do you think you are? You're staff. You're nothing but staff. You're just the serving girl, for God's sake. And you are certainly not getting paid. Don't you dare talk to me." [[spoiler:Jackie Tyler (Pete's World)]]
* "What happens then?!" [[spoiler:The President of Britian]]
* "You are inferior. Man will be reborn as Cyberman, but you will perish under maximum deletion. Delete! Delete! Delete!" [[spoiler:Cyberman]]
* "Split up!" [[spoiler:Ricky Smith]]
* "Die, you!" [[spoiler:Mr. Crane]]
* "No! No! I command you, no!" [[spoiler:John Lumic]]
** "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" [[spoiler:The Cyber-Controller]]
* "I'm cold. I'm so cold." [[spoiler:Cyber-Sally Phelan]]
* "We've got to. Before they kill everyone else. There's no choice, Doctor. It's got to be done." [[spoiler:Mrs. Moore]]
* "No more of this. You promised me peace!" [[spoiler:Mr. Magpie]]
* "No!" [[spoiler:The Wire]]
* "But who are you?" [[spoiler:Toby Zed]]
* "Open door 40! Open door 40! Open door 40! Open door 40! Open door 40!" [[spoiler:Scooti Manista]]
* "Thank you, sir." [[spoiler:John Jefferson]]
* "I said, "you really don't want to know"." [[spoiler:Bliss]]
* "Save yourself, boy!" [[spoiler:Colin Skinner]]
* "Run for your life!" [[spoiler:Bridget]]
* "My cane! You stupid man. Oh, no!" [[spoiler:Victor Kennedy]]
* "It is. Come on." [[spoiler:Gareth Evans]]
* "Sorry, I'm just looking for my friend. Did anyone come down here?" [[spoiler:Adeola Oshodi]]
* "What, you mean in here?" [[spoiler:Matt Crane]]
* "Don't I--I'll tell you everything you need. No. No!" [[spoiler:Rajesh Singh]]
* "We obey." [[spoiler:Cyber-Unit 10.6.5]]
* "Hostile elements will be deleted." [[spoiler:Cyber-Unit 10.6.6]]
* "I did my duty for Queen and Country. I did my duty. I did my duty. Oh, God. I did my duty." [[spoiler:Yvonne Hartman]]
* "That emotions destroy you." [[spoiler:Cyber-Leader I]]
* "What is the meaning of this?" [[spoiler:Cyber-Leader II]]

[[AC:Series 3]]
* "Use her, not me! Use her!" [[spoiler:Lance Bennett]]
* "Oh, they will suffer! So suffer! This planet shall be scorched!" [[spoiler:Empress of the Racnoss]]
* "Who are you?" [[spoiler:Dr. B. Stoker]]
* "Enjoy your victory, Judoon, because you're going to burn with me. Burn in hell!" [[spoiler:Florence Finnegan]]
* "Lilith, this cannot be the home of one so beautiful. Forgive me, this is foul." [[spoiler:Wiggins]]
* "Hold hard, wanton woman! I shall return later." [[spoiler:Lynley]]
* "Oh, aye. I'm not the first, then." [[spoiler:Dolly Bailey]]
* "All Hallows Street." [[spoiler:Peter Streete]]
* "It's all your fault. You lied to the computer. You said there were three of us. You told them three." [[spoiler:Ma]]
* "Repeat. Urgent assistance. Car one zero hot five. This is an emergency! Help us! Oh my God, I'm begging you, please, help us!" [[spoiler:Pa]]
* "Just drive, you idiots! Get out of here!" [[spoiler:Javit]]
* "[[YouAreNotAlone You... are not... alone...]]" [[spoiler: The Face of Boe.]]
* "No! Get off me! I did everything you asked of me! No!" [[spoiler:Diagoras]]
* "Well? What do you say?" [[spoiler:Solomon]]
* "No, I beg you, don't!" [[spoiler:Dalek Sec]]
* "Exterminate!" [[spoiler:Dalek Thay]]
* "Exterminate! Extermin--" [[spoiler:Dalek Jast]]
* "Is it some kind of seizure? What should I do? I don't understand what's happening! Richard?" [[spoiler:Sylvia Thaw]]
* "Don't be ridiculous. The biggest danger here is choking on an olive." [[spoiler:Olive Party Guest]]
* "You've not been able to stop me so far." [[spoiler:Richard Lazarus]]
* "Don't make me look at you, please!" [[spoiler:Hal Korwin]]
* "Korwin, you're sick." [[spoiler:Abi Lerner]]
* "Whatever you say, "boss". Go there. Come back. Fetch this. Carry these. Make drinks. Sweep up. [[SarcasmMode Please, kill me now.]]" [[spoiler:Erina Lessak]]
* "Korwin, it's me. We're mates." [[spoiler:Dev Ashton]]
* "I love you." [[spoiler:Kathryn [=McDonnell=]]]
* "I... I want to know what you look like." [[spoiler:Jeremy Baines]]
* "No! Help me! Help me!" [[spoiler:Clark]]
* "Stop mocking me, sir." [[spoiler:Jenny]]
* "Spare a penny, sir?" [[spoiler:The Doorman]]
* "Mister Clarke, what's going on?" [[spoiler:Chambers]]
* "Now come on, everyone. I suspect alcohol has played its part in this. Let's all just calm down. And who are these friends of yours, Baines, in fancy dress?" [[spoiler:Phillips]]
* "That's right. Now take my hand." [[spoiler:Rocastle]]
* "Thank you, Sally Sparrow. I have till the rain stops." [[spoiler:Billy Shipton]]
* "Does it matter?" [[spoiler:Professor Yana, before being restored to TheMaster]]
* "Chan, then who are you, tho?" [[spoiler:Chanto]]
* "Killed by an insect... a girl! How inappropriate. Still, if the Doctor can be young and strong... then so can I! The Master... REBORN!" [[spoiler:The Master (Derek Jacobi)]]
* "You're insane!" [[spoiler:Albert Dumfries]]
* "No." [[spoiler:Vivien Rook]]
* "Saxon, what are you talking about?" [[spoiler:Arthur Coleman Winters]]
* "Because it's fun!" [[spoiler:Creet]]
* "No!" [[spoiler:Tom Milligan. A TimeyWimeyBall saves him.]]
* "Will it stop, Doctor? The drumming. Will it stop?" [[spoiler:The Master (John Simm)]]

[[AC:Series 4]]
* "I'm dying already. Six months. And they offered me so much money... for my family." [[spoiler:Captain Hardaker]]
* "Darling, come and have a look at this." [[spoiler:Female passenger]]
* "Cheers." [[spoiler:Male passenger]]
* "Everybody, just please, stay calm!" [[spoiler:Stewardess]]
* "She is, after all, a fine, sturdy ship. If you could all stay here while I ascertain the exact nature of the situation." [[spoiler:Cheif Steward]]
* "What are you doing? Host, I'm ordering you. Stop it. Stop it right now!" [[spoiler:The Engineer]]
* "It's the Ho--" [[spoiler:Kitchen Hand]]
* "All the same, Rickston's right. Me and Foon should g--AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" [[spoiler:Morvin Van Hoof]]
* "Pretty girl." [[spoiler:Bannakaffalatta]]
* "You're coming with me." [[spoiler:Foon Van Hoff]]
* "Host, hold him. Not so clever now, Doctor. A shame we couldn't work together. You're rather good. All that banter yet not a word wasted. Time for me to retire. The Titanic is falling. The sky will burn. Let the Christmas inferno commence. Oh. Oh, Host. Kill him." [[spoiler:Max Capricorn]]
* "Oh, help me. Oh my God, help me!" [[spoiler:Stacey Campbell]]
* "I'm far more than that. I'm nanny to all these children." [[spoiler:Matron Cofelia]]
* "Blessed are we to see the gods." [[spoiler:Rombus]]
* "No! No!" [[spoiler:Lucius Petrus Dextrus]]
* "No!" [[spoiler:High Priestess]]
* "You lied to us! And yet this was meant to be." [[spoiler:Spurrina]]
* "Oh, and why's that?" [[spoiler:Bartle]]
* "The circle must be broken." [[spoiler:Ood Δ-15]]
* "I could sell this. You could offer different colours." [[spoiler:The Rep]]
* "Just shoot them. Shoot to kill!" [[spoiler:Solana Mercurio]]
* "Come back. Let me out of here." [[spoiler:Kess]]
* "But the process was too slow. It had to be accelerated. You should never give me access to the controls, Mister Halpen. I lowered the barrier to its minimum. Friends of the Ood, sir. It's taken me ten years to infiltrate the company, and I succeeded." [[spoiler:Ryder]]
* "No! No!" [[spoiler:Jo Nakashima]]
* "Tell the Doctor it's that cordolaine signal. He's the only one who can stop them." [[spoiler:Ross Jenkins]]
* "Reporting for duty, sir." [[spoiler:BrainwashedAndCrazy Carl Harris and Steve Gray]]
* "Wonderful..." [[spoiler:Skorr]]
* "Martha Jones, all that life." [[spoiler:Martha's clone]]
* "Then do it!" [[spoiler:Staal]]
* "Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one." [[spoiler:Skree]]
* "Sontar-HA!" [[spoiler:Luke Rattigan]]
* "Look at their hands. They're clean." [[spoiler:Cline's comrade]]
* "Oh, no!" [[spoiler:Gerald Peach]]
* "The poor... little... child..." [[spoiler:Chandrakala]]
* "What'zz to stop me killing you all?!" [[spoiler:Arnold Golightly]]
* "Er, this might be important, actually." [[spoiler:Evangelista]]
* "No, no, but look, it's gone." [[spoiler:Proper Dave]]
* "We should go, Doctor!" [[spoiler:Other Dave]]
* "Sweetie, what's wrong?" [[spoiler:Daddy]]
* "What?" [[spoiler:Anita]]
* "Towards us." [[spoiler:Trainee mechanic Claude]]
* "If you could close the door, thank you." [[spoiler:Driver Joe]]
* "It's coming for me. It's coming for me!" [[spoiler:Sky Silvestry]]
* "The Midnight sky." [[spoiler:Midnight entity]]
* "One, two, three, four, five, six." [[spoiler:The Hostess]]
* "The Royal Air Force has declared an emerg--" [[spoiler:News 24 newsreader]]
* "Just look at the sky." [[spoiler:Suzanne]]
* "The shields are down! There's too many of them! Abandon ship!" [[spoiler:Captain of the ''Valiant'']]
* "Doctor Jones, good luck." [[spoiler:General Sanchez]]
* "Get back in the sky. Get back where you came from and leave us alone." [[spoiler:Scared Man]]
* "Oh, you know nothing of any human, and that will be your downfall." [[spoiler:Harriet Jones, [[RunningGag Former Prime Minister]]]]
** [[spoiler:Yes, we know who she is.]]
* "Exterminate!" [[spoiler:[[FanNickname Dalek Fred]]]]
* "What does it mean? What are they testing? What are they going to do?" [[spoiler:Scared Woman]]
* "The Vault will be purged, you will all be exterminated!" [[spoiler:The Supreme Dalek]]
* "Never forget, Doctor, [[LargeHam you did this. I name you. Forever, you are the Destroyer of the Worlds!!!]]" [[spoiler:Davros]]
* "One will still die!" [[spoiler:Dalek Caan]]

[[AC:Series 4½]]
* "The Devil's work!" [[spoiler:Unidentified funeral attendant]]
* "What manner of men are they?" [[spoiler:The Vicar]]
* "Save yourselves!" [[spoiler:Funeral attendant]]
* "Quickly, run away! Quickly, run!" [[spoiler:Fleeing funeral attendant]]
* "No, please!" [[spoiler:Funeral attendant taken prisoner]]
* "You monstrous witch!" [[spoiler:Mr. Cole]]
* "March. That is an order. March." [[spoiler:Mr. Scroones]]
* "Oh, for the love of God, have you no pity?" [[spoiler:Mercy Hartigan]]
* "Diagnosis: system failure. You will be removed from the processor." [[spoiler:The Cyber-Lord]]
* "No!" [[spoiler:Caroline Lake]]
* "Then I have made you a failure. Your weapons are useless, sir." [[spoiler:The Cyber King]]
* "I'm going home, mate!" [[spoiler:The Bus Driver]]
* "The very first garden off Earth. Everything brand new. Eden. That's what we should've called this place." [[spoiler:Andy Stone]]
* "Andrew, look at me." [[spoiler:Tarak Ital]]
* "Yeah. Just, you know." [[spoiler:Margaret Cain]]
* "I can't move!" [[spoiler:Steffi Ehrlich]]
* "I'm sorry, Captain. One drop." [[spoiler:Roman Groom]]
* "You never could forgive me. See you later." [[spoiler:Ed Gold]]
* "And this was written also, for his name... is... the Master!" [[spoiler:The Governor]]
* "'Till death do us part, Harry!" [[spoiler:Lucy Saxon]]
* "Now, what can we get you, sir?" [[spoiler:Sarah]]
* "You look like that bloke Harold Saxon. The one that went mad." [[spoiler:Ginger]]
* "Sarah! God help us! There's this man--" [[spoiler:Tommo]]
* "Perhaps it's time. This is only the furthest edge of the Time War. But at its heart, millions die every second, lost in bloodlust and insanity. With time itself resurrecting them, to find new ways of dying over and over again. A travesty of life. Isn't it better to end it, at last?" [[spoiler:The Partisan]]
* "Gallifrey rises!" [[spoiler:The Second]]
* "Gallifrey falling! Gallifrey falls!" [[spoiler:The Visionary]]
* "You'll die with me, Doctor!" [[spoiler:Rassilon]]
* "[[RedemptionEqualsDeath YOU DID THIS TO ME! ALL OF MY LIFE! YOU MADE ME!]] [[PunctuatedForEmphasis ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!]]" [[spoiler:The Master (John Simm)]]

[[AC:Series 5]]
* "Barney? Barney? Barney? Can you hear me, Barney? Barney? Barney?" [[spoiler:Dr. Ramsden]]
* "Who's there? Is someone there? Angelo. Angelo!" [[spoiler:Christian]]
* "It's not a school trip. Just tell me." [[spoiler:Angelo]]
* "No. What is it?" [[spoiler:Bob]]
** "Sir, the Angels need you to sacrifice yourself now." [[spoiler:Angel Bob]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Crispin]]
* "This side's clear too, sir." [[spoiler:Phillip]]
* "Marco, you want me to get a closer look at that?" [[spoiler:Pedro]]
* "Content." [[spoiler:Father Octavian]]
* "It's weird looking at it. It feels really-" [[spoiler:Marco]]
* "Something touched my leg! They're all around me. They bite!" [[spoiler:Isabella]]
* "Come on. That's it, keep coming. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. We are Venetians!" [[spoiler:Guido]]
* "Well, I'm hardly going to smell of cheese and biscuits." [[spoiler:Francesco]]
* "Tell me, Doctor. Can your conscience carry the weight of another dead race? Remember us. Dream of us." [[spoiler:Rosanna Calvierri]]
* "I knew this would come. And soon the war." [[spoiler: Alya]]
* "You can't do this." [[spoiler:Malohkeh]]
* "You did this!" [[spoiler: Restac]]
* "I'm afraid. I'm afraid." [[spoiler:The Krafayis]], according to the Doctor.
* "MERCYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!" [[spoiler:The Stone Dalek]]

[[AC:Series 6]]
* "Honey, there is nothing-Argh!" [[spoiler:Joy]]
* "I'm scared!" [[spoiler:Idris]]
* "Oh, it'll think of something." [[spoiler:Auntie]]
* "Actually, I feel fine." [[spoiler:Uncle]]
* "Ow. Don't do this! Argh!" [[spoiler:House]]
* "Rory?" [[spoiler:Jennifer Lucas]]
* "She's lying. She's telling you what you want to hear." [[spoiler:Ganger Jennifer's decoy]]
* "You killed her. You killed our Jen." [[spoiler:Buzzer]]
* "The way things are, mate... it's up to you now. Be a dad. You remember how." [[spoiler:Jimmy Wicks]]
* "No, but the far one does." [[spoiler:Dicken]]
* "You can't stop the factory from melting down, "boss". I'll take my revenge on humanity with or without you." [[spoiler:Ganger Jennifer]]
* "From being vaporised. How?" [[spoiler:Ganger Cleaves]]
* "Rory, I'm a nurse." [[spoiler:Strax. He Gets Better.]]
* "I met you once. In the Gamma Forests. You don't remember me." [[spoiler:Lorna Bucket]]
* "Wh-What are you?" [[spoiler:Erich Zimmerman]]
* "Come to me. Come to me." [[spoiler:Joe Buchanan]]
* "My master, my lord. I'm here! Bring me death!" [[spoiler:Howie Spragg]]
* "Thank you for trying." [[spoiler:Rita]]
* "I wasn't talking about myself" [[spoiler:The Minotaur]], according to the Doctor.
* "Hello? Are you all right?" [[spoiler:Shona]]
* "Thank you, Doctor. If he's with you, that's all right, then." [[spoiler:George]]
* "My pleasure. It saves me the troble of burying you. Nobody beats me at chess." [[spoiler:Gantok]]
* "It's moving. Time's moving!" [[spoiler:Dr. Kent]]
* "But you'll still save me though. Because ''he'' would, and you'd never do anything to disappoint your pre-precious Doctor." [[spoiler:Madame Kovarian]]

[[AC:Series 7]]
* "I died outside and the cold preserved my body. I forgot about dying." [[spoiler:Harvey]]
* "Run, you clever boy and remember." [[spoiler:Oswin Oswald]]
* "Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do..." [[spoiler:The Robots]]
* "Doctor!" [[spoiler:Solomon]]
* "Am I... Am I the last one?" [[spoiler:Kahler-Mas]]
* "Protect Jex. Protect my town. You're both good men. You just... forget... it sometimes..." [[spoiler:Marshal Isaac]]
* "Thank you, Doctor. I have to face the souls of those I've wronged. Perhaps they will be kind." [[spoiler:Kahler-Jex]]
* "Stop!" [[spoiler:Arnold Underwood]]
* "The human plague breeding and fighting. And when cornered, their rage to destroy. You're too late, Doctor. The Tally shall be met." [[spoiler:Shakri hologram]]
* "In time. Back in time. I'm you. I'm... you." [[spoiler:Sam Garner]]
* "What does that mean?!" [[spoiler:Julius Grayle]]
* "What is this?!" [[spoiler:Head Worker]]
* "That's the way to do it!" [[spoiler:The Ice Governess]]
* "I have always been sure." [[spoiler:Dr. Walter Simeon]]
* "What are you, milaya moya? Professor wants you thawed out back in Moscow, but life's too short to wait." [[spoiler:Piotr]]
* "No." [[spoiler:Stepashin]]
* "The first people in the world to discover a genuine, living--" [[spoiler:Onegin]]
* "Alien? I don't know. You hear stories, don't you. Stories about the things the Kremlin doesn't want us to... Onegin? Onegin!" [[spoiler:Belevich]]
* "You're just the sweetest thing ever." [[spoiler:Bram van Baalen, in an Alternate timeline]]
* "Just let it go." [[spoiler:Tricky van Baalen, in an Alternate timeline]]
* "Tricky!" [[spoiler:Gregor van Baalen, in an Alternate timeline]]
* "Don't fret, Effie, my dear. All will be well, but we must get to the bottom of this dark and queer business no matter what the cost." [[spoiler:Edmund Thursday]]
* "There must be some mistake. My husband is quite well." [[spoiler:Effie Thursday]]
* "That's... my... girl..." [[spoiler:Winifred Gillyflower]]
* "That's a bit odd. That's not funny. Give me my hands back." [[spoiler:Webley]]
* "Don't move! I'm in the army!" [[spoiler:Missy]]
* "You ran away. I will do what I was brought up to do. Live for the Empire, fight for the Empire, die for the Empire. This is Captain Alice Ferrin, Imperial ID 1-9-Δ-1-3-B. Activate--" [[spoiler:Captain Alice Ferrin]]
* "That's cheating!" [[spoiler:Mr. Clever]]
* "Sorry, ma'am. So sorry. So sorry. So sorry. I think I've been murdered." [[spoiler:Jenny Flint. She Gets Better.]]
** "Disappearing how?" [[spoiler:Jenny, before being erased. She Gets Better Again.]]
* "It is done." [[spoiler:The Great Intelligence]]
* "Die, reptile!" [[spoiler:Strax, before being erased. He Gets Better Again.]]

[[AC:50th Anniversary specials]]
* "Then you're gonna die, right here! Best news all day!" [[spoiler:Cass]]
* "The Doctor... is... escaping! What... are... these... words?! Explain! Explain!" [[spoiler:Dalek soldier]]
* "I understand. Live for me, my darling. We shall be together again." [[spoiler:Zygon commander, masquerading as Elizabeth I]]
* "I don't know. I can't see it." [[spoiler:Skarr's aide]]
* "Well, it looks invisible to me." [[spoiler:Commander Skarr]]
* "Signal verified." [[spoiler:Wooden Cyberman]]
* "Exterminate! Exterminate the Doctor!" [[spoiler:The Prime Minister of the Daleks]]

[[AC:Series 8]]
* "What's that for?" [[spoiler:Alf]]
* "Yes, we have a children's menu." [[spoiler:Waiter]]
* "Yes." [[spoiler:Half-Face Man]]
* "Now what?" [[spoiler:Ross]]
* "Good luck." [[spoiler:Gretchen Alison Carlisle]]
* "Your days are numbered, you cur." [[spoiler:Quayle]]
* "Come forward, Tinker, and claim your prize." [[spoiler:The Herald]]
* "No. No! No!" [[spoiler:Walter]]
* "Explain." [[spoiler:Robot Knight sentry]]
* "Bow down before your new king, you prince of knaves!" [[spoiler:The Sheriff of Nottingham]]
* "Engines critical. Engines critical. Engines crit--" [[spoiler:Robot Knight leader]]
* "No, not at all. For God's sake--" [[spoiler:Suited customer]]
* "But, please, I've been in your service--" [[spoiler:Ms. Delphox]]
* "I'm dying, with many, many regrets. But one, perhaps, you may be able to help me with." [[spoiler:Madame Karabraxos]]
* "Turn your game off. It's time for school, come on. Stop messing about!" [[spoiler:C.S.O. Matthew]]
* "Orders accepted. Stop, stop... stop..." [[spoiler:Skovox Blitzer]]
* "Hello, Captain? Captain? Captain?" [[spoiler:Henry]]
* "That's what I'm doing." [[spoiler:Duke]]
* "Oh, no! Get it off! Get it off!" [[spoiler:Mrs. Pitt]]
* "Get it away! Get it away!" [[spoiler:Stumpy the Chief]]
* "Please, please! Stop! No--" [[spoiler:Guardsman]]
* "I give you my soul. I confess all sins. I give you all my worldly goods. Only, please, please, please. No!" [[spoiler:Professor Moorhouse]]
* "No!" [[spoiler:Kitchen staff member]]
* "It's reaching for me. Hands on my head." [[spoiler:Captain Quell]]
* "We hope you have enjoyed your journey on the Orient Express." [[spoiler:Gus]]
* "We've been so blind." [[spoiler:Roscoe]]
* "Ma'am, there's something in here, I think." [[spoiler:PC Forrest]]
* "Oh, sorry, love. I didn't mean nothing by it." [[spoiler:Stan]]
* "And Stan was one of them. Flattened, dead, but coming after us." [[spoiler:George]]
* "That's three exits all blocked by those creatures." [[spoiler:Al]]
* "Clara." [[spoiler:Danny Pink]]
* "It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and I truly believe that you'll never be able to find it in your heart to murder me!" [[spoiler:Dr. Chang]]
* "Missy... The Master... Whatever you call yourself... I promise you I'm much more useful to you alive." [[spoiler:Osgood]]
* "Permission to [[{{Squee}} SQUEE]]-" [[spoiler:Seb]]
* "You will sleep safe tonight." [[spoiler:Cyberman Danny Pink]]
* "I know." [[spoiler:Missy / The Master (Michelle Gomez)]]
* "I'm sorry, Clara, I truly am. I had... I had promises to keep." [[spoiler:Nethersphere Danny Pink]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:]]

[[AC:Series 10]]
* "Yes, my dear, you will." [[spoiler:Missy, right before being shot by her past incarnation and going LaughingMad]]
* "You see, [[spoiler:Missy]], THIS is where we've always been going. This is our perfect ending. We shoot ourselves in the back." [[spoiler:John Simm's Master before going LaughingMad]]

[[AC:Series 1]]
* "Nothing. I saw nothing. Oh, my God. There's nothing." [[spoiler:John Tucker, after being brought back by the Glove.]]
* "Bloody hell, that is brilliant. That's like, em, ''Hellraiser''. That's first class, that is. Look at that! That! It's just like real teeth. Dont it?" [[spoiler:Hospital porter]]
* "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I've got to. I've got to. I've got to." [[spoiler:Suzie Costello]]
* "Okay. Oh, oh, god. Yes, you're, yes, this is the best." [[spoiler:Matt Stevens]]
* "What?" [[spoiler:Eddie Gwynne]]
* "I don't think so, love. I'm gay" [[spoiler:Mr. Weston]]
* "Please! Oh, God, someone help me. Help me. Help me!" [[spoiler:Lizzie Lewis]]
* "I knew you'd come for me." [[spoiler:Ed Morgan]]
* "Take it slowly. You're still very weak. This way." [[spoiler:Dr. Tanizaki]]
* "Bloody hell. Ianto? Do you want these or not?" [[spoiler:Annie Botchwell]]
* "We can be upgraded together." [[spoiler:Lisa Hallett]]
* "It's little girls. It's their little bodies. It's their little smiles. They're bright as buttons. Look, er, I've been in trouble before, so just help me. Just lock me up! Please!" [[spoiler:Mark Goodson]]
* "Oh. Oh, God. Oh." [[spoiler:Estelle Cole]]
* "And now we're looking forward to having children of our own." [[spoiler:Roy]]
* "Leave me alone!" [[spoiler:Ellie Johnson]]
* "I'm not your bloody hound." [[spoiler:Mary]]
* "Do whores have prayers?" [[spoiler:Soldier]]
* "What's happening?" [[spoiler:The Arcateenian]]
* "I want my mum. Please! Let me see my mum!" [[spoiler:Alex Arwyn, after being brought back by the Glove.]]
* "Suzie." [[spoiler:Mark Brisco, after being brought back by the Glove.]]
* "Captain, my captain. Do you want to know a secret? There's something moving in the dark and it's coming, Jack Harkness. It's coming for you." [[spoiler:Suzie Costello, her second time]]
* "The alien, and he'll pay anything. He'll pay anything." [[spoiler:Eugene Jones]]
** "Goodbye, Gwen." [[spoiler:Eugene, before he descends to the afterlife]]
* "Yes." [[spoiler:John Ellis]]
* "It's over." [[spoiler:Mark Lynch]]
* "Oh, do you work here? I'm [[spoiler:Rhys]]. Gwen's boyfriend?" [[spoiler:Rhys Williams. He Gets Better.]]

[[AC:Series 2]]
* "So, what about it, minion? Can you do it? How good are you? How sharp is your aim? What if you kill her? What if I kill her first? Can you shoot before I do? Can you? Dare you? Would you? Won't you?" [[spoiler:Blowfish alien]]
* "Oh, God. Shit. Please, please stop." [[spoiler:Mugger]]
* "The woman in the flat. Keep her away from me." [[spoiler:Burglar]]
* "Come back here, David." [[spoiler:David's wife]]
* "What are you?" [[spoiler:Mike Lyndon]]
* "Oh?" [[spoiler:Patrick Grainger]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Paramedic sleeper agent]]
* "They're already here. I won't let you take me." [[spoiler:David]]
* "Goodbye, Gwen. Good luck." [[spoiler:Beth Halloran]]
* "No, I've got to go get your mother. Run!" [[spoiler:Jack's Father]]
* "Wasn't it lovely? Playing in the sand, no one knowing what was ahead. Your dad laughing. Gray, safe and happy. I don't want to die. You take that pill and you will lose everything I've given you. Wipe me out now and you will lose all your memories of your father. He will cease to have existed for you." [[spoiler:Adam Smith]]
* " They gave it to me. They paid me a lot of money. They said I should to keep quiet about it because it was part of the contract." [[spoiler:Marie Thomas]]
* "Yeah, yeah. But my stomach! My stomach!" [[spoiler:Billy Davis]]
* "Now, let's not be stupid, okay? We're both rational men, scientists. I know you don't want to shoot her." [[spoiler:Owen Harper, the first time]]
* "You're next." [[spoiler:Aaron Copley]]
* "Jack, Jack!" [[spoiler:Owen Harper, before becoming Undead]]
* "Jamie? Jamie, is that you under there?" [[spoiler:Amy Carysfort]]
* "Torchwood, if you come back, you can tell me all about it. Tell me what it's like. I want to hear about the aliens and everything. I need to know that there's more out there. That this isn't all there is. Oh come on, I'm dying, who am I going to tell, the Angel Gabriel? If you come back, I won't tell the Japanese girl that you're still holding my hand." [[spoiler:Henry Parker]]
* "Steady on, girl. I'm on stage later." [[spoiler:Mervyn]]
* "Rhys, you're a bad boy. And you know what bad boys get?" [[spoiler:Carrie]]
* "Look, just go away, will you? Did you hear what I said?" [[spoiler:Nettie Williams]]
* "You what?" [[spoiler:Restaurant owner]]
* "Ghosts." [[spoiler:Father in the car]]
* "Don't be stupid." [[spoiler:Mother in the car]]
* "Did Bernard say he was coming here today?" [[spoiler:David Penn]]
* "David?" [[spoiler:Faith Penn]]
* "We've done it. We're together again. This place is ours. It belongs to us. This whole city belongs to us!" [[spoiler:Pearl]]
* "What are you? There's not a breath in your poor, sad body. You're no use to me." [[spoiler:The Ghostmaker]]
* "You can't lock me up. " [[spoiler:Blowfish alien]]
* "21st century, Jack. Everything's gonna change. And we're not ready." [[spoiler:Alex Hopkins]]
* "I can't remember your name." [[spoiler:Katie Russell]]
* "We're going to do everything we can for her." [[spoiler:Dr. Jim Garrett]]
* "I begrudge you everything. I want to rip it all from you. To leave you screaming in the dark. I will never absolve you. All of it, it's your fault." [[spoiler:Gray]]
* "It's all right. Really, Tosh. It's all right. Oh, God." [[spoiler:Owen, the second time, on the phone with Tosh. It's that kind of show.]]
* "Sealed in. Rerouted the blast. I couldn't save him." [[spoiler:Toshiko Sato]]

[[AC:Children of Earth]]
* "Yeah, but I've got to, he's gonna..." [[spoiler:Dr. Rupesh Patanjali]]
* "It knows I'm watching." [[spoiler:Clem [=McDonald=]]]
* "A thousand years' time... you won't remember me." [[spoiler:Ianto Jones]]
* "Requisition 31, thank you." [[spoiler:John Frobisher]]
* "What are we doing, Uncle Jack? What's happening? What do you want me to do?" [[spoiler:Steven Carter]]

[[AC:Miracle Day]]
* "Better find out then." [[spoiler:The Archivist]]
* "You want to bet?" [[spoiler:Suicide bomber]]
* "If you're the best England's got to offer, then God help you." [[spoiler:Lyn Peterfield]]
* "They once had names, long ago. And those names were--" [[spoiler:The Gentleman]]
* "Help!!!" [[spoiler:Ellis Hartley Monroe, under her gag]]
* "Help." [[spoiler:Dr. Vera Juarez]]
* "There's nothing there. I looked, I found nothing. Nothing at all. Goodbye, Mister Owens." [[spoiler:Zheng]]
* "And this was when? When exactly was just now?" [[spoiler:Colin Maloney]]
* "It's all about the family in the end. They said that they would get mine unless..." [[spoiler:Brian Friedkin]]
* "No, no, no!" [[spoiler:Wilson]]
* "No, no, please!" [[spoiler:Olivia Colasanto]]
* "All right." [[spoiler:Shawnie Yamaguchi]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Traitorous soldier]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Female soldier]]
* "I don't know. That analyst said... I'm sorry, what's her name?" [[spoiler:Sandra Lopez]]
* "Charlotte?!" [[spoiler:Noah Vickers]]
* "Oh, fuck!" [[spoiler:Allen Shapiro]]
* "No!" [[spoiler:The Cousin]]
* "You won't see anybody. You're going to hell, Danes." [[spoiler:The Mother]]
* "Susie, keep running! I'm coming to get you. Run! Faster! Faster!" [[spoiler: Oswald Danes]]
* "Yeah." [[spoiler:Esther Drummond]]
* "I'm sorry, Rex. She was more than a colleague. I'd like to think she was a friend." [[spoiler:Charlotte Willis]]
* "Charlotte!" [[spoiler:Rex Matheson. He Gets Better.]]

[[folder:The Sarah Jane Adventures]]
* "I'll go back. I'll kill her." [[spoiler:Davey]]
* "Sorry?" [[spoiler:Tim Jeffery]]
* "Oops." [[spoiler:Glune Fex Fize Sharlaveer-Slam Slitheen]]
* "He's my son. Please, let him live." [[spoiler:Kist Magg Thek Lutiven-Day Slitheen]]
* "If I've come all the way to the seaside, I want to see the flaming sea!" [[spoiler:Andrea Yates, in the original timeline]]
** "Andrea, help me!" [[spoiler:Sarah Jane in the alternate timeline]]
** "Remember me." [[spoiler:Andrea in the new timeline]]
* "I was born for this, my destiny. There's nothing left for me here. I can't go back to being nobody. Let me go. Let me go to the stars." [[spoiler:Martin Trueman]]
* "With you deaths, the age of [[spoiler: Wormwood]]... shall begin!" [[spoiler:Wormwood]]
* "Sontar-HHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA..." [[spoiler:Kaagh]]
* "And I love you, Sarah Jane Dalton." [[spoiler:Peter Dalton]]
* "Eternity! I have lost eternity!" [[spoiler:Erasmus Darkening]]
* "I want to be flesh. No! No!" [[spoiler:The Mona Lisa]]
* "Gita Chandra?" [[spoiler:Mr. Dread]]
* "What have you done to us?" [[spoiler:Tree Lorn Acre Slitheen-Blathereen]]
* "My stomach. It's--argh. Argh!" [[spoiler:Leef Apple Glyn Slitheen-Blathereen]]
* "Wait for me!" [[spoiler:Tia Karim]]
* "In all the universe I never expected to find a family." - final words of Sarah Jane Smith on screen[[note]]Actress Elisabeth Sladen had died and the series was retired.[[/note]]

* "I know that you've got the whole sporting ego thing going on, but I like you because I know that, deep down, that's not true. Now, [[KilledMidSentence will you please let me go to the...]]" [[spoiler:Rachel Chapman]]
* "In my country I was an accountant. I already lost it." [[spoiler: The Cleaner]]
* "Get out! Run!" [[spoiler:Mr Frank Armitage]]
* "No, no, no, no. Wait. I swear... No! Quill! Quill!" [[spoiler:Coach Watson]]
* " I believed an anchor of her lifeblood would hold the heart in our world. It did not. I deserve death." [[spoiler:Rannus]]
* "You, you will be merciful." [[spoiler:Kharrus]]
* "You. Are. My murderer." [[spoiler:The Prisoner]]
* "Forgive me." [[spoiler:Ballon]]
* "Ram! I can't let you give up." [[spoiler:Varun Singh]]
* "If there's one thing [[KilledMidSentence I kn...]]" [[spoiler:Vivian Adeola]]
* "The King, Charlie!" [[spoiler:April [=MacLean=]. She gets better]]
* "No, you will not. No!" [[spoiler:Corakinus]]
* "No! No! I have a positive vision!" [[spoiler:Dorothea Ames]]

%%* "." [[spoiler:Thorne]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Lomaxx]]

[[folder:Big Finish Productions]]
[[AC:''Doctor Who'']]
* "Farewell, my brother... [[spoiler: Scrifan]]
* "Run! Run!" [[spoiler: Nikki Hunter]]
* "I do not have any kind of an attitude, ma'am. Now, I think we've all had enough of - what's that?" [[spoiler: UNIT Sentry]]
* "There doesn't ''seem'' to be anything out here. I'm just going to check the-" [[spoiler: Philip Ludgate]]
* "No! No! [[BigNo Noooooo!]]" [[spoiler: Sir Archibald Flint]]
* "What are you doing? Buster, what's wrong? Ben! Get down! Down, boy! Ben! Ben!" [[spoiler: Mrs Moynihan]]
* "Clear of ionosphere... target in range... focal length fixed and locked on... and ''fire!'' Goodbye, Doctor ...[[OhCrap Malfunction?]]" [[spoiler: Sancreda]]
* "Don't threaten ''me,'' seducer! You will be next for purificatio-" [[spoiler: Mrs Tremaine]]
* "Open this door. Open this door! [[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor Open this]]-" [[spoiler: Mlle. Maupassant/Spillager Operative]]
* "No! [[ThisCannotBe This can't be!]]" [[spoiler: Lt Peter Sandoz/Spillager Operative]]
* "What shall we do, Your Mightiness?" [[spoiler: Spillager Commodore]]
* "Die, you fool! ''That's'' what we shall do!" [[spoiler: The Spillager Empress]]
* "No! No! Nooaaaaaaaaaaahhh!" [[spoiler: Lady Livilla]]
* "Please, my lord, no! I have looked after you! Let me live! Do not hurt me! Noooooooo-" [[spoiler: Arnulf]]
* "No! Stop! You're tearing me apart!" [[spoiler: Childeric]]
* "Don't kill me! I'll tell you anything you want! The Doctor! Are you looking for the Doctor? He's just around that way - you can still catch him!" [[spoiler: High Priest Clovis]]
* "I know. But I would sooner die defending their lives than his!" [[spoiler: Guard Captain Sejeanus]]
* "I don't care! Do what you want! Don't you understand? I'm not frightened of anything anymore." [[spoiler: Pepin VII]]
* "At last... [[DeathSeeker I've been waiting so long]]..." [[spoiler: Berengaria]]
* "I love you, too, son. And I'm so sorry..." [[spoiler: Eugene Tacitus]]
* "Daddy... you were a god to me... and I thought we would rule forever..." [[spoiler: The Child]]
* "I said, ''old wolf,'' that it's time to let young blood have its head!" [[spoiler: Anton Lichtfuss]]
* "You're monsters! All of you, monsters!" [[spoiler: Dr Matsuo Hayashi]]
* "Illeana? Who's dancing through there? Where are you? Illeana? ILLEANA?" [[spoiler: Pieter Stubbe]]
* "No escape... from the dust..." [[spoiler: 3rd Technician Jay Binks]]
** "ASHES TO ASHES! DUST TO DUST!" [[spoiler: 3rd Technician Jay Binks - again.]]
* "Really, sir, there's no need to... what are you doing? No. No, keep back! No! Aaaaaaaargh!" [[spoiler: Albert Bootle]]
* "Leave her! Leave her alone!" [[spoiler: Klemp]]
* "Don't you see? It's far too late: I've become far too old to live without my wealth or without Klemp. Stop that animal Seta for me, my dears. [[DrivenToSuicide I'm so sorry for all this...]]" [[spoiler: Madame Elsa Salvadori]]
* "[[MeaningfulEcho Always knew I'd die on Duchamp.]]" [[spoiler: Arnold Guthrie]]
* [[AC: "Nooooooooooooooooooo!"]] [[spoiler: The Warp Core/Damien Pierson]]
* "No, you can't..." [[spoiler: Mr Deeks]]
* "No ambulances... tell... tell Reggie... it was..." [[spoiler: Eddie]]
* "Get me out of here! [[KillItWithWater It's burning me!]]" [[spoiler: Matthew]]
* "[[YouWouldntShootMe You can't kill me]], sweetheart. Who else is gonna teach you how to be a good little vamp, eh? You and me, we don't need Amelia! [[WeCanRuleTogether We can take over however we want, for free, right here]]. Now, don't worry: [[spoiler: Reggie the Gent]]'ll look after ya- URGH! [[VillainousBreakDown Argh, you little - stupid little...]]" [[spoiler: Reggie Mead]]
* "You... ''cretin!'' You'll push us both into-" [[spoiler: Amelia Doory]]
* "Fraaaaank... Daaaaaaaad!" [[spoiler: Yyvonne Hartley]]
* "WHERE IS... THE FUTURE?" [[spoiler:The Central Committee]]
* "I don't want to die... I ''do not'' want to die! ''Do not! Do not!'' No contractions allowed... [[spoiler: Mr Farrow]]
* "[[CallBack Wouldn't]]... ''[[EtTuBrute couldn't]]...''" [[spoiler: President Nigel Rochester]]
* "No, [[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor I-I didn't want that at all!]] He's the leader! ''He's'' the leader!" [[spoiler: Miriam Rochester]]
* "♪We are the Daleks/And this is our song/We are very naughty/We like to do wrong♪" [[spoiler: Rochester's toy Daleks]]
* "You do not have the capacity! You follow orders, nothing more!" [[spoiler: Supreme Dalek]]
* "[[ICannotSelfTerminate Exterminate me!]] EXTERMINATE!!!" [[spoiler: The Last Dalek]]
* "C-can't... move..." [[spoiler: Professor Harket]]
* "Doctor... get Evelyn away from here... look after her... she needs it..." [[spoiler: Cassie Schofield]]
* "It's nothing to do with a bleeding heart, man! It's to do with ''science!'' This could turn the Forge around; this could make me famous! Oracle, ''begin!"'' [[spoiler: Dr Crumpton]]
* "Yeah: survival, usually. Come on, come on, come on, come on, ''[[MadnessMantra come on...]]"''[[spoiler: Sergeant Frith]]
* "Wait... what are you-" [[spoiler: Bayne's pilot]]
* "[[HeKnowsTooMuch I won't tell anyone! I won't tell anyone!]]" [[spoiler: Willis]]
* "Destiny... it's destiny..."[[spoiler: Arnold Baynes]]
* "I used the injector, Doctor: I'm dead either way! Do it!" [[spoiler: Kimberly "Kim" Todd]]
* "Great Mother, help!" [[spoiler: Cassandra]]
* "''His'' fault? Hah! Rassilon is responsible for many ills, Lord Provost, but no. This folly, this quest for revenge, was ''yours.'' Your ego, your lack of perspective has placed us all here and sentenced us to extinction." [[spoiler: The Great Mother]]
* "What's that? There!" [[spoiler: Ouida]]
* "Oh well. [[FaceDeathWithDignity Who wants to live forever anyway?]]" [[spoiler: Lord Provost Tepesh]]
* "Too late! Look: the end... is... nigh..." [[spoiler: Walton Winkle]]
* "[[CallBack Is this... death?]]" [[spoiler: Reverend Townsend. Again.]]
* "[[Literature/{{Jabberwocky}} Through and through, the vorpal blade went snicker-snack]], arrrgh..." [[spoiler: Walton Winkle. Again.]]
* "[[CallBack Remember, Doctor, where there's life, there's]]..." [[spoiler: Lord Provost Tepesh. Again.]]
* "Stop him! ''Stop him! [[VillainousBreakdown STOP HIM!]]''" [[spoiler: The Shadows]]
* "I am nothing... but a husk." [[spoiler: Bianca]]
* "Going... going... you will forget about me, of course... the architect of this place..." [[spoiler: Henry]]
* "The sum of all our fears... it... it st..." [[spoiler: The Overseer]]
* "Jarra To, for crimes against this world, I sentence you TO BURN IN HELL!" [[spoiler: Tog]]
* "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" [[spoiler: The Jester/Jarra To]]
* "Covering formation, ''now!''" [[spoiler: Corporal Marcus Reid]]
* "DOCTOOOOOOOORRRRR!" [[spoiler: Commander Pokol]]
* "It's okay, Doctor. I know he's not asleep. I know he's dead. It's okay. It's okay. It was our choice, you see. It's okay because this was ''our choice...''" [[spoiler: Princess Krisztina]]
* "Threats to the program will be eliminated." [[spoiler: Cyberhuman Parsons]]
* "[[FlatWhat What]]." [[spoiler: Executive Security Officer David Garnier]]
* "[[ThePasswordIsAlwaysSwordfish Har...vest...]]" [[spoiler: Dr Stephen Farrer]]
* "Resistance is useless." [[spoiler: Cyberhuman Polk]]
* "[[WhatIsThisFeeling I... am... experiencing... pain]]. Pain and fear. Our organs are failing. You must help us. You must help ''me!'' I am... dying." [[spoiler: Subject One]]
* "You're going to kill me... or am I just... dying...?" [[spoiler: Johannes Rausch, while being overwritten]]
* "Everybody, let's just stop and think!" [[spoiler: "Louis." Regenerates shortly afterwards]]
* "Goodbye, my friends." [[spoiler: Professor Klyst, while overwriting herself]]
* "Love you... Lena..." [[spoiler: Pavel]]
* "THE CORE!" [[spoiler: Tev]]
* "Come, then. The final death at last. An end to the procession of proxy bodies and synthetic existence. You hear me, Time Ship? Release it... release ''me."'' [[spoiler: Great Qel]]
* "Great Qel, what's going on? The singularity - you said we would be gods! I thought we were going to evolve!" [[spoiler: Mr Cord]]
* "And so we will: change and evolution; death... and rebirth." [[spoiler: Dr Natalia Pushkin]]
* "...Forgive us..." [[spoiler: Great Seo]]
* "Doctor? No. Ah... I hear you: you ''are'' in the cellar. Please don't hurt me. I've told you before... it wasn't me, it was the others! ''I'' argued your case! Please! Leave me in peace! GO AWAY!" [[spoiler: Joe Hartley]]
* "I don't know who you are... but I now know ''why'' you are! Please accept my word as a woman of God that I knew nothing, ''nothing'', about the lengths they had gone to until just now! I concede I did wrong... and probably deserve to be punished, but... please! Please, stay back!" [[spoiler: The Deacon]]
* "Edie... if you can hear me, if you can register my voice, heed this: it is ''me'' who you wish to harm, not Ace! I am the one who invented the machine that has brought you to life! I am the one who should be punished!" [[spoiler: The Bursar/Professor Bartholomew]]
* "Keep away from me! Put down... put that down... those are very sharp. Listen, we can... release my hands and we can talk. W-we have shared memories! S-shared knowledge! I-I-I can tell you about your past! No... keep away from my eyes! Not my eyes... I beg you... anything but my [[EyeScream eyeaaaaaaaaaaaargh]]..." [[spoiler: Major Dickens]]
* "Oi! You lot! Here I am: [[spoiler: George, Duke of Clarence]] at your service - [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking drunkard, traitor and licensed publican!]]" [[spoiler: Duke George of Clarence AKA One-Armed Clarrie]]
* "There must be no contract violation." [[spoiler: The Publisher's robot]]
* "Get away from me! Just stop it, will you! No! Stop it! No! No! Aaaargh..." [[spoiler: Mr Seyton / William Shakespeare]]
* "No, Dixon, ''I didn't mean'' - urgh... [[TurnedAgainstTheirMasters what... have you done, I]]..." [[spoiler: Lieutenant-Colonel Brook]]
* "You can stand where you want. No skin off my nose. Make your peace with your Maker-" [[spoiler: Lance-Corporal Burridge]]
* "Keep firing! Kill them! KILL THEM AAAAALLL!" [[spoiler: Private Dixon]]
* "I say! If there is anyone here, you'd best be off, because Mr Carter was very clear: if he finds that anyone else has been at the cheese... what the devil? Oh no! Aaaaaaaargh!" [[spoiler: Robert Charles]]
* "Too close to the sun now. Remember Thoth... the diva of time and magic." [[spoiler: Jane Templeton]]
* "Bring forth the Age of Purity!" [[spoiler: Mrs Crisp]]
* "Fire! Fire, damn you!" [[spoiler: Captain Hurst]]
* "Don't be scared, Doctor..." [[spoiler: Commander Claire Spencer]]
* "No... no more of the madness..." [[spoiler: Ludovic Comfort, while being reduced to an inanimate doll]]
* "Old comics never die, eh?" [[spoiler: Harry Randal, while being reduced to a doll]]
* "Nah. We just fade away." [[spoiler: Herbert Randal, while being reduced to a doll]]
* "I'm so lonely, my darling/Can't you see it in my eyes..." [[spoiler: Lola Luna]]
* "I must protect my patients! I cannot allow you to kill them!" [[spoiler: The Sistermatic]]
* "Yeah... and there's your crowning achievement! Leading the Daleks here!" [[spoiler: Sergeant Tahira Khan]]
* "[[WeAllDieSomeday Every living thing dies]]. This way, my body can be part of the next generation of Kiseibya. [[LegacyImmortality I will live on in your offspring!]]" [[spoiler: Professor Toshio Shimura]]
* "WE ARE THE [[spoiler: KISEIBYA]], AND WE '''HUNGER!"''' [[spoiler: The Kiseibya swarm]]
* "Oh God. God. Becca..." [[spoiler: Lieutenant Beth Stokes]]
* "You don't... you don't understand. They couldn't risk normal radio contact so... something... in my brain. When I sleep, it uploads my memories to their flagship. Everything I've seen. Everything you've told me. And I think... I think, Rachel... I think I have to sleep now." [[spoiler: Sam Kirk]]
* "I will kill you for this, Klein, do you hear me? I will ''kill'' you-" [[spoiler: Major Richter]]
* "I'm dying, now... we're all dying, now." [[spoiler: General-Lieutenant Adolf Tendexter]]
* "I can't end like this! Our time machines, my troopers, my followers, why aren't they here? Why haven't they saved me? This is your fault, Tendexter! You had best pray there is no afterlife for us, because if there is, I will find you there! I will find you there and I will exact a bloody revenge from your soul! I am a Selachian warrior, a leader! You cannot defeat me just by... by dying..." [[spoiler: The Selachian Leader]]
* "This facility is doomed. There... there is no way out... for any of us." [[spoiler: Selachian trooper]]
* "Everybody has to die sometime. I accept that, Doctor. What I can't bear is that I might never have lived..." [[spoiler: Rachel Cooper]]
* "[[NightmareFetishist You really are magnificent, aren't you?]] I name you... ''Architeuthis [[spoiler: Aronnax]]."'' [[spoiler: Professor Pierre Aronnax]]
* "Please... ''please..."'' [[spoiler: Oliver Twist]]
* "Murderer! Why'd you have to go and do that for, eh?" [[spoiler: The Artful Dodger]]
* "We are being slaughtered, sir! Pull us out, I beg you, sir! I'm too young and too lovely to die-" [[spoiler: Captain Fauntleroy]]
* "Arrr, "torpedoes," he says. What the devil's torpedoes, ye great French nancy?" [[spoiler: Long John Silver]]
* "[[spoiler: Karkus]]... die now. But the world... will hear from [[spoiler: Karkus]]... again!" [[spoiler: The Karkus]]
* "It is done?" [[spoiler: Count Dracula]]
* "I believe so." [[spoiler: Captain Nemo]]
* "Uuuurgh. Cyber forces, alert. There is no such thing as Cybermen. Confirm: Cybermen do not exit. Cybermen are nothing. Cybermen do not exisssssstttt..." [[spoiler: The Cyber-planner, after being reprogrammed by Nemo and Dracula]]
* "[[DyingAsYourself Tommy... go..."]] [[spoiler: Cassie Schofield / Artemis]]
* "Let go of me, you freak! This is not the end, Doctor! Do you hear me? Not the end! I ''will'' survive! I ''ALWAYS'' SURVIVE!" [[spoiler: Dr William Abberton / Nimrod]]
* "Flight controls are locked - oldest trick in the book! You're synced: gonna be uploaded with your ship, [[SealedEvilInACan trapped as data like a fly in amber!]]" [[spoiler: Professor Dorothy Noone]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Morbius, before the timeline is reset]]
%%[[AC:Bernice Summerfield]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:]]
%%[[AC:The Companion Chronicles]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:]]
%%[[AC:The Lost Stories]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Inquisitor Darkel]]
%%[[AC:Short Trips]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:]]
%%[[AC:Destiny of the Doctor]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:]]
* "Thank you... sir." [[spoiler: Badger]]
* "BADGER!" [[spoiler: Quences/Auld Mortality]]
** "[[spoiler: Auld Mortality]] flickered for a moment like a guttering flame. Possibility became probability, became certainty. His rheumy eye glinted for a moment, as if he saw an old friend approach... [[NoOntologicalInertia and then he was gone]]." [[spoiler: Auld Mortality, narrating his own death.]]
* "You morons!" [[spoiler: Captain Zerdin]]
* "I said, ''do not return fire!'' WE DO ''NOT'' WANT AN INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT!" [[spoiler: Colonel Brimmicombe-Wood]]
* "I'd say, Colonel, that you just got one." [[spoiler: The Master]]

%%[[AC:New Series Adventures]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:]]
%%[[AC:Fourth Doctor Adventures]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:]]
%%[[AC:The Sarah Jane Adventures]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:]]

%%[[folder:Other Audios]]
%%[[AC:BBC Radio Dramas]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:]]

%%* "." [[spoiler:Derek (Survival)]]
[[AC:Virgin New Adventures]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:The War Chief (Doktor Kriegslieter)]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:The Monk (No Future)]]
* "Let... me... be... free...." [[spoiler:The Master (Anthony Ainley)]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:]]
%%[[AC:Virgin Missing Adventures]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:The Master (Koschei)]]
%%[[AC:BBC Past Doctor Adventures]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:]]
%%[[AC:BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:]]
%%[[AC:Telos novellas]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:]]
%%[[AC:Short stories]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:]]
[[AC:BBC New Series Adventures]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Beth]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Major Aske]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Peter Dickson]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Wensleydale]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Maggi Jalovitch]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:The Governor (Justice Beta)]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Blanc]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Clem Fel-Hetch Blathereen]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Arco Blathereen]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Ermenshrew Blathereen]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Blanc (Blathereen)]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Govener (Blathereen)]]
* "Baa, baa, beesh..." [[spoiler:Darren Pye]]
* "Herryan, now!" [[spoiler:Frinel]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Chantal Osterberg]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Balor]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Nathaniel Morton]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Jae Collins]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Brother Hugan]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Major Kendle]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Brelarn]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Frank]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Eve]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Ernest Tiermann]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Vurosis]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Secretary Chekz]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:General Orlo]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Beth Cowley]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Curtis Rabley]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Maxwell O'Keefe]]
* "Something's glintering in here... All that glitters..." [[spoiler:Lafcardio]]
* "It's all happened because you wouldn't do the right thing. No one would." [[spoiler:Guardian Bentley]]
* "You are a patterm." [[spoiler:The Judge]]
* "Go on, I'm your answer. Judge me. Judge. Me. Because I am guilty.." [[spoiler:Marianne Globus]]
[[AC:Quick Reads]]
* "I know him. He'll stop you. He'll save us." [[spoiler:Frank Openshaw]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Kevin]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Trevor]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Emma]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Major Stenx]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:"Rutan Emma"]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Jeff]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Sammy Star]]
[[AC:Puffin E-Shorts]]
* "Hook." [[spoiler:Igby]]
* "Doctor! What have you done?!" [[spoiler:The Soul Pirates' captain]]
* "You are trapped here, Gallifreyan. There is no escape." [[spoiler:The Archons]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Director Sprawn]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Zabaia]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Gurgurum]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Hammurabi]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:The Ch'otterai]]
* "What's the time, Mr. Wolf?" [[spoiler:Polly Browning, in a negated timeline]]
%%[[AC:Time Tracks]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:]]
* "The Doctor knows the frequency we are using." [[spoiler:Essbur in "Let it Snow"]]
* "Power up sequence completed. The Sonic cannon will fire in three... two... one..." [[spoiler:Zontan in "Let it Snow"]]
* "No!" [[spoiler:Lord Ssardak in "Let it Snow"]]
* "I... I... I can't. I can't hold it off any longer. Theol... run!" [[spoiler:Pieter in "An Apple a Day"]]
* "Yalala, stay." [[spoiler:Tiberius Gluck in "Strangers in the Outland"]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Captain Preda in "Engines of War"]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Jocelyn Harris in "Engines of War"]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Karlax I in "Engines of War"]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Karlax II in "Engines of War"]]
* "I can see it, I can see it ''all''." [[spoiler:Borusa in "Engines of War"]]

%%[[AC:TV Comic]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:]]
%%[[AC:TV Action]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:]]
%%[[AC:Doctor Who Weekly]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:]]
%%[[AC:Doctor Who - A Marvel Monthly]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:]]
%%[[AC:The Official Doctor Who Magazine ]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:]]
%%[[AC:Doctor Who Magazine (1985-1989)]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:The Monk (Peter Butterworth) in "Follow That TARDIS!"]]
%%[[AC:Doctor Who Magazine (1990-2004)]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Officer Bates]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Morjanus]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Morris]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Dr. Partho]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Carter]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Tony]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:Linda]]
[[AC:Doctor Who Magazine (2005-present)]]
* "I have the strength of legions! Feel your stunted body crack!" [[spoiler:Ajeeth]]
* "Nooooooooo!" [[spoiler:Lady Cornelia Basildon-Stone]]
%%[[AC:Marvel Comics]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:]]
[[AC:IDW Publishing]]
* "I remember your foolish games from last time. I will not be deterred by any more of your trickery and lies." [[spoiler:The Animus]]
[[AC:Graphic Novels]]
* "Don't touch me! Don't touch me!" [[spoiler:Hadleigh]]
* "NOOOOOOO!" [[spoiler:Kustler]]
* "Get my research back to Earth!" [[spoiler:Professor Weston]]
* "You'd better hope it doesn't start again before you repair those safeties." [[spoiler:Tranter]]
* "The Abomination can still be destroyed!" [[spoiler:Dalek 3]]
* "Thanks, I'll make contact again at 17 hundred: Out." [[spoiler:Jay Bourne]]
* "I think we should get out of here." [[spoiler:Guillaume]]
* "Your Daleks are attacking our soldiers. We have to close down the production line. It's all gone wrong." [[spoiler:Erik Graul]]
* "The rest is up to you, Doctor." [[spoiler:Lord Hellcombe]]
* "There's nothing else we can do. Just go. Call in that bombardment!" [[spoiler:Anderson's Superior Officer]]
* "He died... doing his duty. He died... making me proud of him." [[spoiler:Ralph Hellcombe]]
%%* "." [[spoiler:]]

[[folder:Video Games]]
''[[AC:The Adventure Games]]''
* "Run, Doctor, Run!" [[spoiler:Sylvia. The Doctor uses Time Travel to save her.]]
* "But I gave you life!" [[spoiler:Elizabeth Meadows]]
* "It's the lights." [[spoiler:Martin Flanagan]]
* "Halt!" [[spoiler:Sontaran]]

''[[AC:Doctor Who]]'' (1996)
%%* "." [[spoiler:The Master (Gordon Tipple)]]
* "Well, come back to bed, Master." [[spoiler:Miranda Gerhardt]]
* "No! You lied to me!" [[spoiler:Chang Lee. He Gets Better.]]
* "Never! Doctor!" [[spoiler:The Master (Eric Roberts)]]

''[[AC:The Curse of the Fatal Death]]'' (1999)
* "Yes. I can communicate with the Master by carefully controlled breaking of wind." [[spoiler:Ninth Doctor]]
** I love you! [[note]]Communicated by carefully controlled breaking of wind translated into a spoken language by The Master.[[/note]]
* "I think in my new body I'm going to be particularly good at rewiring." [[spoiler:Tenth Doctor]]
* "Probably not a bad idea, actually. Shouldn't be too much of a problem. Actually, I think the problem's probably located in this area." [[spoiler:Eleventh Doctor]]
* "I'll... explain..." [[spoiler:Twelfth Doctor]]

''[[AC:The Infinite Quest]]'' (2007)
* "There's only room for one in my lifeboat, anyhow." [[spoiler:Captain Kaliko]]
* "I'd have happily helped you when I thought I was getting paid, but, without this, the weapons are useless. And without my money, you get nothing." [[spoiler:Ulysees Meregrass]]
* "It can't be?" [[spoiler:Constantine Ethelred Gurney]]
* "Va... va... voom..." [[spoiler:Caw]]