Famous Last Words: The Twilight Zone

As an anthology series where nothing happens as you'd expect, The Twilight Zone will naturally have several last words.

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     Original Series (1959-64) 
  • "You never know who may need something up there. Hm? Up there?" Louis Bookman
  • "No, no, no, no, no, no, no!" Walter Bedeker
  • "As if maybe we shouldn't have come back from that flight at all. Maybe somebody...something...made a mistake and let us get through when we shouldn't have." Colonel Ed Harrington
  • "I don't want it to happen!" Colonel Clegg Forbes
  • "Oh my dear God." Major William Gart
  • "Come on, old man. Tell me — are these what I need?" Fred Renard. They were.
  • "No, please. Please, wait. Put the—put the gun down. I'll show you! I'll show you, honest! But I gotta think! I gotta concentrate! Just put the gun down! You will see! I gotta concentra—" Arch Hammer
  • "You're out of your mind! You've already killed once! You already—" Colonel Donlin
  • "Nothing lasts forever, thank God." Walter Jameson
  • "Don't—don't be afraid, Sam. I got a strange hunch. If there's anybody out there, they'll help you. As long as they got minds and hearts, that means they've got souls. That means they're people. And people are alike. They're bound to...be alike..." Mark Marcusson. Sam wishes he was wrong.
  • "Central Control! Come in, Central Control! Do you read me? Gresham is dead! Repeat, Gresham is dead! The ship's destroyed! Incredible race of giants here! Race of giants! No, Central Control! No counter-attack! Repeat, no counter-attack! Too much for us! Too powerful! Stay away! Oh...Gresham and I...are finished! Finished! Stay away! Stay away!" An Invader
  • "Yes, Chancellor. In the name of God, I will let you out." Romney Wordsworth
  • "NOOOOOO!" the Chancellor
  • "What gun? Ramos, you sound like some—some demented man!" D'Allesandro
  • "Yes general." Tabal
  • "Yes sir." Garcia
  • "Now you will be all alone. Alone and afraid. You will be very lonely. But you have just killed a better man, Ramos." Cristo
  • "Father, I can't stand it. I can't live like this. I'm frightened from morning till night, from night till morning. I hold my breath and I keep looking and part of me sees something... I want to know why I have so many enemies." Ramos Clemente
  • "WHAT IS THIS?!? WHAT IS IT?!?" Captain Gunther Lutze, before going insane
  • "This is not hatred. This is retribution. This is not revenge. This is justice. But this is only the beginning, Captain. Only the beginning. Your final judgment will come from God." Alfred Becker's ghost
  • "Don't you understand? I'm the god! I'm the god! Don't you understand?! The god!!" Peter Craig. Turns out he was wrong.
  • "May God pity you." Jason Foster, to his greedy relatives.
  • "It's important to get with the majority, isn't it? That's—that's a big thing nowadays, isn't it, Reverend?" Jagger
  • "You dirty little Jap!" Fenton
  • "Banzai!" Arthur Takamori. Maybe.
  • "I'm made out of steel, don't you understand, I'm made out of steel?" Peter Vollmer
  • "Yes, Peter, you have steel, but you have no heart." Ernst Ganz

     First Revival (1985-87) 
  • "Yeah. Well, take care of me, will you?" Peter Jay Novins
  • "Ready." Richard "Dickie" Jordan
  • "I was just trying out a—" Billy Diamond, last words alive
  • "Toby? Toby, what are you—" Mary Ross
  • "I love you, my good boy." Ernest Ross
  • "Bring!" Toby Ross
  • "Bri—oh my. Brian?" Linda Wolfe
  • "They're together, running free, in a place where you...no one...can hurt them again." Hokey
  • "Who's there? Who's there?" Dr. Klein
  • "I'm ready." Marilyn Cross
  • "I'm so cold..." Trent

     Second Revival (2002-03) 
  • "Mommy, Daddy, please don't let them do this to me!" Jenna Winslow. They don't do anything.
  • "It felt good. It felt real good." Dr. Ferguson
  • "Is this really necessary? Fine. I loved you." Andrew Lomax
  • "Oh God forgive me." Andrea Collins
  • "That bus, it was life. I should have gotten on. Melinda Croner
  • "Look, Becca, I want us to be together. And-and whatever you decide, I still want you to know I'm still leaving Laurel. I'm just tired. I'm tired of checking her in and out of rehab. You know, if she wasn't so delusional, he would have realized it was over—" Nick Janus, before said Laurel beats him to death.
  • "I don't know. It's hot out here, isn't it?" George, who is then set on fire.
  • "But Anthony, we're your friends!" Joe
  • "Oh my God." Cynthia
  • "No! No!" Agnes Freemont. Thanks to Anthony's Heel-Face Turn later on, though, this death and the last three are undone.
  • "NO!" Ted Saicheck
  • "That's right. Not yet." Grady Finch
  • "Please don't kill me! Please don't! Please don't!" Amber. She is ignored, leading to the Downer Ending
  • "I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I'm sorry..." Scott Crane