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Famous Last Words: Saw
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  • "It's the Rules." Zep Hindle

     Saw II 
  • "No, no, no, no, no! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! " Michael
  • "Yeah, fuck this. That's a good idea." Gus
  • "Open the door!" Obi

     Saw III 
  • "You!" Kerry
  • "Jeff. Jeff!" Lynn
  • "She's nothing." Amanda
  • "One final test. The rules are simple. Over on that table is a host of vicious implements... which you can use to exact your pound of flesh, to take your vengeance, to indulge your obsession. Or... you can choose to put your vengeance aside and you can forgive. You can forgive me for the pain that I've caused you and your wife tonight. Which is it going to be, Jeff? It's up to you. Live or die, Jeff... make our choice..." John /Jigsaw

     Saw IV 
  • "I can do it!" Ivan
  • "Where is my daughter, you mother-" Jeff
  • "Don't open the door!" Eric Matthews
  • "Jigsaw's testing you, you fucking piece of shit!" Art Blank

     Saw V 
  • "I did it!" Seth
    • "I did what I was supposed to do..." Seth, in the uncut version
  • "Wait!" Charles
  • "I know who you are! I KNOW!" Agent Strahm

     Saw VI 
  • "I'm not dying for you, bitch!" Eddie
  • "I need that fucking key!" Debbie
  • "Follow the policy!" Aaron
  • "Push the thing!" Gena
  • "Aww, well that's it isn't it? It's over. You motherfucker! You spineless, pussy-whipped motherfucker. That's all it takes eh? A bitch says one thing and it's all over! You know what William? Your policy is bullshit! Fucking bullshit! Well you listen to me you son of a bitch. I did everything for you. Look at me! When you're killing me, you look at me!" Josh
  • "In other words, when he left his fingerprints on the latest victim, Strahm was already dead!" Agent Erickson
  • "Everyone!" Agent Perez
  • "Please..." William Easton

     Saw 3 D 
  • "What are you doing, you fucking asshole?!" Dina
  • "Oh, fuck me." Cale
  • "Listen, you get every available officer back to the station! Right now!" Matt Gibson
  • "Bobby!" Joyce Dagen
  • "Oh, my god! No! Help me! Help me! Someone help me! No!" Jill Tuck
  • "What do you think you're doing? What the fuck do you think you're doing?! Huh?! No! You can't fucking do this to me! Fuck you! No! NO!" Mark Hoffman

     Video Games 
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