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Famous Last Words: James Bond

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  • Dr. No
    • "To Hell with you!" Jones, after biting a cyanide capsule
    • "I might as well let you know, as you won't live to use the information. I'm working for-" Professor Dent, before realizing that he had his six
    • "Okay, captain. If that ain't a dragon, what is it?" Quarrell
    • "Shutdown!" Dr. No
  • From Russia with Love
    • "Put your hands back in your pockets! Keep them there." Donald Grant
    • "Who is Bond, compared with Kronsteen?" Kronsteen
    • "Quick as you can! Jump! AAAAAHHHHHH!!" Morzeny
    • "Take this." Rosa Klebb to Romana
  • Goldfinger
    • "Who needs it?" Jill Masterson
    • "I didn't! I was shooting at him! Tilly Masterson, who is killed shortly after by Oddjob's hat
    • "Are you blind or something? You missed the turn!" Mr. Solo
    • "Don't be a fool! You can be a hero, I'm not! No, nooo!" Kisch
    • "I will deal with her later. At the moment, she is where she ought to be, at the controls." Auric Goldfinger, who is killed shortly after by being sent flying out of the plane window after he unintentionally shoots one of the windows,
  • Thunderball
    • "Be good... at least until I get back. Ciao!" the real Major Francois Derval
    • "Why don't you come with us quietly?" Fiona Volpe
    • "We got away from them! We've still got one bomb aboard. Emilio Largo
  • You Only Live Twice
    • "My lifeline! It's cu-" Chris the astronaut
    • "Oh it's not Russia, old boy, I'm sure of that. It's not Japan either. Although, a large Japanese industrial concern i-" Mr. Henderson
    • "Osato! NEIIIN!" Helga Brandt, aka Number Eleven
    • "I'm...I'm...I...I...I'm..." Aki
  • On Her Majesty's Secret Service
    • "First a boy...then a girl!" Countess Teresa di Vicenzo
  • Diamonds Are Forever
    • "Kill him!" Blofeld clone
    • "No, no, no. Open wide." Dr. Tynan
    • "Three, please." Peter Franks
    • "We appreciate your predicament, Mr. Bond." Blofeld clone
    • "May we begin?" Mr. Kidd
    • "Of course. Unfortunately, our cellar is rather poorly stocked with clarets." Mr. Wynt
  • Live and Let Die
    • "Whose uh, funeral is it?" Agent Dawes, and the answer was his
    • "It's not an act! It's..." Rosie Carver
    • "Stop!" Whisper
    • "Slowly, Whisper! Slowly, slowly. Let our diners assemble!" Dr. Kananga
    • "Mr. Bond. It's good to see you again." Tee Hee
  • The Man with the Golden Gun
    • "Bond doesn't know you're in Bangkok, he's never seen you, but he knows me. That's the problem." Hai Fat
    • "Ready." Francisco Scaramanga
  • The Spy Who Loved Me
    • "Pyramids! AAAAH! Sandor, answering to Bond's question of Fekkesh's whereabouts
    • "Excuse me, Major. I'll be back in a moment." Aziz Fekkesh
    • "This is Kalba. Hello? Hello?" Max Kalba
    • "You are too late, Mr. Bond. Our submarines are already on station. In four minutes, the missiles will be launched." Captain of Liparus
    • "Yours too, Mr. Bond, yours too. And faster than you think." Karl Stromberg
  • Moonraker
    • "I didn't." Corinne Dufour
    • "At least I shall have the pleasure putting you out of my misery. Hmm. Desolated, Mr. Bond." Hugo Drax, which Bond replies: "Heartbroken, Mr. Drax."
  • For Your Eyes Only
    • "We can do a deal! I'll buy you a delicatessen! In stainless steel! Please! Put me down! Put me down! MISTER BOOOOOOOONNNNND!" Ernst Stavro Blofeld, presumably
    • "The Walther PPK. Standard issue, British secret service. Licence to kill, or be killed. Take him away!" Hector Gonzalez
    • "James!" Countess Lisl Von Schlaf
    • "Get in." Claus
    • "Go back to your room!" Aristotle Kristatos
  • Octopussy
    • "Q?" Vijay
    • "Yes, but tomorrow, I shall be a hero of the Soviet Union." General Orlov, as Gogol likens him to a common thief
    • "And this...for my brother!" Grishka
    • "He'll kill us all! Go out and get him! Go!" Kamal Khan
    • "Out there? Yes, excellency." Gobinda
  • A View to a Kill
    • "Later this month, Zorin will hold his annual sales at his stud near Paris. Security is formidable, but the key to the mystery is there. And I, Achille Aubergine, intend to find it!"
    • "But that means I would have to be..." W.G. Howe, being led to think Bond and Stacy were there to kill him, before being shot by Zorin, who says "Dead" in response.
    • "Mr. Zorin, those men are loyal to you!" Bob Conley, before being killed along with dozens of other workers by Zorin.
    • "Get Zorin for me!" May Day
    • "Go get him! Go!" Max Zorin
    • "Get back!" Scarpine
    • "Ne-ne-ne-nein! Dr. Carl Mortner
  • The Living Daylights
    • "Game's over, mate! You're dead!" Gibraltar guard, unaware he's facing a mole.
    • "NO!" Agent 004
    • "Good luck." Saunders
    • "No!" Necros, as he is kicked from the plane.
    • "Should've known you'd take refuge behind that British vulture Wellington. You know that he had to buy German mercenaries to beat Napoleon, don't you?" Brad Whitaker
  • Licence to Kill
    • "There's two million dollars in that suitcase. I'll split it with you." Killifer
    • "That's it. Pack her out and sink her." Clive
    • "Don't let them take you alive." Kwang, to a fellow Hong Kong narcotics agent
    • "Please, Franz, no!" Milton Krest
    • "SANCHEZ!" Dario
    • "Brilliant! Well done, Franz! Another eighty-million dollar write-off!" Truman-Lodge
    • "You could have had everything." Franz Sanchez
  • GoldenEye
    • "Guard!" Defense Minister Dmitri Mishkin
    • "Is it true?" General Ourumov
    • "Wait for your turn!" Xenia Onatopp
    • "For England, James?" Alec Trevelyan, before being dropped from a very height by Bond, who replies: "No. For me." Killed when the satellite dish's exploding pieces fall onto him.
    • "YES! I AM INVINCIBLE!" Boris Grishenko, who right after saying this, gets frozen by liquid nitrogen.
  • Tomorrow Never Dies
    • "Wait! I'm just a professional doing a job!" Dr. Kaufman, to which Bond says "Me too."
    • "Press the magic button and Beijing disappears." Henry Gupta
    • "I owe you an unpleasant death!" Mr. Stamper
    • "No! No! No! NOOO!" Elliot Carver
  • The World Is Not Enough
    • "Not from him!" "Cigar Girl", refusing Bond's promise that she can be protected and killing herself.
    • "Always have an escape plan." Q. Not only the character's last words, but it was also actor Desmond Llewelyn's last appearance before his death.
    • "Boss? You're alive! I'm so glad to see you!" Mr. Bullion
    • "Bring it to me!" Valentin Zukovsky
    • "Dive! Bond-" Elektra King, refusing Bond's Heel-Face Turn offer.
    • "You're lying. NOOO! Liar! LIAR!" Renard
  • Die Another Day
    • "I'll use the laser!" Mr. Kil
    • "All units, report! Zao
    • "My son died a long time ago." General Moon
    • "I can read your every move." Miranda Frost. Said before Jinx retorts with "Read this, bitch!" and stabs her to death.
    • "Time to face destiny...." Gustav Graves/Tan-Sun Moon. Bond replies: "Time to face gravity!"
  • Casino Royale
    • "Made you feel it, did he? Well, you needn't worry. The second is-" Dryden Bond replies: "Yes. Considerably."
    • "Not a word of protest. You should find a new boyfriend." Steven Obanno
    • "I'll get the money. Tell them I'll- I'll get the money." Le Chiffre
    • "I'll kill her!" Gettler
    • "I'm sorry James." Vesper Lynd, who drowns to death
  • Quantum of Solace
    • "She would have done anything for you. Forgive her. Forgive yourself." Rene Mathis
    • "This time, you will burn!" General Medrano
  • Skyfall
    • "I'm sorry." Severine, who is shot in the head by Silva a couple scenes later.
    • "You going somewhere?" The guy guarding Silva's cell
    • "Free us both. With the same bullet. Do it. Do it. Only you can do it." Raoul Silva to Judi Dench's version of M, before his suicide attempt is abruptly halted by Bond
    • "I did get one thing right." Judi Dench's M, dying from wounds she got during the final sequence.

  • Casino Royale
    • "Yes." Le Chiffre
  • Live and Let Die
    • "Leave the legs free. They'll make appetizing bait." Mr. Big
  • Moonraker
    • "Heil!" Egon Bartsch
  • From Russia with Love
    • "Sweet dreams, English bastard." Donovan "Red" Grant
  • On Her Majesty's Secret Service
    • "There's a red car coming up fast behind. Do you want me to lose him?" Tracy Bond
  • Colonel Sun
    • "Wait a moment, I'm coming." De Graaf
    • "I told you that you shouldn't worry about him. And you shoudn't worry about me either." Dr. Lohmann
    • "Goodbye, James." Col. Sun-Tang Liang
  • Licence Renewed
    • "This is where we say fare ye weel — for auld lang syne, Bond. Now git ye doon that ramp and practise flying wi'out wings." Caber
  • Icebreaker
    • "Destiny! Destiny! Destiny!" Count Konrad von Glöda
  • Nobody Lives for Ever
    • "See... must see. Raise me up. Raise me up!" Tamil Rahani, just before the explosives planted on his bed are triggered.
  • Win, Lose or Die
    • "No! Sarah! No, it’s—" Clover Pennington
    • "I am sorry about this, but in other ways pleased that the honour of being your executioner falls to me. Goodbye, Captain Bond." Bassad Baradj
  • Death Is Forever
    • "We haven't got much time and I, for one, would like to get clear before I detonate this train." Wolfgang Weisen
    • "Come on, brave Mr. Bond. You were courageous enough to kill my Wolfie. Can you not bear to meet me face to face?" Monika Haardt
  • Devil May Care
    • "J. D. Silver. Not what my father called a 'citizen of eternity'." Darius Alizadeh
    • "I won't give you that pleasure, Englishman." Dr. Julius Gorner

    Video Games 
  • Everything or Nothing
    • "This is where you die." Nikolai Diavolo
  • GoldenEye: Rogue Agent
    • "Don't die yet. I haven't kept my promise." Xenia Onatopp
    • "Th-The O.M.E.N.!" Auric Goldfinger
  • Blood Stone
    • "Please, let me go. I'm no good to you anymore." Bernin
    • "Shoot me, you'll still die!" Stefan Pomerov

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