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Famous Last Words: HALLOWEEN
Famous Last Words in Halloween franchise.

  • Halloween Nightdance
    • "Get off me!" Ben
    • "I think she's still breathing... she's alive!" Marcie
    • "We're just kids.... What did we do to you?" Sean
    • "Please...." Ryan
    • "Please!" Lisa

  • Halloween (1978)
    • "Michael!" Judith Myers
    • "(singing) Really, Paul? My Paul...~" Annie Brackett
    • "Okay, come out." Bob
    • "Boy, you're weird. Well, I'm gonna call Laurie. I wanna know where Paul and Annie are. This is going nowhere!" Lynda
  • Halloween II (1981)
    • "Who is it....? Who is it?" Alice
    • "One of you have better drive down to the sheriff's station right away. Janet!" Garrett
    • "Gotcha." Bud
    • "Now Bud, don't be that way." Nurse Karen
    • "You better come quick! Dr. Mixter?" Nurse Janet
    • "Wait, Laurie!" Nurse Jill
    • "He's not breathing!" The marshal tasked to escort Dr. Loomis out of state
    • "It's time, Michael." Dr. Loomis, but he got better
  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch
    • "They're going to kill us! All of us! All of us..." Harry Grimbridge
  • Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
    • "You know, I still don't understand-" Male attendant
    • "Hey doc, how about a nine-sixteen socket over here?" Garage guy
    • "Alright, I'm gonna telephone the police right now. Don't you even think about leaving!" Bucky the power worker
    • "Wish they fix the power. At least we'd have some MTV while we wait for the cavalry." Kelly Meeker
    • "Go!" Brady
  • Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers
    • "No, Jamie!" Mrs. Lloyd in the flashback
    • "Okay asshole, wanna play? Trick or trea-" Michael to Michael after he scratches his car
    • "What? What's the matter?" Spitz
    • "You son of a bitch!" Sammy
    • "Alright punk, I'm through fooling around!" Deputy Nick
    • "Jamie, run! Run! Run..." Tina
    • "Alright, come on." Deputy Charlie
  • Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers
    • "Jamie?" Thorn midwife
    • "What the Hell are you doing in my truck? What? What?" The truck owner
    • "You can't have the baby, Michael. You can't have the baby." Jamie Lloyd
    • "Michael!" Debra Strode
    • "What the Hell? Power's off..." John Stode
    • "Sure we can do another show about him! Kick the audience in the face and I'll have them lick you all over! I call you later, bye bye." Barry Simms
    • "Thanks. I'll be in a minute." Tim Strode
    • "Kara, what the Hell is going on?" Beth
    • "He walks amongst us brother! He's come back...and...he's very angry! How does it feel to be damned?" Lunatic Thorn member
    • "Help me, please! Help me!" Thorn doctor
    • "No, I- I have uh, little business to attend to here." Dr. Loomis
  • Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later
    • "In here, goddamnit!" Nurse Whittington
    • "Hi." Charlie
    • "Please..oh please..." Sarah
    • "Oh, I thought-" Will
  • Halloween: Resurrection
    • "Harold, what're you doing down here? What's gotten into you?" Security guard
    • "I skipped dinner. Okay!" Security guard
    • "I'll see you in Hell." Laurie Strode
    • "Oh my God!" Bill
    • "Stay away from me!" Donna
    • "There you are Bill!" Jen
    • "Oh shit." Rudy
    • "She must be going for the first Internet Emmy!" Jim
  • Halloween (2007)
    • "No, no!" Bully
    • "Bitch! If you don't think I aint makin' a mental list of all your fuckin' bullshit!" Ronnie
    • "What the fuck? Michael, answer me!" Judith Myers
    • "Cute baby. Couldn't be related to you." Nurse
    • "I was good to you, Mikey! Mikey.... Mikey...." Ismael
    • "Come on!" Joe Grizzly
    • "What- what the-" Linda's boyfriend
    • "What did you do to this beer?" Linda
    • "Vacation... I hate vacations. Let's just stay home." Mason Strode
    • "No, no, keep away from my baby!" Mrs. Strode
    • "So fucking warm!" Paul
    • "Please, just unlock the door." Deputy
    • "Freeze!" Deputy
  • Halloween II (2009)
    • "Michael... we're going to hell..." Dr. Loomis
    • "DIE!" Michael Myers

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