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Famous Last Words: Daring Do

Core 16
  • Daring Do and the Griffon's Goblet
    • "I ate what?" Black Wing, Copperbeak's predecessor, in the flashback.
  • Daring Do and the Razor of Dreams
    • "Where the chaos are you?" U. V. Ray
  • Daring Do and the Wooden Mask
  • Daring Do and the Platinum Crown
    • "I'm less concerned about the flowers and more concerned about— AAAAAA!" Ruby Vest.
    • "Equestria... my rightful... realm..." Hammerhoof.
  • Daring Do and the Cove of Candles
    • "Death'll come for ye soon enough, beastie. An' when it does, I'll be waitin'." Blackmane
  • Daring Do and the Trident of the Sea Ponies
    • "Ahuizotl will double-cross you." Backstroke. Foamdancer says "Seahorseapples" and knifes her.
    • "You have to stop him, Miss Do." Shūbidū.
    • "But I helped you!" Foamdancer
  • Daring Do and the Temple of Nightmare Moon
    • "I guess... the sword isn't.. mightier... than the pen..." Commander Moonbarker.
    • "Come on, Daring! We've a long way yet!" Hoops Blazer.
    • "Tell... Okpono... I'm... sorry..." Deborus Mane Nagridge, although the "sorry" is Daring's guess from context.
    • "Please, you and I both know you don't have the..." Ahuizotl. He got better.
  • Daring Do and the Legacy of Nightmare Moon
  • Daring Do and the Shrine of the Silver Monkey
    • "IT'S LIKE DELICIOUS POISON!!!" Commandant Rex. As far as we know.
    • "Please... find... someone... better... for... " Inferno.
  • Daring Do and the Staff of Star Swirl the Bearded
    • "You've got to be careful here." Sunny Days
    • "You're such a kidder, Mr. Trot!" Lightning Kicker. Although those are only the last known words.
    • "Mr. Trot... please... I only kept her a secret because... I love you!" Mrs. Hoovett
    • "Artifact of power, eh, feathercat? Won't hurt to try it..." Sweeney Trot.
  • Daring Do and the Spear of the Windigos
    • "That alicorn left us some sort of clock." Raptorian Mook 1
    • "That's not a clock, dumbplot, that's a b--" Raptorian Mook 2
  • Daring Do and the Ring of the Marengeti
    • "I'll get you yet!" Ahuizotl. Once again, he gets better.
    • "It's called 'giving Discord his due'." Hammer Star, when asked why he had something good to say about Nagridge.
  • Daring Do and the Ring of Destiny
    • "That's not for sale." Pickax

The Polo House New Adventures
  • Daring Do and the Breathing Weapons
    • "I've...I've finally met my match...I've never been so...happy..." Spottdrossel

Young Daring Do
  • Daring Do and the Ballad of Chickerufus
    • "I'll have the fire going when you return." Zapapple Tock.
    • "LOOK OUT!" Silver Twister.
  • Daring Do and the Return of the Fire of Friendship
    • "The changeling is-" Lady Blue Blood.
    • "Just... you wait... Equestria... will be ours... someday..." King Mayhem.
  • Daring Do and the Canis Major
    • "What the—" Star Blazer

Star Quest
  • Daring Do and the Defeat of Celestia
    • "Beware the pies." Alternate Storm Talon.
    • "Gesundheit." Ed Saddler.

Blood Diamonds
  • Spoils of War
    • "My hoof!" Unidentified jenny donkey murdered by Talonus
  • The Dog Pit
    • "You're not my dad!" Starsong Archer, though these are only the last known words.
    • "You're not the Wou-Ban I remember!" Sese
  • Worship in Fear
  • Never Forgive Me
    • "You abandoned me, just as you abandoned Zapapple and Lightning" Faron Sunny]]
  • Demons Die
    • "Killed by a zebra. How pathetic." Banebeak
    • "That was humans' chocolate?" Mrs. McColt
  • Swimming in Red
    • "I don't know how to break this, sir... Daring is a wily type, and... she—" Steel Beak. Talonus replies "I need someone who ISN'T gullible!" and rips Steel Beak apart.
  • The Crimson Horde
    • "K-Kimmy? Sh-she's on the m-m-mend." Leather Couch
    • "Oh my... magical." Kimmy
    • "That's MY diamond, feathercat!" Wou-Ban
    • "Marla?" Haymaker
    • "It's quick, unlike whatever fate the Colonel has for me." Saberplume
    • "You pay with your life, Daring. And your life is pretty cheap." Colonel Talonus

Young Daren Do
  • Daren Do and the Wrath of Zeb
    • "I can see through your bluff, too." Zeb
    • "Weather control? What are you— no. NOOOOO!" Erebus
  • Daren Do and the Killers Above
    • "I doubt it." Raptorian Mook
    • "I could use some help here, Winchester." Rodolphus Mareton
    • "One false move, stripefur, and I rip your throat out." Staff Sergeant Stiletto
    • "You... have no... more... friends... One's... dead... the other..." Princess Porcina

Young Shūbidū
  • Shūbidū and the Ruby Shark
    • "I mean the sharks!" Whitecap
  • Shūbidū and the Seals of Doom
    • "I'll hold it off, Wavedancer!" Cupcake
    • "Save Ripple and Backstroke!" Seaspray
    • "You'll never take me alive!" Thunderlane Hooks

Other Expanded Universe
  • Daring Do and the Eye of Discord
    • "Ahuizotl? But you're supposed to be dead! Again!" Red Flank.
  • Daring Do and the Ruby of the Blank Village
    • "It's just my cutie mark. It shows what I'm good at." Orion Gemstone.
    • "What are you—" Medley Twister.
    • "MITTA! HELP ME! MITTA!" Ruby, in the flashback.
    • "Oh happy flint knife." Starlet, in the flashback. note 
    • "Huh. How iro... what are you all staring at? (looks at flank) Oh, buck." Roneo, in the flashback. note 
    • "Do what you will with me. We all deserve far worse." Mitta, in the flashback.
    • "It's hopeless. The plague will spread again, and ponykind will perish." Greyhoof, in the flashback.
    • "NO FREAKS!!" Nightmare Starlet.
  • Daring Do and the Skull of Ages
    • "Grab him! Bash his head in!" Major Lockstock
    • "You're never getting the skull, blasphemer!" Cardinal Wing
    • "Sometimes... we must pray for those... who need it the most." High Priest Whitefrock.
    • "Like I said, it's suicide. You can't beat me, you're like a spider monkey taking on a mountain gorilla". Marshal Goldstar.
    • "Impossible. The cosmos is mine to command". Darkling Brighteye.
  • Daring Do and the Obsidian Sentinel
    • "Wait here, I'll be right back." Earth Song in Star Shimmer's flashback, or so she thought.
  • Daring Do and the Amber of the Smooze
    • "What do you mean 'treason'? You're not even a real princess. How can pointing that out be treason?" Night Watcher.
    • "But I was just trying to teach you how to be strong..." Gas Whole.
    • "Why thank you. Wait, what..." Prism Rush.
    • "Don't you... worry about me... Gravy Train. Besides... I'm not... gonna let... a little thing... like death... keep me... from watching... your back." Applesack.
    • "Mommy? Mommy please... I just want to go home..." Princess Sparkler.
    • "It's... Beautiful!" Charity.
    • "Oh, dear." The Colt Leader. Maybe.
  • Daring Do and the Amythyst Penguin
  • Daring Do and the Burning Heart
    • "Your kingdom will burn to the ground for your bloodline's worthless love! I'll fill your mouth with the ashes of each and every worthless pony in Equestria! I'll- (incomprehensible screaming) Fuergott.
  • Daring Do and the Vaults of Celestia (excerpt leaked by a prepress pony at Polo House)
    • "Will.. will it be safe?" Revenant Rex.
  • Daring Do and the Revenant's Effigy
    • "I know when I hafta die. Jes' leave me here. AND STAY OUTTA MY CRYPT OR I'LL HAUNT YE ALL!" The Steelclad Sorceror, although he was faking it.
    • "This will be my last entry. After some time to myself, I have decided that, due to my advanced age and possible mental decay, I am no longer useful to our goals. Our project has been an utmost success, and I believe it can achieve its goal, though unfortunately we won't be alive to see it. I told it to just follow the orders I gave, and to scrap me once I'm done. I hope future generations understand that we did this for them, to spare them from the horrors we had to endure, that I had to endure. Steam Whistle here, I'm done. Goodbye." Steam Whistle's last journal entry.
    • "Please... Even if I wanted to, I couldn't do anything anymore to anypony anyways... just let me die!" *cries* Attic Fan
  • Daring Do and the Tinker's Seal
    • "What, you? Oh, please, you wouldn't hurt a fly, you know it, and I know it." An unnamed soulless soldier
    • "I've been doing some research on that condition you mentioned, Greyhoof. It's fascinating. It inspired us and now we're working on a device that might let us replicate what happened withou... why are you looking at me like that?" Monkey Wrench in the flashback.
    • "What do you think you're... no! NO! Put that back! Put that back this instant!" Tight Ship
    • "Thank you for making me myself again. Now I can finally move on." Copper Wire
    • "TRAITOR! Why are you doing this?" Nightmare!Roneo
    • "Because they helped show me that this doesn't have to happen again." Nightmare!Mitta.
    • "If we're going down, I want a course for that big, ugly, bear/minotaur/ape... thing. Everybody that wasn't poisoned, abandon ship. ALL REMAINING CLAWS, RAMMING SPEED!!" Captain Tigerhawk III
    • "I'm not sure about thi-" The Colt Leader's former Demon Lieutenant
    • "What's that rumbling sound?" Krastos. Potentially.
    • "The fulfillment of my duties." The Assembler. Potentially.
  • Daring Do and the Universal Cracks
    • "Oh my." The Colt Leader
    • "I did a lot of bad things in my life, Gravy Train. Maybe... helping saving everything everywhere in death'll make up for at least a little bit of it?" Ghost!Applesack.
    • "You're real, Sweetie Bottle. No matter what anypony says. Golem or not, you're real." Ghost!Charity.
  • Daring Do and the Mirror Pond
    • "It was my fault, wasn't it? It always was my fault. It has always been my fault. And... and all my attempts to hide or run from it just made things worse. *Sees the flower bloom* I... I don't deserve this cure." Nightmare!Greyhoof.
  • Daring Do and the Cloudfall Conspiracy
    • "I'm too old anyway... well, if this is it... thank you, Ms. Do, for a very interesting career..." Masra
  • Daring Do and the Breathing Weapons
    • "I like're...nice..." Eichelhäher
  • Daring Do and the Crystal Message
    • "No... No! Stop!" King Sombra
    • "It's in the vault. Thirty-one, seventeen, twenty-four." Ruby Coates
  • Daring Do and the Silver Menace
    • "You will come with us." A Cyberpony
    • "What the clop have you two nags done?" Tracker. A Cyberpony promptly comes in and deletes him.
    • "It's just over there, Daring." Swinn
  • Daring Do and the Terror of the Headless Horse
    • "And where is thy brain, since thou hast no head?" Raudō Skurtijǭ, in the flashback.
  • ’’The Surgeon of Marabia’’ (Note that none of the characters actually stay dead…)
    • “Uh, last wordssss? Uh… hey, Marv, know any good last words?” Sebastius Mareton
    • “W-wait, I’m-” Sebastius Mareton. Again.
    • “Please please please please…” Sebastius Mareton…again
    • “I mean, I’ve gotten the impression that the majority of earth ponies simply lack the intelligence to understand how pathetic and inferior they are compared to unicorns, but you… you seem unusually intelligent, considering your species. Perhaps as smart as a pegasus. I can’t imagine how you can live with yourself, day after day, knowing that no matter how much you succeed, you will never rise to the level of a unicorn…” Doctor Zerato
    • “Those are my bits!” Sebastius Mareton… yet again
    • “This can’t be happening…” Bravado Mareton.
    • “Do you have any last words?” Doctor Zerato
    • “I want to see my dad again.” Bravado Mareton

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