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Family Unfriendly Death: Web Original

  • Several characters in Darwins Soldiers die some pretty horrible deaths.
  • For most of Red vs. Blue, the deaths of characters are caused by gunshots, tanks, energy sword wounds, and aspirin overdose. Then along comes Revelation and we get Agent Texas being impaled through the face in episode 19 by the Meta. It doesn't help at all that her body is convulsing while he kills her.
  • Cheerleader, So-and-So, What's Her Face, and/or The Ugly One from Teen Girl Squad are often dispatched this way too many times.
    • Let's list some examples! Getting impaled by arrows, getting dropped off a very tall building onto a bunch of spikes, Whatserface getting "lathed" in the 10th issue (read: split in half), getting flattened by a drum or a 12-sided die, food poisoning, getting burned alive, getting eaten by a shark, and at one point getting chopped up by a maniac in a speedo with a chainsaw.
  • Worm does not contain a single clean death. Not once among the long long list so far.
  • The modus operandi of Venomstripe of Warrior Cats RPG.

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