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Face Palm: Newspaper Comics
  • In Calvin and Hobbes, at the end of a Horrible Camping Trip where it rained all week, Calvin's dad has just packed everything up when the rain stops. Cue wap.
    • Calvin does it himself in another strip. After hurting Susie's feelings by calling her names, he makes a hesitant attempt at apology. Irritated and not understanding his stammering, Susie snaps at him and stalks off. Calvin shouts "I'm trying to apologize, you dumb noodleloaf!" Realizing he just called her a name while trying to apologize for calling her names, he facepalms.
  • Garfield apparently does this a lot.
    • This strip from Square Root of Minus Garfield demonstrates.
    • There's a strip where Garfield is facepalming for no reason. Jon asks him what he's doing, and Garfield replies, "Practicing being exasperated." Jon notices he's not wearing pants, and Garfield puts his practice to good use.
  • Mallard Fillmore Face-Wings a lot.
  • The Optimist has an occasional facepalm.
  • Pearls Before Swine often has characters doing this, and the strip's creator Stephan Pastis does this on the covers of a couple reprint treasuries.

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