Face Heel Turn: Fan Works

  • Many characters in Equestria: A History Revealed end up pulling this trope.
    • King Sombra was initially an academic scholar with a love for learning and writing books, and turns into the snarling evil villain of canon, hinted to be because he was driven insane by the crystal ponies annoying him too much with their inane requests.
    • Same as in canon, Princess Luna becomes Nightmare Moon, and provokes the Equestrian Civil War out of jealousy of her sister. This is also expanded upon in the fic to also be due to her massive unpopularity and her thinking that Celestia no longer loved her any more.
    • In a smaller example, the pegasi war hero Thunderhide also joins Luna's side after losing faith in the Celestia-Equestrian system, and feeling that his bretheren's sacrifices in the war were in vain.
  • The plot of Inner Demons is driven by a prophecy that Twilight Sparkle will succumb to the darkness in her heart and become the "Queen of Darkness", who will take over all of Equestria. This happens within half a dozen chapters, and Queen!Twilight proceeds to take up the mantle of Big Bad for the story.
    • Trixie starts out the story as The Atoner, who wants to learn true magic from Twilight in order to make up for her boastful and arrogant past. When Twilight turns, she talks Trixie into helping strike at the other Elements of Harmony... then Trixie sees how powerful Twilight is, and performs a full turn herself in order to convince Twilight to keep her.
    • In a rather Shocking Swerve, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, who join up due to a combo of More Than Mind Control and not seeming to be fully aware of what's happening.
  • In the Pony POV Series, Fluttershy suffers a severe Break the Cutie and falls victim to the same corruption as Nightmare Moon, transforming into the Big Bad of the story arc, Princess Gaia/Nightmare Whisper.
  • The entire plot of Queen Of All Oni is kicked off when Jade's Super-Powered Evil Side, the Queen of the Shadowkhan, is reawakened, setting Jade up as the Big Bad.
    • In the second half of the story, Jade brainwashes Viper into being her new Samurai Khan General, Hebi.
  • In Respect, Yayoi Kise undergoes a turn from sweet, timid, cybaby artist to berserk supervillain due to severe guilt and Sanity Slippage.
  • In the Power rangers fanfic Red Poison this happened in a parallel reality in which Jason switched sides out of jealousy of Tommy.
  • Sherlock Holmes in Children of Time, as the combined end result of a Break the Cutie experience and a Sadistic Choice. He later tells Beth Lestrade that he was "curious". Her unconditional love and Heroic Sacrifice force him to truly understand what he's become and what he's done to her.
  • Bondís supposed informant in Diamonds Cut, a James Bond fan film.
  • Horseshoes and Hand Grenades has Gentaro do one when Kengo didn't revive him. A being known as Ophiuchus resurrected him and brainwashed him to believe that his friends wanted him to die and left him to the hands of Ryusei Sakuta/Kamen Rider Meteor. Things get very bad.
  • Happens in the Hunger Games fanfic Some Semblance of Meaning, when Phlox allies herself with Vale, Fen, and Lark, only to attempt to murder them in their sleep. Thankfully, this fails. However, Vale thinks to herself later on that, in spite of her actions, Phlox wasn't really evil; it wasn't the right thing to do, but "this is the Hunger Games. We all do things that we don't want to do—like killing and stealing and betraying—because let's face it: every single one of us wants to escape this sadistic prison the Gamemakers set up for us, to make it home alive. To our friends and families. For that, we would do anything."
  • Maylu in Mega Man NT Warrior fanfiction, Maylu's Revenge.
  • Tambryn in the Hunger Games fanfiction Claustrophobia started off as a nice, well-liked character. Then she went off the deep end and tried to crucify her ally and district partner Maxim, who was only thirteen.
  • The whole first instalment of the Son Of Suns Trilogy is an extended Face-Heel Turn for Luke Skywalker.
  • May in Sunny With A Chance Of Thunderstorms betrays Brendan and joins Team Aqua.
  • In The Keys Of The Kingdom, Organization XIII consists of those who fell to the darkness and became Nobodies. This includes Emiya Shirou, Matou Sakura, and Takahata Takamichi.