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Eye Scream: Film

  • Shutter Island: "If I sink my teeth into your eye right now do you think you can stop me before I blind you?"
  • Black Dynamite has a case of this, wherein the titular character sits atop a helpless goon, mid battle frenzy, and shouts "Do you see where I'm coming from you jive motherfucker?!", proceeding with a lethal technique from the school of Three Stooges.
  • In the 2012 movie Would You Rather: Lucas is forced to slit open his eye or be shot in the head. He follows through but he won't be needing an eyepatch though.
  • Though it's not a human eye, and therefore less creepy, the scene of 5 losing his eye in the movie 9 is still pretty cringe-worthy. There were frayed wires and sparks coming from his empty socket, fer crissakes!
    • The fact that the souls get sucked out through the eyes and mouth, which shatters the glass in the optics (Or, in 5's case, burns a hole through his patch) could count, too.
  • In Kevin & Perry Go Large, a character named, appropriately enough, Eyeball Paul is such a raging alcoholic he does shots of vodka through his eyeball, just to get a buzz.
  • The Dark Knight:
    • The Joker makes a pencil disappear into one of Gambol's goons...and it wasn't even the pointy end of the pencil. "TA-DA! It's, ah, it's gone."
    • The half-burned-off Harvey Dent's face featured a completely exposed eyeball without a lid. Think about how vulnerable that must make his eye.
  • In the very impressive battle between the forces of Asgard and Jotunheim in Thor, Laufey forms a morningstar-like ball of ice and hurls it at Odin's face. The next time we get a clear look at Odin, he's holding his spear Gungnir at Laufey's throat... and his right eye has very visibly been gored right out of his head.
  • In the Director's Cut of the first Hellboy movie, during Rasputin's resurrection scene, his face is never shown on-camera, but instead a shocked Ilsa asks "What have they done to your eyes?!" Though Rasputin wears very dark sunglasses thereafter, a later scene (also exclusively in the Director's Cut) shows Rasputin putting in a pair of glass eyes, implying that his original eyes were already gone when he first came Back from the Dead.
  • The Spanish film Julia's Eyes has one scene of a knife edging closer to an eye and another of a needle actually being stuck into it.
  • Evil Dead films:
    • Ash puts both the eyes out of a Deadite by gouging them out with his thumbs in The Evil Dead 1981.
    • And in Evil Dead 2, an eye pops out of its socket while the head it belongs to is being crushed in a cellar door. The crew calls this the "Eyeball... flyball!" moment.
  • And Cillian Murphy puts his thumbs in a guy's eyes in 28 Days Later. Not even a zombie; just a guy that he hates. Another less-gougey but still thoroughly squicky example was Frank looking up to shoo away a raven pecking at an Infected corpse dangling in the air and getting an eyeful of infectious Rage-blood.
    • Done again in 28 Weeks Later where, in a particularly horrifying case, an infected man mercilessly beats and then gouges out the eyes of a woman strapped into a hospital bed. A woman who is his wife. Who has just forgiven him for abandoning her during the crisis of the last film. And then inadvertently infected him with a kiss.
  • Mission: Impossible II has a moment where a knife stops just millimeters away from Tom Cruise's eye. This was no effect; they actually stabbed at the stuntman's eye with the knife, and it actually went that close. Sure, they had a frame rigged up with a rope so it couldn't stab him, but still.
    • And Mission: Impossible had that elevator scene. The character on top of the elevator which suddenly starts rising looks up into some mysterious spikes and... yeah.
  • The Australian film Kokoda has a nasty example where an Australian solider, who's been hiding under a log for some time, finally rolls out... to see a Japanese soldier waiting for him, rifle (with a bayonet on the end) at the ready... the suspense builds up as the blade hovers in front of his face for a bit and then... Shhhk!
  • Kill Bill Vol 2 has Elle revealing that Pai Mei plucked out one of her eyes for insulting him (which is the reason we see her with the cool pirate-style eyepatch), and that she killed Pai Mei in retaliation by poisoning his fish heads. When she and The Bride face off and lock swords, the Bride takes advantage of the moment to pluck out Elle's remaining eye and then crush it under her bare foot.
    • Ms. Driver was inspired by (in fact, much of that movie was inspired by) a 1970s Swedish exploitation film called They Call Her One-Eye, in which a hooker is tortured and cycloptified by abusive johns, dons an Eyepatch of Power, and goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
    • Kill Bill Vol. 1, where the Bride also plucks out the eye of one of the Crazy 88s during the bloodbath at the House of Blue Leaves, which prompts a black-and-white filter for the next few minutes. The uncensored, full-colour, extended version of this scene takes it even further when the Bride throws said eye down another mook's throat.
    • And then there's the bit where Budd keeps the Bride from resisting being buried alive by threatening to spray a whole can of Mace into her eyes. "Burn 'em right out of your head." It includes an extreme close-up shot that shows the can's nozzle very close to her eyeball.
  • An early example of the effectiveness of this trope is an early scene in the French surrealist flick Un Chien Andalou. Woman. Eye. Razor blade. Nothing more needs to be said. (Movie fun fact: They pulled that scene off with a bit of legerdemain and a cow's eyeball.) Not surprisingly, this film was made by Luis Buńuel.
    • The British film magazine Empire went through a phase a few years ago where they seemed to include that frame somewhere in every other issue... In the establishing shot that poor actress actually had a razor blade held close to her eye.
    • A later scene with the same woman takes place eight years later and she's fine, so we can think the operation (or whatever) was a success.
  • Minority Report has John Anderton getting his eyes taken out and replaced by a creepy back alley surgeon (Peter Stormare!) because, Twenty Minutes into the Future, retinal scanning is everywhere. For added ick, he carries the old eyes around in a plastic bag to get into places where he used to have security clearance.
    • And as if that isn't enough, his ex-wife even uses his old eyes to get access to parts of the precrime facility she wouldn't be able to get to otherwise. When she casually drops them on the table in front of one of the technicians when she's asked about it...
  • A particularly wince-worthy scene in Gangs of New York has Bill the Butcher tap a knife to his glass eye. The film makers pulled it off with an extra-thick contact lens, but you've got to wonder about how committed to his craft Daniel Day-Lewis was feeling that day, especially since it was a Throw It In.
  • Event Horizon practically runs off of this trope, and might hold some kind of record for most empty eye sockets in a movie. The film's most memorable (and terrifying) line says it all:
    Weir: Where we are going, you won't need eyes to see.
    • Weir's dead wife. Eyes? What eyes?
  • Once upon a Time in Mexico had Agent Sands getting his eyes gouged out by Dr. Guevara. We're treated to a nice view of the drill-extractor-thing they use, but fortunately not of the operation itself. He manages to compensate for this by becoming a badass blind gunfighter near the end of the movie. In the last scene of the movie, we're treated to a very gratuitous scene of the empty innards of his eye sockets....
  • As if plucking out a guy's eye through a crack in a boarded-up door wasn't enough, one of the monsters in Feast went on to play tug-of-war with the guy for possession of the eyeball until its optic nerve snapped.
  • Myca, the creepy sister/lover of Top Dollar from The Crow, had a thing for people's eyes. We didn't get to see her actually take the eyes out, but we are shown the scene of her dropping a pair of eyes onto a little dish, watching them sizzle into goo. It made the scene in which she had little Sarah in her clutches ("Her eyes are so innocent.") especially creepy. Her comeuppance is appropriately karmic — she gets her own eyes pecked out by the titular crow before falling to her death.
  • The Uber-Immortal from 300 gets his right eye stabbed out by King Leonidas with a piece of broken spear, immediately before Leonidas relieves him of his head.
    King Leonidas: Dilios, I trust that "scratch" hasn't made you useless.
    Dilios: Hardly, my lord, it is just an eye. The gods saw fit to grace me with a spare.
  • In the Star Trek: The Next Generation movie First Contact, Picard's nightmare about his Borg assimilation experience ends with a scene of a sharp probe approaching his eyeball. To make it worse, in the split second before the scene ends, we actually see the needle touch his cornea and make it flex a bit.
    • All of the Borg assimilation montages included a shot of a needle going through an eye. Probably justified, since nearly all borg have only one eye visible, the other covered/replaced by some kind of mechanical thingie.
    • In the assimilation montage during the movie we see a female proto-drone (former Starfleet officer) whose left eye has been replaced by a mechanical interface for the eye-probe - if that's not bad enough there are traces of blood on the eyelid.
  • Terminator.
    • The first movie had the T-800 (Arnold) cutting its own eye out because it was damaged (and presumably interfering with its vision). We are grateful that they seem to have made this special effect much less realistic than they could have at the time. Very, very grateful.
    • The second has the T-1000 stab a security guard in the eye with a blade formed from his finger while impersonating him.
  • Comedic example: in Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, Ace gets a confession out of someone by pushing his own eyeball in and out. The prisoner announces that his brother used to torment him the same way.
  • The remake of Black Christmas (2006) had a lot of eye-gougings, leading up to a Christmas tree decorated with eyeballs.
  • Under Siege
    • The first film has a fight scene at the very end, where Segal sticks his thumb into the guy's eye right before driving a knife into his skull.
    • The villain of Under Siege 2 Dark Territory gets the passwords to a computer system from two of his former co-workers by threatening each one that he would poke the other in the eye with a hot needle. (The two co-workers were sleeping together) The threat included a very graphic description of how the heat from the needle would cause the fluid in the eye to boil and explode.
  • There is a scene in Pitch Black where a character injects himself with morphine via his tear ducts.
    • And a similar scene in Transmetropolitan where Spider injects some sort of horrifying concoction into his tear duct while listening in on a presidential candidate.
    • And also in Suicide Kings.
  • A scene in The Chronicles of Riddick emphasizes the Necromongers' pain immunity by showing Dame Vaako (Thandie Newton) applying eyeliner by burning patches of skin around her eyes.
  • A sequence in Saw IV involving a pedophile/rapist and a choice: either use this diabolical device to stab your own eyes out, or get torn limb from limb. It was also used in the beginning of the film: Two males had been put into a hall and the keys to each other's chains were taped into their collars. The catch? Other had his eyes sewn shut and the other his mouth to prevent any kind of communication The mute guy 'wins' by killing the blind one
    • Saw II had one guy shot through the eye while looking through a peephole. Also, the opening trap was a death-mask full of pointy nails that would snap shut unless it was unlocked in time. The catch? The key had been surgically inserted behind the luckless victim's eye. Either cut your own eye out and plunge your fingers in to get the key, or suffer a horribly painful death.
    • And according to The Other Wiki, said eyeball was supposed to pop out of the mask, but due to a low budget, this wasn't possible.
    • No mention of the rotating table trap from Saw 7? Watch the film in 3D; if any scene in the Saw franchise wanted viewers to see first-hand what being in a Jigsaw trap is actually like, that trap in 3D is it.
  • An famous sequence in Superman Returns has Supes not only withstand about 400 rounds point blank from a Gatling gun, but then the Mook shoots him in the eye and the bullet flattens on his cornea and bounces off.
  • Mario Bava's Black Sunday/The Mask of Satan has vampires that are different — you stake them, not through the heart, but through the left eye. (This detail is not present in the Gogol story on which the film was based.)
  • Classic Eye Scream... the scene in Blade Runner where a Replicant (played by Rutger Hauer) forces his thumbs into the eyes of his creator. The scientist screams and howls until the thumbs crush his brain, bringing his life to an end.
    • The scenes that take place in a prosthetic eye shop, where Hauer's character and his buddy festoon the shop owner with eyeballs before killing him.
  • In Hot Fuzz, Nick Frost pretends to stab his eye with a fork (he actually does it in a ketchup package). Timothy Dalton's character later attempts to push his thumbs into Angel's eyes during their climactic fight.
  • In the thoroughly Gorn-tastic movie Hostel there's a scene where a man has taken a blowtorch to an Asian woman's eyeball, melting it into a grotesque shape. Afterwards, our hero cuts off the protruding gore only to have it leak viscous fluids down the woman. Afterwards, she throws herself in front of a moving train after seeing her reflection.
  • In Child's Play 2, the security guard at the Good Guy doll factory who is killed when part of the doll-building machinery shoves doll eyes into his eye sockets.
  • In the Japanese movie Audition, the Yandere girl whom the male lead picked as his girlfriend/wife through a fake audition tortured him by putting needles in the poor guy's eyes and tapping them in veeeeery slowly.
    kiri kiri kiri <deeper deeper deeper>!
  • Another Takashi Miike example, from Chakushin Ari (the original One Missed Call): the heroine of the film looks through the peephole of her apartment door and very narrowly misses getting stabbed in the eye by an extremely long needle.
  • The Italian director/screenwriter Lucio Fulci was quite fond of this motif. Quite a few of his horror films, such as The Beyond, The New York Ripper and Zombi 2 contain scenes involving injury to the eye. Zombi 2 is the most infamous: a woman is killed by a zombie pulling her head forward until she gets a wooden splinter through the eyeball. All in agonizingly slow Suspense-O-Vision, with many shots from the woman's point of view. The buildup to the big moment lasts a full 20 seconds, and is rendered slightly ridiculous by the fact that the woman involved has both her arms free and doesn't even attempt to struggle.
  • Anyone who has seen Die Hard 2: Die Harder may remember a certain scene with a large icicle. The Squick factor is so obvious even to the director that they even lampshade it, as Bruce Willis turns away in clear horror like he wants to throw up, from looking at the face of the man he just stabbed. Bonus points for using a weapon that phonetically has the word "eye" in it.
    • So instead of eye-stabbing him, you could say he eye-stapped him.
  • The British crime film Horrors of the Black Museum has a scene in which a woman is shown with blood running between the fingers pressed to her face, followed by a shot of binoculars with spikes at the eye-pieces. It is allegedly based on a real case.
    • In the real case, the booby-trapped binoculars were sent anonymously to a young woman's birthday party. Luckily, her father started fiddling with the focusing dial without looking through them, so no one was hurt when he triggered the mechanism.
    • A similar pair of eye-stabbing binoculars was used in a Michael Slade novel, Ghoul.
  • In the cinematic adaptation of The Phantom, there's a scene where the Big Bad preps a fake microscope that has blades come out of the eyepieces when properly adjusted. He gets a librarian he suspects of doublecrossing him to look into the microscope and adjust it to look at "the sample"; when it's properly adjusted, the word "LIAR" comes into focus. Cue screams.
  • The scene in The Mummy 1999 where the freshly-risen titular Big Bad awakens, and there just so happens to be one of the American mercs the protagonists hired to help for the dig nearby... Even worse, the poor bastard survived the whole thing.
    "He took my eyes! Help me! My eyes!..."
  • In the film of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King the filmmakers were very worried that the audience would sympathize with the Oliphaunts, thinking it wasn't their fault that Sauron's army was using them. Even after giving them the sound of a lion's roar rather than an elephant's trumpet and inserting numerous shots of the Oliphaunts deliberately stomping on Rohirrim, they still had to remove a shot of one of them getting hit in the eye with an arrow before they were satisfied the animals would not get undue sympathy.
    • Meanwhile, in The Two Towers, during the siege there's a quick shot of a man shouting an order to archers on the wall, with only a wide gaping hole in his right eye socket. The real treat is that it's not a special effect - he was originally just an extra with an eyepatch, but when Peter Jackson & Friends asked to see what was underneath, they decided it was so shockingly awesome they had to show it once. The extra described the experience of having the eye patch off on film as being very cathartic.
    • Legolas shoots orcs through the eye on a number of occasions. This is a departure from the books, where he usually aimed for the throat.
  • The Matrix Revolutions features a fight between Neo and Bane/Smith. When the EMP beam goes awry and cuts a power cable, Smith jams it in to Neo's face effectively melting his eyes.
    Neo: I think you better drive.
  • In the Korean horror movie The Red Shoes 2005, a character has her face grabbed from behind by the antagonist, who proceeds to jam one of their fingers into the unfortunate woman's eye socket, gouging out her eyeball. It is seen dropping to the ground in a close-up, and the woman's mangled, bleeding socket is shown shortly after.
    • In the same movie, the death of another character involved, amongst other things, having the heel of a stiletto shoe jammed into his eyeball.
  • Bonus points for the WWE film See No Evil, whose working title during production was Eye Scream Man.
  • In Diary of the Dead one character uses a Magical Defibrillator on a zombie and her eyes melt. Lovely.
  • The brainwashing scene in A Clockwork Orange. Reportedly, Malcolm McDowell's cornea was scratched during the filming of that iconic scene.
  • The Turkish movie 3 Dev Adam has a snitch's eyes clawed out by guinea pigs. It's Spider-Man, turned to the life of a crime boss, who's behind this torture?
  • Around the end of the psychic duel in Scanners, Cameron's eyes explode. This being a David Cronenberg movie, no, the realism is not toned down.
    • More Cronenberg: in Eastern Promises, Nikolai takes the knife from one of his attackers and violently shoves it into his eye.
  • Aughra from The Dark Crystal. She pulls her eye out and back in.
  • In Casino Royale, James Bond shoots a nail in the eye of mook who's wearing glasses.
  • In Repo! The Genetic Opera Blind Mag's eyes are marked for repossession. In the end she gouges her own eyes out on stage, instead of letting Rotti have her murdered for them. He murders her anyway.
  • Jeepers Creepers: The "Creeper" removes and eats Darry's eyes, in order to gain use of them. The last scene shows a close up of a deceased Darry with his eyes removed, with the Creeper looking through the gouged hole. Darry (in a brief instant without eyes) makes a cameo in the sequel.
    • Also in the sequel, The Creeper himself gets javellined right through the eye. It hurts him so bad he rips off half his own head to get it out. He grows a new one though.
  • In The Descent, Sarah kills one of the Crawlers by jamming her thumbs into his eyesockets.
  • Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds features a split-second shot of the corpse of one of the bird-victims, complete with pecked-out eyes.
    • It's actually a Staggered Zoom of the victim, so you see her face over and over again...
  • A (relatively) tame version of this trope appears in, of all places, Kenneth Branagh's Much Ado About Nothing. Dogberry takes advantage of several opportunities to jam his grubby, unkempt fingers into his hapless assistant Verges' eyes, with icky sound effects to boot.
  • Chumbscrubber. As the climax, the kidnapped and held for ransom kid is stabbed in the leg by one of his captors. When the hero shows up almost immediately after, all hell breaks lose and the main kidnapper is slashed through the eye by the kid.
  • Resident Evil
    • The first movie had the laser trap room when the laser turns into a grid showing an extreme close up of a guy's eye followed by a delayed Diagonal Cut through it as he falls apart into cubed chunks.
    • The second movie, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, subverts this near the end, after the movie's main plot ends. Alice is taken back by the Umbrella scientists and seems to have no memory, so one of the scientists condescends and shows Alice how his pen works. Alice then regains her memory in a flash and nearly gouges out the eye of one scientist with the pen. But instead of actually gouging out his eye, she merely beats the crap out of him instead.
    • In the third movie, Resident Evil: Extinction, the villain, The Tyrant, uses his mutant arm to gouge out both eyes of one of the lab coat mooks who just realised the good villain was turning mutie. He also stabbed him in the throat, don't know what he was doing there.
  • Slumdog Millionaire has the Fagin-type head of an orphanage blinding the kids who sing well with hot lye. Why? Because blind singers earn twice as much begging.
  • The Dario Argento film Opera has the killer force the main character to watch as he murders her friends. How? By taping forks right under her eyes. Should she close them...
    • The scene where the killer shoots Daria Nicolodi's character through a door's peephole and through her left eye
  • The climax of The Godfather. An assassin bursts in on Moe Greene while he's getting a massage. Moe puts on his glasses and looks up at the killer just in time to get a bullet through lens and eye.
    • That's very likely a reference to the real-life death of Bugsy Siegel, who got a bullet through the head that exited through the eye, knocking it across the room.
  • In Saving Private Ryan, an enemy sniper takes a bullet to the eye through his rifle scope.
  • An American Werewolf in Paris had one of the ghosts sneeze her eye out, having it hang by a nerve.
  • During the famous battle scene that happens midway through Akira Kurosawa's Ran, one of the many horrors on screen is a man crawling about with an arrow through his eye.
  • My Bloody Valentine has two. Early in the film, an unsuspecting Red Shirt gets pickaxed through the back of the head, with his eye popping out on the point. Later on, the same weapon gets stuck in a wooden floor, and a victim is slowly but forcefully skewered.
  • The protagonist in X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes finally gouges his own eyes out to stop the visual horrors. Supposedly they cut out the last moment of the film following that for being too shocking: him screaming, "I can still see!"
  • Fire in the Sky has a scene where The Greys stick a needle in an abductee's eye.
  • Carrots are good for your eyesight.. unless wielded by Mr. Smith from Shoot 'em Up.
  • The Last House on the Left features the ever-popular Moe Greene Special.
  • May ends with the title character gouging out her own (lazy) eye with scissors, then giving it to the "doll" she made of parts of people she'd murdered in a frenzied attempt to get it to see her. It's suggested that it works, although it's more likely May just went completely insane.
  • The Haunting in Connecticut features a rather nasty combination of calipers, eyelids, and scissors...
  • The Passion of the Christ features a crucified man getting his eye pecked out by a crow.
  • One victim (played by Ted Raimi, in a cameo) in The Midnight Meat Train is hit in the head with a hammer. The blow is hard enough to send an eyeball flying out. And then his wife slips on it.
    • Given Kitamura's geekery, this was almost certainly deliberate, since Ted Raimi also played the eyeball-popping victim in Evil Dead 2, as mentioned above.
  • The opening scene in the original Total Recall (1990) where Arnold Schwarzenegger's character breaks his visor and has his face and eyes blow up due to the Martian atmosphere. "Oh, he looks like a fish!"
    • Fortunately, it's All Just a Dream. Unfortunately for the Big Bad, the same can't be said when the same thing happens to him for real.
  • In Dead & Buried, a nurse murders a heavily bandaged, traction-bound patient by stabbing him through the eye with a syringe.
  • Drag Me to Hell has a couple. In one, an eye gets forked. Granted, it's a hallucination in a pie, but still. In the second, an anvil drops on someone's head, ejecting their eyes Looney Tunes style. Really.
  • The Big Bad of Undefeatable is a psycho who kidnaps, rapes, enucleates and kills women. In the infamous climactic fight, he karmically loses both his eyes.
    • NOTE: Not both eyes at once, mind you. Each one in two separate incidents during the same fight.
  • Nacho Libre has Esqueleto throwing a half-eaten corn-on-a-stick right into a thug's eye.
  • Implied in Enki Bilal's Immortal.
    Dayak: You have a black box in your brain. Give it to me, please.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
    • Ragetti's wooden eye! It was cringe-worthy every time it was popped in and out. Especially when it got impaled by a fork. The fork then moved around as he moved his eyes trying to see it.
    • Also, when Davy Jones kills Mercer to get the key. Right for the eye socket. The camera is out of focus when Davy Jones finally drops the body, but you can still see a dark wreck where his eyes used to be.
    • In Dead Man's Chest, we briefly see a crow pull out a prisoner's glass/wooden eye with its beak.
  • In Demolition Man, Simon takes a man's eye out with a fountain pen - in order to fool a retina scanning lock.
  • The recent family film Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs uses this trope with the eye-threatening object being, off all things, a sharpened, hardened spike of peanut brittle.
    • Also there's the scene where Sam accidentally digs her heels in Flint's eyes. You can actually see them sink into his eyeballs.
  • The Three Stooges certainly make eye-pokes business as usual - but one short, They Stooge To Conga takes it to another level when Moe gets a spiked-sole shoe pressed in the eye!
  • The Pale Man of Pan's Labyrinth. No damage to the eye going on, but... well, go look at a picture of him.
  • Very common in the Friday the 13th series.
    • In the first movie, a guy is perforated by several arrows, including one in the eye.
    • In Part III, a woman is shot in the eye with a Harpoon Gun, and the Final Girl's boyfriend has his head squeezed until one eyeball pops out. Oh, also, this movie's "you're all doomed" guy finds an eyeball. It's worth mentioning, incidentally, that this movie was in 3D. Watch out!
    • In Part V, one girl is stabbed in the eyes with garden shears, a guy's eyes are crushed by a leather strap and an old black guy gets his eyes gouged out.
    • In Part VII, one girl is stabbed in the eye with a party horn.
    • In Part VIII, Jason is stabbed in the eye with an ink pen.
    • In Freddy vs. Jason, Freddy Krueger jabs one of his claws into each of Jason's eyesockets.
  • In the short film Fantaisie in Bubblewrap, one bubble screams, "Oh god, not the eye!" as it's being punctured by a pencil.
  • Short Film: Spider - "It's all fun and games....until someone loses an eye" -
  • In Theatre of Blood, Vincent Price is a Shakespearean actor who kills his critics by restaging death scenes from The Bard's plays. For his last and worst enemy, he chooses King Lear.
  • At one point in From Beyond, an eyeball is sucked out of a woman's head and her frontal lobe is consumed through her eye socket. There's also several instances of people's third eyes bursting out of their foreheads on stalks, and these eyes are occasionally subject to injury themselves.
  • Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland has the Door Mouse, who just loves to inflict these, victimizing both the Bandersnatch (managing to extract the eyball from the socket without damaging it in the slightest) and the JubJub bird. The Hatter also gets to inflict one on the Knave of Hearts during the final battle. This doesn't seem to affect the Knave much afterward, though.
  • Plunkett And Macleane villain General Chance enjoys sadistic torture and is especially fond of the soft unfortunate eyes of his captives.
  • The brainwashing devices in Cypher feature small claws that leap out from the machine and prise your eyelids open, and it's all featured in gruesome closeup.
  • Splintered: Near the end, Sophie (the heroine) flees into the woods from the utterly insane, feral man, Vincent, whom his brother, Gavin, locked away to protect her (by keeping her captive) from being killed. She doesn't get far until she falls over and is assaulted by ravenous man, but she lashes out and stabs him several times in the face and eye with her cross necklace. Her attacker dies before she can finish him off by smashing his face in with a rock.
  • Richard Gale's Criticized.
    "It's just a little paperclip. It's just a little paperclip. It's just a little paperclip. It's just a little paperclip."
  • Evan's death in Final Destination 2.
    • Also in Final Destination 5 during the eye surgery scene. A LASIK machine goes haywire and begins cutting into Olivia Castle's eye; when she finally gets free of the machine, she stumbles and crashes through the window, her other eye popping out of its socket when she lands. And then it gets run over by a car.
    • The first death in the series has Tod's eyes fill with blood as he's being strangled to death.
  • The Gate has three. One uses a barbie doll.
  • Monica's death in The Rage: Carrie 2 involves Rachel using her Psychic Powers to smash her glasses and drive the broken glass into her eyes.
  • In A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, one of the sleep-clinic shrinks tells how a young patient cut off his own eyelids to stay awake. He also mentions that nobody knew how the kid got the razors to do it, so it's possible Freddy actually caused the damage and it was wrongly thought to be self-inflicted by skeptical adults.
    • In the 2010 remake, Freddy kills Nancy's mother. One of his blades goes through her eye.
  • The 1988 rendition of Isaac Asimov's Nightfall contains a scene where a cult priestess voluntarily lets ravens peck out her eyes.
  • Inverted in The Spirit. The Octopus dissolves a kitten. All that remains are his eyes.
  • In The Vikings, Jerkass Viking warrior Einar has his left eye clawed by a falcon and has an ugly cataract for the rest of the movie. Audiences in the 1950s found the scene even bloodier than it actually was.
  • In All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, Bird gets slashed across the eyes, blinding him before he gets stabbed repeatedly.
  • In the 1971 grindhouse film The Headless Eyes, the Villain Protagonist gets his eye gouged out at the start of the film, right before the opening credits, and from that point on he starts gouging out and collecting other peoples' eyes.
  • A bizarre example is provided in the Japanese splatter-comedy film RoboGeisha: When one of Yoshie's targets gets too fresh with her during her performance as a geisha, she responds by gouging his eyes out... with a pair of fried shrimp.
  • In the film Any Given Sunday, one of the football players loses an eyeball complete with optic nerve on the playing field.
  • The effects of seeing La Fin Absolue du Monde in the Masters of Horror episode "Cigarette Burns" vary widely, but it always causes insanity and usually overwhelming blood lust, towards others or oneself. The Asian butler is in the theater when his patron watches the film, and when the protagonist arrives at the house finds the man shirtless and when deep cuts all over his body. The butler then proceeds to plunge the knife into each eye, twisting it around and laughing maniacally.
  • Strongly implied on the cover of Dead Space: Aftermath, as seen on the work page's picture.
  • In Machete, Luz gets an eye shot out; later, when she emerges from the back of an ambulance, the doctor says "How's the eye?" The response? "What eye?"
  • Limitless: When Eddie sticks the needle in the eye of the Russian Mafia thug.
  • The Lair of the White Worm has an example. A vampire-cop happens to land on a sundial, ripping an eye out of his socket in a particularly gory shot.
  • In A Serbian Film somebody gets eye raped.
  • In Sucker Punch, there are several posters in the dance studio that show how doctors would perform a lobotomy, by hammering a piece of metal under the eye to disconnect a nerve. When Baby Doll is lobotomized she shows no physical after-effects, but the effect is still there.
  • The 2009 remake of Don't Look Up has this in spades. Sharp impliments going into eyes, flies burrowing into eyes, flies emerging from eyes...
  • Dr. Mixter in Halloween II (1981) is found with a syringe jammed into his eye.
    • Later on, Loomis shoots Michael Myers through both eyes... and that STILL isn't enough to stop him.
  • The 2010 Spanish horror film Los ojos de Julia (Julia's Eyes) is made of this trope, most especially in the scene where Iván/Ángel holds a knife an inch away from Julia's eye to test if she's really blind. She's not, but she forces herself not to flinch in order to hide the fact that she can see and watch what he's doing. Later, it is revealed that Iván/Ángel is in the habit of blinding people with a needle full of a chemical that destroys the optic nerve; this is the fate of Sara, as well as Soledad, Iván/Ángel's mother. The needle is shown going into her eye in an extreme close-up. AAAAAAARGH
  • A mild case in Mystery Team; Jason squirts bug spray in his eye.
  • Transformers: Dark of the Moon does this to Starscream when Sam attacks him with the gauntlet that was meant as a grappling hook for climbing structures. And again when Sam takes out the other eye with an explosive device that ultimately blows Screamer's head into the robotic equivalent of Ludicrous Gibs.
    • Shockwave also gets slapped pretty hard with this trope, being battered with enemy fire until his single eye is left dangling out of its socket. And after that, Optimus rips the whole goddamn thing out through his throat.
      • Both times are much less Squicky than the rest of these examples, since it's a robot that falls victim to each.
    • Also the snipers are trained to shoot out the eyes of the Decepticons.
  • In Laurel and Hardy's The Music Box, a scene opens with a large packing crate in the foreground. Stanley enters holding a ladder at his side, and there's a painful yell - Ollie rises into scene from behind crate, hand over his eye. Mild example, but - ow!
  • In Cowboys and Aliens, Jake escapes the alien scientist experimenting on him, slashing out one of the alien's eyes. During the climax, the scientist recaptures him and is eager to return the favor.
  • In Exam Brown tries to torture information on the question out of Dark by holding the corner of a piece of paper up to her eye. Fortunately, he was only bluffing.
  • In Silver Bullet Corey Haim's character shoots a werewolf in the eye with a bottle rocket, he later blows out its other eye with the silver bullet.
  • There's an obvious version and a less obvious version in the Joshuu Sasori series. In the first film, an enraged bully whose scheme has backfired tries to kill Matsu, the protagonist, with a piece of glass; she lures her attacker around the shower area until she appears to be cornered, then dodges the thrust - leaving the prison warden to take the glass shard straight in the eye. He chokes his attacker to death with his bare hands, glass still embedded. By the second film, he has had Matsu imprisoned underground, bound hand and foot, for a year, but she has used the time to carve a shiv from a spoon by scraping it on the floor with her teeth. At her first opportunity, she goes for his other eye, only just missing. The less obvious version lies in the way that Matsu is frequently depicted with one eye obscured; this is a reference/allusion to youkai which often only have one eye.
  • Russ chucks a spear into the single eye of the giant, mutated Bruce in Bert I. Gordon's The Cyclops. Right into the very center of the iris, no less! In a bit that was pretty gruesome for thr 50's, we even have to watch Bruce slowly extract the (to him) toothpick-sized spear from his eye, leaking ocular fluids and all.
  • In fact, it can be almost guaranteed that Eye Scream will be involved if there is a cyclops. In The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, Sinbad defeats the first cyclops by shoving a flaming torch into his eye (in a shot shown from the cyclops' point of view, no less!) and then leading the blinded monster off of a cliff.
  • A bad guy in The Green Hornet is killed by sharpened stakes in the eyes. Both of them.
  • Mechanical example: In Return of the Jedi, poor Threepio, who is always losing parts, has one of his optical sensors ripped out by Jabba the Hutt's pet, Salacious Crumb.
  • In Speak: The villain says he didn't know why raped Melinda Sordino because he thinks she isn't attractive, right before she throws a jar of permanently blinding acid into his eyes.
  • In Misery in the climax Paul almost gouges out Annie's eyes with his fingers.
  • In Fourteen Oh Eight, a cleaning lady who found herself locked in 1408's bathroom for four seconds used a pair of scissors to cut her own eyes out. What had she seen? No one knows. In the short story it was subtler yet in its own way scarier. She simply goes blind while cleaning the room, and yet she says "she's blind, but she can see the most awful colors".
  • The Jose Mojica Marins film Inferno Carnal features a close-up of a scalpel scraping around an eye.
  • Loki in The Avengers rips out some random guy's eye to give a mind-controlled Hawkeye access to iridium. The scariest part? Loki's evil little smile while he's doing it.
    • Made worse by the fact that the eyeball only needed to be scanned. But Loki handled the scanner with such violence that, although nothing is seen, it's obvious the man will lose sight in that eye.
  • In the 1995 remake of Village of the Damned, a doctor accidentally drops some acidic drops in the eyes of one of the ten Creepy Children during a check-up. The ringleader of the kids then uses her telekinesis to make the optician use said drops on her own eyes over and over, until she's left permanently blind.
  • Thriller: A Cruel Picture actually shows an extreme closeup of the protagonist having a scalpel inserted into her eye. Even worse when you know that it was an actual (dead) person they filmed it happening to.
  • In The Seventh Seal, The Bully gets his eyes slashed with a knife. Can't say he wasn't warned.
  • In The Kite Runner, Assef, though largely a Karma Houdini, does get slingshotted in one eye near the end.
  • In The Draughtsmans Contract, a mob puts Mr. Neville's eyes out shortly before beating him to death.
  • In an installment of the horror anthology The Theatre Bizarre entitled "Vision Stains", a young woman goes about murdering homeless women and sucking out the fluid from their eyeballs with a syringe as they take their final breath. She then injects said fluid into her own eye in order to see her victims' memories. She ultimately ends up gouging out her own eyes after she starts to hear voices. There is no Gory Discretion Shot.
  • In P2, the kidnapped heroine Plays Possum after losing a game of chicken, and jabs her kidnapper in the eye with a sharp object when he checks to see if she's dead.
  • At the very beginning of the climactic shootout at the end of True Romance, Christian Slater's character is hit with a bullet that grazes his eye. Originally this was going to outright go through his eye and kill him, but ultimately this was changed to said Disney Death in order to give the film a happier ending.
  • In Iron Man, terrorist leader Raza attempts to torture Tony Stark's fellow captive Yinsen by shoving a steaming hot metal poker through his eye. Although Raza is ultimately persuaded against this, just seeing how close the poker is to Yinsen's eyes is enough to make anyone a bit squeamish.
  • In Spider-Man 2, this is the cause of Rosalie Octavius' death, thanks to Dr Octavius/Dr Octopus' experiment. A glass window shatters in front of her, leading thousands of shards of glass to go flying in her direction - we see the reflection of the glass in her eye just before it enters, killing her.
  • Subverted in "Journey to the Far Side of the Sun" (a.k.a. "Doppelganger"). In the pre-titles sequence, Dr. Hassler (Herbert Lom) goes into his bathroom and pulls out one of his own eyes. It's quickly revealed that it's a false eye, concealing a miniature camera.
  • In Warlock a seer offers her assistance helping the Warlock find what he is missing. He takes her up on the offer, literally, by taking her eyes. Later, you can see the eyes, with some of her optic nerves still attached, moving in the direction of the Warlock's book.
  • In Single White Female Sam (Steven Weber) is killed (perhaps accidentally) with a stiletto shoe through the eye.
  • In The Thing (1982), Gary shoots one of the Norwegians in the eye after he starts shooting at them trying to kill the alien, also later when Palmer is revealed to be the one taken over by the alien his eyes melt out of their sockets.
  • This is a major plot point in the movie Western Animation/Coraline. The Other Mother plans to use needles to sew buttons over Coraline's eyes in order to claim her soul and eventually devour her.
    Other Father: So sharp you won't feel a thing!
  • G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra: Because of their body armor, the best way to kill Viper Commandos (from the opening battle) or Neo-Vipers is through the eye cover of their helmets. Snake-Eyes and Scarlett are particularly proficient at this, but Duke gets one too.
  • Jack the Giant Slayer: One of the eyeballs in Fallon's miniature head shoots out during his death.
  • In Jack Reacher, the titular character defends himself from an attacking mook by shoving his thumb to said mook's eye.
  • Pacific Rim: Hannibal Chau has a scar directly on his eye, the result of an incident in a Anti-Kaiju Defense Shelter. A couple of the Kaiju themselves also get eye injuries, Leatherback from a flare, Slattern from a nuclear blast.
  • In the Gregory Hines movie Eve of Destruction, the titular rogue android can only be killed through the eye, as the rest of the head containing her main processor is armored. Hines' character thought only one shot was needed, but ultimately both eyes needed to be attacked. Out of ammo after he shoots out one eye, he rams the barrel of his gun into the second eye.
  • In the 2007 British independent film Saxon, our protagonist "Fast" Eddie loses an eye to a loan shark and is in danger of losing the other if he doesn't pay up. It's not shown very explicitly, but it's still a hell of a way to open a film.
  • While it doesn't happen, Gunnery Sergeant Hartman threatens to do this to Private Pyle for looking at him funny.
    Sgt. Hartman: Private Pyle, I'm gonna give you three seconds, exactly three fucking seconds, to wipe that stupid looking grin off your face or I will gouge out your eyeballs and SKULLFUCK YOU!
  • Cube 2: Hypercube. When a character who's gone mad and started eating people tries to kill Kate, she uses his own knife against him by stabbing him in the eye. He wanders around for years more in the hypercube vowing revenge, encountering Kate again seconds after the original incident.
  • Hellraiser: Inferno:
    • Near the beginning in Joseph's nightmare, Pinhead suddenly appears and tears out Joseph's eyes just before he wakes up.
    • A twisted vision of Joseph's mother attacks him with her eyes gouged out.
  • The anthology film Body Bags:
    • With a segment called "Eye", what would you expect? The protagonist loses his eye twice through impalement.
    • "Hair" also includes wormlike parasites emerging from a human eye.
  • Professor Screweyes in We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story had one of his eyes pecked out by crows. He put a screw in the empty eye socket (hence his name).
  • In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Nick Fury wears an eyepatch, with vaguely suggestive scarring around the affected eye. In Captain America: The Winter Soldier we finally see the damaged eye, in a scene that is both awesome and intensely uncomfortable.
  • Played with in Pulgasari. At one point, the King's soldiers shoot rocket-propelled javelins at his eye. One of them sticks in, and blood is shown dripping from it. But Pulgasari, being the invincible Kaiju he is, simply pulls out the javelin and is apparently uninjured despite the blood.
  • In X-Men: First Class, Azazel holds the point of his tail at a victim's eye.
  • Near the end of Kick-Ass 2, Hit Girl grabs Black Death's hand and makes him stab himself through the eye with his own finger.
  • Danny in The Day After accidentally looked toward the mushroom cloud when Kansas was attacked, and he's blind for the rest of the film.
  • Klaus in Hold Your Breath has a thing about eyes. Keys, hash pipes, sticks, egg beaters, they'll all go into your eye.
  • In Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart, the cuckoo on Jack's heart pops out during a fight with Joe, gouging out Joe's right eye.
  • In The Wraith every person, the titular character kills, has their body mostly intact, with their eyes no longer in their sockets.
  • In The Book Of Life, after he gives up the Medal of Everlasting Life, Joaquin loses his left eye in the explosion that kills Chakal.
  • In The Cyclops, Russ Bradford throws a flaming spear into the title creature's eye.

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