Eye Scream / Card Games

  • This even occurs in Magic: The Gathering. While not shown on the actual card, the flavor text for Distress has some horrifying connotations;
    "They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. I like to break windows and take what's inside."
    • And if you thought that was bad, just check out the new art/flavor text tag team of the 2012 Core Set reprint of the same (emphasis added):
      "Of course I'm sure I've gone mad. The little man who crawled out of my eye was quite clear on this."
    • Just look at the art on Gaze of Pain closely.
    • Try Deathmark if you search the site, they even have a wallpaper version of the art.
    • Eye Gouge, appropriately enough, features a spear thrown right into a cyclops' eye. The card's effect is humorous: Slightly debilitating to most creatures...fatal to Cyclops.