Eye Beams / Literature

  • Don't get into a staring contest with Alex from The Other Kind of Roommate. Although his beams are invisible, so long as he's made direct eye contact, he can kill from streets away.
  • The Star Wars novel Queen of the Empire had a human replica droid (essentially a Robot Girl), who impersonated Leia Organa and actually killed a villain with laser beams from her eyes.
  • Skulduggery Pleasant: Playing with Fire. Baron Vengeous has a glare which causes the recipient to explode.
  • In The Plot of the Black Mass by Andrei Belyanin, Baba Yaga (a witch-like good character) uses Heat Beams from her eyes to kill an evil Catholic priest, who was attempting to summon Beelzebub.
  • Baron von Munchausen gained the ability to shoot fire out of his eyes when hit in the face.
  • What Fire Cannot Burn uses this trope mostly straight for a minor villain, but mocks a surprising aspect of it. According to the narration, eye beams that are powerful enough to hurt somebody should be at a frequency invisible to the human eye—so unlike in the comic books, you don't see the blast, you just see what it does to people.
  • In Roger Zelazny's Lord of Light, the mutant power of at least two of the "gods" — Yama and Kali — focused through the eyes. It was described poetically as "drinking life" with their eyes ... and if you actually met the death-gaze with your own eyes, it was particularly powerful.
  • The unnamed Culture terror weapon briefly followed at the end of Look to Windward, a Do-Anything Robot made from a nanomachine swarm can form pretty much any weapon it wants from its body, but isn't anywhere near as limited as the T-1000. It adjusts its eyes to lase in order to blind an opponent, but only in order to kill him in a more unpleasant way; this being Culture super science, it could have easily formed a Wave Motion Gun had the need arisen.
  • In one of the oldest examples in fiction: the One Hundred Eyed Demon Lord from Journey to the West emits hot beams of light from the various eyes located on his body. Sun Wukong manages to escape this light trap by turning into a pangolin and digging his way out.
  • In the Zachary Nixon Johnson series, there is a psi named Liz Lazor who specializes in firing lasers from her eyes.