[[folder:Type One]]

* Fred of ''FredTheMonkey'' has eaten a raw turkey, cake mix, among other things.
* Serena in ''WebVideo/SailorMoonAbridged''. In her own words, "Crepes. Craps. My digestive system doesn't discriminate."


[[folder:Type Two]]

* In ''WebAnimation/HomestarRunner'', the King of Town has eaten some very odd things. In addition to a variety of technically-edible dishes such as butter-flavored soda, raw eggs, and a pile of salt, the King of Town has eaten a cardboard box covered in maple syrup, toilet paper, candy-corn-shaped Halloween lights, sticks of roll-on deodorant and an entire flock of fruit bats. It's confirmed that he'll eat ''anything'' if there's butter on it, or in it, or even ''near'' it, and the only thing he won't touch is peas (which makes one wonder what he'd do if presented with a bowl of ''buttered'' peas).
** He would go to [[SuperPersistentPredator great lengths]] to [[TakeAThirdOption lick the butter off.]]
** He's even consumed some of the other characters at one point (although they eventually returned--after three days.) The incident involved a swimming pool full of Red Flavored Fluffy Puff Translucent Dessert Related Substance, submerged characters in said pool, and a straw.
** In one toon, it's hinted that he can eat ''Arbor Day''. Don't ask.
** Strong Mad is an even more extreme omnivore, eating things like rocks, glass, entire computers, and somehow literally sucking up bandwidth through a hose.
*** Well, [[NoIndoorVoice HE'S A WEBSITE!]]
** In the old-timey Homestar Runner program, Sickly Sam eats The Strongbad whole, despite his calm but surprised objection during the entire slow process. He soon after objects that the board games present in his stomach are inadequate.
** The Homestar Runner Wiki [[http://www.hrwiki.org/index.php/Eating_Non-Food_Items keeps a running list]] of these incidences.
--> '''Strong Bad:''' You got some hiccups?
--> '''King of Town:''' Nope. Those, my friend, are heart attacks!