Expy / Myths and Religion

In religion, the blending of two or more religions is known as Religious Syncretism, and frequently results in an apparent religious expy, especially when two different deities become identified with each other and merged into one entity; nearly every example below stems from this effect.

  • Aeneas to Achilles, very deliberately and almost to the point of a Whole Plot Reference. A few of the more blantant examples: Achilles had an unbreakable shield made by Hephaestus with images of the world on it, Aeneas had an unbreakable shield made by Vulcan with images of Rome on it. Achilles best friend is killed by the leader of the opposing side in a war, and he responds by not just defeating the man in single combat with a spear, but humiliating and ultimately killing him. Guess what?
  • The Hijacked by Jesus variant is the same reason the gods of Egyptian Mythology have so many names—they absorbed the qualities of less popular gods and worshipers later said that these lesser gods were merely "aspects" of them.
  • Ereshkigal of Mesopotamian Mythology. She is the underworld equivalent of the fertility goddess Inanna (Ishtar), said to be her younger twin. In fact, they may have at one point been two aspects of the same goddess before becoming separate entities.
  • Dayconawega, the American First Nations Jesus. Virgin mother, Disciples, and Back from the Dead.
  • Many Catholic festivals were adapted from local ones to make Christianity more welcoming. Some Saints were contemporaries of the pagans that they converted. Others were adapted deities.
  • Quite a bit Older Than They Think - due to the ancestral speakers of Indo-European languages expanding across Europe and Asia, the languages (and Gods) of a whole lot of cultures have the same origins. Looking at the Norse, Greek and Hindu pantheons, it's possible to find quite a few parallels among the old gods and their myths. (For example, an ancient Hindu sky god named Dyaus, the Greek Zeus and the Roman Jupiter are essentially the same god, with a few changes along the way and over the years)
  • Roman gods and goddesses were Expies of Greek gods and goddesses (such as Jupiter and Zeus, Venus and Aphrodite, Juno and Hera, Vulcan and Hephaestus, etc.)
    • Many of the Greek gods themselves have origins in earlier religions. Aphrodite is a clear Expy of the Babylonian goddess Ishtar, who herself is an Expy of the Sumerian Inanna.