Executive Meddling: Advertising

Occasionally Advertising is subject to Executive Meddling
  • You know the car commercial about Honda which had some kids trying to race a kid back to his house and he manages to beat them home when he gets to his mom's car? Well, the original commercial had the kids not saying anything at all, and the kids were much bigger. Apparently it was edited because some parents didn't like it as it indicated bullying.
  • Used in-universe by Sprint for a movie theater commercial: An animated movie is almost finished, and the studio demands pants on the hedgehog.
  • There once was a commercial aimed directly towards people who wish to avoid this: At an executive boardroom-meeting, one of the executives pitches an idea for the man who does not speak, but speaks only through his actions. Of course, the other executives quickly devolve the idea to a talkative hero, much to the first executive's dismay.
  • A rather ingenious cinema-only series of commercials had various film stars pitching for funding to a room of Orange mobile phone execs, describing grand visions which are slowly whittled down to advertising plugs for Orange's latest mobile phone offers and packages (such as, similar to the example directly above, Patrick Swayze pitching a film about a man who's sworn not to talk until he avenges his mother's murder.... whereupon they suggest he start talking instead). The ending was: "Don't let a mobile phone ruin your movie: Please switch it off." This meant not only was it memorable, but every cinema and studio was happy to show it.
    • Taken to extremes in later ads which tied in to specific movies, like The A-Team "in association with Orange" (Liam Neeson, sounding as if his teeth are being pulled: "I love it when a talk plan comes together!"), The Expendables 2 (where the team has to relocate after a new recruit played by The Inbetweeners's James Buckley gives away their location through his phone) and Rio, in which Blu and Jewel only meet via the Internet and Blu thinks he's been turned orange. (He's right.)