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Everythings Better With Dinosaurs: Film
  • Kong Island in King Kong generally has dinosaurs scattered around.
  • The 1951 film Two Lost Worlds is a Cowboy/Australian Pirate/Dinosaur movie (). It fits this trope well because the only dinosaurs are some stock footage from a previous dinosaur movie that menace some people the pirates maroon on an island. They could have easily been left out, or replaced with more normal dangerous animals.
  • The Ice Age films are generally accurate in depicting only animals which lived during the Ice Age, or at least after the dinosaurs died out. Guess, then, what the third film featured. Go on.
  • In D-War (a film very much driven by the Rule of Cool), the evil Buraki commands an evil army of dark warriors that ride big dinosaurs and fire barrages of fireballs.
  • Meet the Robinsons stars mind-controlled T. rex brought back from the past with a flying time machine by a bowler-hat-less bowler hat wearing guy surely deserves mention here.
  • The Star Wars 20th anniversary re-release inserts CGI beasts which vaguely resemble dinosaurs into various scenes in the movie, mostly in Mos Eisley.
  • Ray Harryhausen's The Valley of Gwangi. Little can prepare a viewer for the sheer unadulterated awesome of Cowboys roping an Allosaurus.
  • Rex from Toy Story.
  • Future War, because the blatant Terminator meets Bloodsport plot wasn't enough, so they decided to throw in a little Jurassic Park, too.
  • Night at the Museum features a T. rex skeleton that acts like a dog.
  • This Time article on lessons from the 2009 Summer Movies shows that despite the success of the second Night at the Museum and Ice Age 3 (it says Up features dinosaurs - and it does have a giant bird), two other films with dinos, Land of the Lost and Year One, bombed.
  • Probably not a great example, but the 'Time Masheen' scene of Idiocracy, where World War II was depicted by two T-rexes fighting, one wearing an American flag, one wearing a Swastika.
  • Hammer Studios made a few prehistoric epics. The ones with dinosaurs are so, SO much better than the ones without.
  • The "Rite of Spring" segment from Fantasia.
  • Theodore Rex is quite possibly one of the few example that makes this trope worse then it should be.
  • An upcoming Pixar film called The Good Dinosaur will take place in an alternate world where the dinosaurs did not go extinct and co-exist with human beings, even being able to communicate with them.
  • In the Film of the Book Jurassic Park, John Hammond decides to make a nature park of dinosaurs because kids love dinosaurs and he has the finances to bring these wonderful creatures to life for the enjoyment of everyone. In the novel he's an egomaniac that just wants to make tons of money from his dinosaur park.
  • The found-footage film Tape 407.
  • In one of the more bizarre instances of including dinosaurs in a movie just for the sake of it, The Asylum's mockbuster version of Sherlock Holmes has Holmes and Watson pitted against a robotic dinosaur in London - in addition to a robotic kraken and a robotic dragon.
  • The Tree of Life had a random scene with dinosaurs.
  • Raptor Ranch features bloodthirsty dinosaurs overruning a Texan town. The raptors have a tiny role compared to their much larger flesh-eating brethren though.
  • The many low-budget dinosaur films featured on the Syfy Channel.
  • It took four films, but in Transformers: Age of Extinction the Transformers Film Series finally has the Dinobots.
  • Subverted in Godzilla (2014). Godzilla even comes from the Permian period predating them. He retains much of the classic Godzilla's look, though.

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