Everythings Better With Dinosaurs / Comic Books

  • DC Comics and Marvel Comics each have a region of the world where dinosaurs continue to live in the wild. For the former, it's Dinosaur Island, where the laws of space and time are just wonky in general; for the latter, the Savage Lands, a region in Mysterious Antarctica which has been heavily modified by aliens, Atlanteans and the like.
  • In a classic example, DC did a good deal of war comics in the 1960s. One was called "The War that Time Forgot". It was World War II... but there was an island full of giant apes, military test robots, an elite military unit called "The Suicide Squad" (related to the later DC group), circus acrobats, and, of course, dinosaurs.
  • Gert in Runaways has a pet Deinonychus named Old Lace. She can control it via a psychic connection, which explains why Old Lace doesn't, you know, eat her teammates or something.
  • Gold Digger has a race of technologically advanced dinosaurs who serve as both a major source of archaeological finds for the scientists in the cast to dig up and the cause of a whole lot of bad events in ages past. They also made two dinosaur-esque races via genetic engineering, the Amonians and the Dragons, who both have regular characters in the cast.
  • Marvel 1602 had little dinosaurs running around Europe, including at least one seeming to be Carlos Javier's pet. Not to mention that the standard big dinos can be found in North America.
  • There is a T. rex trophy robot in the Batcave. How it got there or why is generally ignored, but the DCAU provides the hypothesis that Dick (Robin, at the time) wanted to keep it.
    The Flash: Hey! That's a giaant dinosaur! :D
    • A Golden Age comic (1946's "Batman" #35) shows the true origin of the T. rex trophy: a "souvenir" from an adventure Batman and Robin had on "Dinosaur Island," a Jurassic Park-style theme park with robotic dinosaurs (vs. genetically engineered ones).
    • Night of the Owls shows exactly why Batman keeps it: It's a security system, as the Talons learn first hand.
  • 2000 AD:
    • There was the comic Flesh, a story about future cowboys going back in time and killing dinosaurs for their meat, which was then exported back to their own time. This was used to provide STOMPY DINOSAUR ACTION crossovers into both Judge Dredd and ABC Warriors. In the case of the latter, dinosaurs ended up on a terraformed dystopian Mars.
    • The title character of Sláine has gone up against dinosaurs animated from amber.
    • One of the antagonist races in Shakara is called the Teknosaurs. And yes, they're a race of cyborg dinosaurs.
  • Major Bummer gave us Tyrannosaurus Reich. Can't believe that got a mention in the other wiki before getting here.
  • Bob, Dawn, and Rex, from Dilbert.
  • Dinosaur Bop / Wanda et les dinosaures (Wanda and the dinosaurs) is set in a comical (with realist drawings) post-apocalyptic world were humanity regressed at prehistoric age (but more like "American sixties in a prehistoric setting"). For no reason, dinosaurs are here anew, and are used as pets, food or... cars (but T. rex is still a predator and wreck poor Eddy's car).
  • The Tar Pits in Sin City feature dinosaur statues. Frank Miller said he put them there as an excuse to draw dinosaurs.
  • In All-Star Superman. the Subterranosaur are descendants of dinosaurs who escaped extinction by digging their way to the center of the Earth. Their leader is the Dino-Czar.
  • The villain in Neil Gaiman's Mr Hero: The Newmatic Man is Henry Phage, an immortal velociraptor at the head of a multidimensional corporation whose flagship product is the corruption of souls.
  • Atomic Robo frequently deals with all sorts of weird superscience nonsense; of course that includes a genetically engineered dinosaur. Dr. Dinosaur winds up being a recurring thorn in Robo's side, being superintelligent yet still a moron. Dr. D also engineers a few of his own dinos from time to time.
  • The Malibu Comics franchise Dinosaurs For Hire is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. An anthropomorphic tyrannosaur, stegosaur, and triceratops (and later a pteranodon) fight crime!
  • Marvel also has Devil Dinosaur, Sauron, and Stegron. It's also got the Savage Land, a Lost World in Antarctica that's a tropical jungle filled with dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals just because.
  • The Fantasy Kitchen Sink that is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles also has the Triceratons
  • Xenozoic Tales features lots of dinosaurs. after an environmental apocalypse drove humanity into underground bunkers, humanity returns to the surface to find dinosaurs along with species from all prehistoric eras roaming around. The series came to be associated with the name "Cadillacs and Dinosaurs", just to make sure that people understood the coolness.
  • The graphic novel Dinosaurs vs. Aliens adds aliens to the mix. The dinosaurs themselves are depicted as sentient and capable of tool-making and wear warpaint and body armor to give them more of an edge.
  • The Transformers has franchise-mainstays the Dinobots, not to mention Trypticon, one of the few beings to survive a fight with them.
    • One version has this exact trope as the reason the Dinobots became the Dinobots: Having arrived on Earth during one of the Ice Ages, they find the atmosphere filled with energon, meaning they need to take an organic-based alt-mode to survive. However, team leader Grimlock isn't impressed by choices like the Woolly Mammoth or deer, and asks for something else. So Slag, who suggested the idea, checks and finds some dinosaur fossils, and shows Grimlock a model of a T-Rex. Grimlock's reaction?
    Grimlock: Perfect.
  • Jurassic Strike Force 5 is about a group of anthropomorphic dinosaurs mutated by aliens fighting against another group of anthropomorphic dinosaurs who are lead by an Evil Overlord from outer space. It's about as over-the-top as you'd expect.
  • Dinocorps focuses on a teenager discovering that a race of intelligent dinosaurs who thrived on technoloy used to roam the earth. He later (inadvertently) wakes up a small group of said dinosaurs, and gets involved in a crazy adventure when a group of racist dinosaurs from the same time period also wake up and try to destroy the world.
  • The much hated Avengers #200 has a load of Dinosaurs randomly show up. Some have theorised that this is to distract people from the fact the rest of the story is creepy, boring, creepy, stupid and creepy. It doesn't work.