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Everythings Better With Dinosaurs: Anime & Manga
  • The random and gratuitous dinosaurs are practically everywhere in the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z setting. "Fly home safely, and look out for rampaging dinosaurs!"
  • The hentai fantasy anime Dragon Knight 4: Wheel of Time has soldiers riding dinosaur-like creatures.
  • A Mazinger Z spin-off applied this trope. The Big Bad used an army of dinosaurs to try and conquer another lands.
  • The Prince of Tennis: Tezuka's amazing tennis move is what really killed the dinosaurs.
  • The Yu-Gi-Oh! card game has a dinosaur type. Among the animes, Dinosaur Ryuuzaki (Rex Raptor), GX's Tyranno Kenzan, and Zexal's Rikuou and Kaiou use dinosaur-themed decks.
  • Digimon: To date, four of the seven main protagonists have a dinosaur Mon. (two Agumons, Guilmon, and Shoutmon)
  • Chibi-Usa of Sailor Moon befriended a Nessie-like dinosaur in one episode.
    • Technically, that would be a plesiosaur and not a dinosaur, but close enough.
  • An episode of Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs took place on a planet populated by dinosaurs. The episode was titled "Oh Boy! Dinosaurs!", appropriately enough.
  • The Five Star Stories has dinosaurs on a few of the planets, which are inexplicably identical to various species that once roamed the Earth. The level of dinosaurs a planet has is actually a pretty good way to measure its age. The young planet Juno has quite a few, although they're now threatened by humans and other introduced mammal species; the older Delta Belune also has dinosaurs, but they're small and birdlike; Kallamity, supposedly the oldest inhabitable planet, doesn't seem to have any dinos at all.
  • In Steel Ball Run, Diego Brando becomes a Wereraptor after he gains a stand ability.
  • Dinosaur King isn't a strict example as it's focused completely on dinosaurs, not just throwing them in for Rule of Cool. But consider this: In Japan it was preceded by an insect-battling game called Mushi King. Then the designers sat down to plan a spinoff and asked themselves "What's better than insects?" before concluding that Everything's Better with Dinosaurs.
  • Getter Robo. Just... Getter Robo. If there's room for a dinosaur at any given time, then they will be there. And it will be awesome.
    • Dinosaur mecha piloted by dinosaurs. YEAAAAAH
  • The School Festival arc in Mahou Sensei Negima! has the engineering club construct a robotic T. rex because it would make the festival parades that much more awesome. This fooled The Hero at first since it was so life-like. They occasionally go berserk (though no one is ever hurt), giving the author the opportunity to have the lead heroine slice off its head with her BFS since it was a robot.
  • In Law of Ueki Plus the main characters ride into the Big Bad 's lair on a Tyrannosaurus rex, destroying a tower and defeating a bunch of guards all in one fell swoop.
  • Gon has a miniature T. rex for a protagonist, fighting large modern mammals most of the time. No, palaeontologist did not hang himself so that you could use his corpse as a swing.
  • One Piece has "Red Flag" Diez Drake, a pirate captain and former Rear Admiral of the Marines that has eaten a Devil Fruit that turns him into a tyrannosaurus. This is pretty much par for the course in One Piece, though.
    • The island of Little Garden, which is populated by Dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.
  • Doraemon and the main cast often encounter dinosaurs in their adventures. It helps that the series has a Time Travel theme.

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