Even Evil Has Standards / Web Original

  • Cracked commenter Scary-Mike, known for being really outrageous, responded to the #4 entry of this article by saying that ruining children's happiness is something even he will not do.
  • This video had the host, Phantom Savage, who had delighted in doing several evil actions in Fallout: New Vegas, take on a romhack by his friend, The Khold One, and was crying. It was that hard.
  • In the Whateley Universe, one of the very few things that both sides of the powered community agree on is that family is not to be brought into the matter. For villains and heroes, their life being at risk is one thing — their kids being at risk just because of association? That's something else entirely, and people finding out about it is just about guaranteed to draw the ire of the whole community. And threatening the family of a Whateley student? The lucky ones are in jail for life. And on life support — also for life.
    Now, I’ll admit that the Brotherhood doesn’t play nice. Hell, by the standards that the vast majority of the populace subscribes to, we’re evil as hell. But, we have the long-term good of the human race at heart. Selling kids to the Pit does NOT serve the greater good in any way, shape or form. There is shit even we don’t put up with...
    The rest of us do horrible, illegal things... but YOU? You experiment on KIDS! [...] You grab kids off the street and shove them literally kicking and screaming into that Monster Chamber of yours! You turn them into fucking monsters! That's sick, Cobb, SICK!"
  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: The Doctor's response to the idea of smothering an old lady? "Do I even know you?"
    • He also responds to an e-mail from his would-be nemesis, who challenged him to a fight in a public park, by pointing out that kids play in that park.
      • Let's face it, Dr Horrible is pretty much all standards. Well, at first.
  • Ask That Guy with the Glasses, episode 44 had Bennett the Sage as a co-host to That Guy, the infamous master of Black Comedy, and Sage actually delivered so disturbing and creepy answers, that That Guy spent most of the episode watching Sage with a mix of fear and frozen horror on his face.
    • And to a lesser extent, in The Nostalgia Critic's Casper review, the now-Chaotic Evil Casper is horrified when the Critic makes a joke where the film's teenage female lead cheerfully mentions having an abortion to her father.
    Casper: *looks wide-eyed*
    Critic: ...Okay, that was a little disturbing—
    Casper: Wow.
    Critic: Okay, okay, it was just a little dark humor, I mean, it's nothing—
    Casper:: Wow!
    Critic: Okay, okay, let's just move on!
    Casper: ...you sicken me.
    • And to an even lesser extent, That Guy's reaction to a letter stating that the writer recently discovered that he was part of the Furry Fandom.
      • Satan talks over a piece in Ask that guy with the glasses 58 saying, "Uh. Yeah, you guys better not listen to this."
    • Sage himself gets an Even Evil Has Standards when reading Cloud Mows the Lawn. He has a few other such moments, such as in one anime review where it's casually mentioned that the hero raped his sister and never gets any comeuppance for it. Also, in a crossover with JesuOtaku where he reviews Master of Martial Hearts, he notes that he wouldn't be caught dead eating at a place called Moe Burger, because even he has to have some standards.
    • Douchey McNitpick, a troll who loved proving The Critic wrong, decides to leave when the number one fuck up breaks him.
    • Evilina, the daughter of Satan, is as shocked and repulsed by The Cat in The Hat movie as the Critic.
    • A later episode had Ask That Guy shocked and horrified by a sender who talked about blowing his budget on crack and using the organs of his neighbour's newborn as Christmas decorations, responding "...Sage? Is that you?"
    • Ask That Guy said after the user submitted answers in episode 31 "some of you just scare me". And this is coming from a guy who's the master of Crosses the Line Twice.
    • Tamara (the character) loves fucking with The Nostalgia Critic's head, but she's disgusted in "Grandma Gets Run Over By A Reindeer" when Malcolm keeps him under control with a Chill Pill patch. Of course when she rips it off, she bears the full force of Critic's insanity because No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.
  • Atop the Fourth Wall has That '90s Kid, an embodiment of the Dark Age of Comics. While not evil, he loves mindless violence and "darkness", but when Superboy Prime kills a pregnant woman in Countdown to Final Crisis, well...
    "Duuude, I-" * Record Needle Scratch* "Wait. Did you just vaporize a pregnant chick? That's...not cool, man. That's just not cool."
  • Doctor Insano may be a psychotic Mad Scientist, but he can't stand Ferris Bueller's selfishness and thinks of him as the villain of his movie.
    Doctor Insano: "I may be evil, but at least I'm not full of CRAP!!"
    • Don't get him wrong, Dr. Insano does enjoy the fact that the movie was about the ultimate triumph of evil and playing the innocent population for the bleeding heart saps that they are, but what irritates him is the fact that all the effort Ferris put into committing multiple felonies and driving Cameron closer to suicide was all for something so petty; a day off from school.
    • Not to mention Dr. Insano also attended school. Even evil won't skip school.
  • In the review of The Spirit by Linkara and Film Brain, Linksano reveals that- even to him- it is too much to disintegrate a kitten. There are lines that even they don't cross, apparently, and that's one of them.
  • The AI O'Malley from Red vs. Blue, who desires nothing less than to CRUSH EVERY LIVING SOUL INTO DUST draws the line at Red Bull.
    O'Malley: They will all taste oblivion! Which tastes just like Red Bull... which is disgusting!
    • This also seems to be a factor separating Agent Washington from The Meta on a moral scale in Revelations. Wash is more of a villain due to circumstances, and seems to honestly think he's doing the right thing, at least at first, but the Meta's just a loon obsessed with getting more power for himself.
    • The Director is an obsessive, abusive, selfish, borderline delusional, manipulative Grade A Jerkass who continuously tortured the Alpha to create and harvest AI fragments to be used in yet more potentially harmful experimentation, but even he says Sigma and Gamma using Tex to torture the Alpha is going too far.
  • While there are dictatorships, communists and fascists, secret polices, many wars, nukes and even worse weapons, the Chaos Timeline has no equivalent of The Nazis and the Holocaust.
  • It is revealed in an episode of Merry Zodmas, that General Zod believed that chopping down a tree and taking it inside to decorate is completely evil. He would use humans instead.
  • In JesuOtaku's review of Eiken, Bennett had to admit that the loli with the huge rack was a bit too creepy even for him. After JO complimented him, he turned right back around and suggested she wouldn't be as offended if it was a Gender Flip.
  • Diamanda Hagan:
  • The Nostalgia Chick:
  • Apparently, Chris Brown is not allowed at Club Villain
  • Harry Partridge's Ace Ryder has The Commander, who is an ex-Space Nazi. They kicked him out because he was "too mean".
  • Vadiir from Dark Dream Chronicle is a cold blooded killer who loves what he does, and he was horrified by Darkness killing children.
  • In this Dorkly Bits video The SimCity Monster rips you apart for your terrible choices in building a city and decides to run for mayor to fix them. He wins.
    • Speaking of Dorkly, In their parody of Pokémon FireRed, Pokémon Rusty, it is shown that even Team Rocket (the same organization that kidnaps Pokémon and uses them for tools) is disgusted by the way Rusty treats his Pokémon. "Pikachu" even evolves out of pure happiness the second one of the grunts touches him.
  • In the Youtube video Epic Rap Battles of MvC3, a parody of Epic Rap Battles of History, Albert Wesker of Resident Evil was visibly horrified when Doctor Doom mentioned he killed his ex and turned her into a suit of armor.
  • 4chan will cheer on almost any horrible thing you can come up with, but there are some things they will not countenance.
    • Real child pornography and bomb threats can and have led to them finding every bit of information about the poster they can find and turning it over to the police. Ditto animal abuse, especially cat abuse.
    • Asking for Rule 34 of Yotsuba&! or insulting Mister Rogers will result in a flame war the likes of which you've never seen.
    • Insulting Carl Sagan on /b/ will get you destroyed. He is considered to be the patron saint of 4chan and has been Rule-34-exempted.
    • If you start a gore thread, no problems. If there are animals, then shit hits the fan.
    humans can suffer all day long. i lol hard at that shit.
    dogs and cats..... fuck you op.
    • 4chan users generally do not care if you violate the site's rules... unless you're under 18 or post My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic-related content outside of its dedicated board.
    • On /v/, one can occasionally find "rage threads" where /v/irgins attempt to piss each other off. While these threads may mostly consist of things like people on Facebook being stupid, Call of Duty fanboys, or My Little Pony fan art, you may run into something that could be considered morally wrong.
    • On a lighter note, pretty much any kind of sexual activity, real and fictional, will barely be blinked at, but consensual, normal, loving sex is jokingly treated as obscene.
    • /a/, the Anime and Manga board, has a code of honor regarding spoilers for Ever17. The same board that just loves dropping spoiler bombs on current hit shows actively discourages spoiling their favorite Visual Novel to newcomers.
    • The 2012 Burger King lettuce incident. A Burger King employee posted a picture of himself standing in lettuce containers. The users of 4chan traced him and others involved, and got them fired.
    • Downplayed on the /r9k/ board in late 2014, when many of its users felt that Pepe the Frog, a comic character "adopted" by /r9k/, became too popular outside 4chan. In response, they drew pictures that depict him as a sadistic psychopath who does mostly scatological pranks. Some of the users found many of these pictures too disturbing and reacted by creating another meme that depicts Pepe as a helpful, nice person and a good friend to the other character who was his victim in the offensive "poo poo pee pee" images and comics.
    • /pol/, the "politically incorrect" board known for its racist and neo-Nazist content, also has "fat shaming" threads. In one of these threads in early 2015, an anonymous poster posted an image of a man who is first dancing and then sad because the poster and some others laughed at him. The rest of the board actually felt bad for the dancing man and were rude to the poster. The post then started a worldwide meme and a dancing party was held for the man in spring 2015.
    • When one of the boards of 4chan heard what happened to Zamii, they were disgusted at the people who caused her to attempt suicide.
  • In the SCP Foundation, when Dr. Clef discovers that a guest researcher has been feeding children to SCP-682 just to see what happens, Clef turns around and feeds him to the monster. For those who don't know, Dr. Clef claims to be Satan.
    • The SCP Foundation has an Ethics Committee. They may seem ineffectual overall because the SCPs are so dangerous that whatever it takes to control them is by definition the lesser of two evils. In fact, their scope of power overrides the O5 council, meaning they have access to all the expunged data and are the ones who give the final approvals. They were also the ones who designed Procedure 110-Montauk, with the implication that it's the least horrible thing they could do to contain SCP-231.
      • When said Ethics Committee acquired a copy of Dmitri's suggested Task Force manual, they almost immediately rejected it in its entirety.
    • Speaking of SCP-231, trying to prolong Procedure 110-Montauk is a good way to get your head blown off.
    • SCP-738 is a sort of Jackass Genie who encourages people who sit in its chair to make a Deal with the Devil. It's essentially warning people to Be Careful What You Wish For. It's just shy of outright stated to be a demon of some manner (and ergo, Lawful Evil). It usually revels in screwing people over with their wishes... and yet when the entity ruins the life of a dyslexic, severely mentally retarded D-Class by exchanging a Sloppy Joe for the D-Class's beloved toy after the Foundation basically railroaded the D-Class into giving up the only thing he loved, the demon is the one that felt bad about this. Though it's not clear if that was because of moral standards, or the fact that it, which has been the downfall of kings and saints and seduced countless souls into darkness (presumably) is now reduced to stealing a stuffed animal. However, the Foundation later gave the D-Class a replacement, which could've been heartwarming had it not vanished the instant he named it after the previous one.
  • In the Global Guardians PBEM Universe, Evil Overlord and Master Villain Lord Doom was so disgusted with the innocent lives lost during the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center that it was his agents who, within 48 hours of the attacks, had determined precisely who was to blame, and where that person could be found. He turned Osama bin Ladin over to the UN virtually wrapped up in a bow.
  • Even Evil Has Standards is the premise of the many Downfall parodies on Youtube, where the message is basically "even Hitler thinks this sucks".
  • After chatting for a few minutes, Angelica and Roger M. Klotz learn enough about what Ren does to Stimpy to make them try to become better people; they really don't want to end up like him! http://fav.me/d527ti8
  • Hans Frollo, of The Frollo Show, despite being a Nazi, and ressurecting Hitler, would never betray his family, much like his mother taught him about.
    • When the Los no Frollos group invade Frollo's place, Stocking, the leader of group, made a rule of not harming innocents, and instead drop them into the PITy. This was her reason for assisting Madotsuki with the killing of Batiatus, as he murdered Ib, who didn't kill anyone.
  • Played for laughs on This Very Wiki:
    And no, we're not saying that nukes are fantastic. That would be just plain sick, even for this wiki.
  • In Wedding Peach Abridged, Pluie berated a minion for running with scissors. They're evil, not stupid.
  • The version of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic's Prince Blueblood on the "Askblueblood" Tumblog is even more of a Jerkass than the show version, to the point of possibly qualifying as a Politically Incorrect Villain. He's hugely misogynistic. He has claimed that Princess Luna's special talent is being fat and eating and that her cutie mark represents the moon after she was done with it, as well as trying to get her kidnapped by pirates. (though Luna has tried beating him with a baseball bat, making this more a case of their family dynamic being Royally Screwed Up) He rarely passes up a chance to insult or abuse Rarity. He thinks kids who go to school are nerds. However, when someone suggested that he rape and murder Sweetie Bellenote , his response was a blank stare, followed by an image of the "Delete your account" page with the password filled in and the cursor over the Yes button.
  • Encyclopedia Dramatica is well-known for being flooded with fetishized pornography, real-life depictions of mutilation and torture, racist/sexist/homophobic commentary and mercilessly exploiting and demoralizing random people on the internet For the Lulz. But pedophiles and animal abusers surpass even furries on the list of people "EDiots" despise. If they're ever brought up in an ED article, expect them to be described as sick fucks, subhuman, the scum of the earth or some variation of the three.
  • In Arby 'n' the Chief, Master Chief is portrayed as a mean-spirited, idiotic, derogatory sexist and an incredibly crude pig that treats everyone around him horribly for his own entertainment being that he cannot separate gaming from reality. However, he draws the line at being racist and is disgusted at Pedophiles.
    • Additionally in Season 6 when he learns that Chaos Theosis plans on shutting down Halo's OMN permanently, Chief helps Arbiter in taking them down since if he doesn't, it'll mean no more halo for himself.
  • In Tv Trash Count Sigeeyai making Chris watch Brickleberry is a crime against humanity that not even he is capable of
  • In Demo Reel, two of the SWAG leader's minions leave in disgust when they find out he kidnapped someone and left them in the forest to die.
  • Some of the rowdy admins on Facebook pages post stuff that mock and try to make events such as 9/11, the Dark Knight Shooting, suicide victims, deaths of popular people, Progeria, and such that are usually considered really offensive, but none of them have really tried to view the Sandy Hook Massacre in a brighter light.
    • Although they aren't really popular or widespread.
  • Something Awful: Dungeons & Dragons: Minerelle is someone who is perfectly willing to kill, lie, and betray for the slightest of reasons, but apparently draws the line at using sentient beings as property when Algernon suggests using a shape shifter locked into the shape of a sword as a weapon. Gibnaf points out that there is probably video evidence to the contrary.
  • More like Jerkass than 'evil', but Dave of DSBT InsaniT does not like cold-blooded murderers like Killer Monster, although, as Portica points out, that doesn't really mean much.
  • In Death Note: The Abridged Series (kpts4tv) Da Chief lampshades his TV Tropes page and that he's been Flanderized into a total nasty guy when he mentions that he got kicked out of the Death Eaters (because he insisted on using a gun).
    • Shidoh's observation when he discovers that Mello was adopted by the mafia:
    Sidoh: I'm guessing Wammy's House doesn't do very good background checks.
    Ryuk: Light, uh... you're scaring me.
    Light: Oh Ryuk, I haven't even begun to scare you yet!
  • In Worm, the supervillains of Brockton Bay include the Neo-Nazi group Empire 88, the Diabolical Mastermind Coil, the mercenaries of Faultline's Crew, and the Undersiders. However, they all look down on Skidmark and his gang, who are incompetent drug-dealers who sell to kids. More in line with the spirit of the trope, they are also all willing to join forces against psychopaths like the Slaughterhouse Nine.
    • Bonesaw, a member of the Slaughterhouse Nine, gleefully delights in inflicting Body Horror of the worst kind, but in her own words, even she isn't crazy enough to try to clone an Endbringer.
  • In Todd in the Shadows' "Top 10 Worst Hits of 2012", when a VH-1 narrator describes Train as "the quintessential American band", Todd responds, "Holy crap, VH-1, I don't think I've even heard Al-Qaeda say anything that anti-American!"
  • In the first episode of The Music Video Show, there are prisoners listening to Metallica...playing songs from St.Anger.
    • "They're already in prison...haven't they suffered enough?"
  • The "Burning Cat" video(later set to Doom music) was too shocking even for most shock sites.
  • Android 17 was shocked and speechless when he heard Vegeta call Android 18 a cunt.
  • In Noob, Tenshirock turns out to have a video that he could use to get many people to stop playing the MMORPG in which the story is set, which is what he wants. When asked, he heavily implies that he didn't use it because he considers the information contained in the video too sensitive.
  • Hadriex, after describing how the evil Dr. Darnicus Damnation had, in the previous game, built a robot double of the hero's girlfriend and 'did things' with it. Comments "I expect higher moral standards from a man with a name like Damnation"
  • Epic Rap Battles of History:
    • Darth Vader mocks Hitler's attempts to convince the world that the Jews are evil. It's unclear whether this is because of this trope or whether he's mocking Hitler for failing. He does mention that he has a "homeboy in Israel" and generally seems to hate Hitler, it might be both. He also avoids using the C word, unlike Hitler.
    • Even Grigori Rasputin is absolutely horrified by the atrocities committed by Stalin.
    • Jack the Ripper boasts of having committed crimes so gory that Hannibal Lecter finds them appalling. Indeed, even Hannibal finds Jack the Ripper's joking about the 7/7 bombings to be in bad taste.
    • Al Capone doesn't take kindly to Blackbeard using his syphilis as a diss.
  • Fallout: Nuka Break: Leon used to be a part of Caesar's Legion, but was kicked out because they, of all people, were appalled by his sheer brutality and Ax Craziness.
  • While she's not exactly evil, nevertheless playing antagonistic roles in her appearances, Word of God states Toki, despite running the Yakuza, The Mafia, The Mafiya, and numerous other organizations, being mentally ill, has Blue and Orange Morality, along with being a Troubled Abuser, and Manipulative Bitch has some standards, as she seems to prefer intimidation over killing, doesn't allow the Yakuza to recruit prostitutes (breaking that rule is a colossal no-no apparently), and, despite being a Rich Bitch, she really cannot stand Giselle.
  • Stormfront is a neo-Nazi forum. kalki666 was banned from them for being too anti-Semitic.
  • Despite Kakos Industries priding itself on evil and all things evil, the company rarely stoops low when it comes to evil stemmed from ignorance in which Corin, a Corrupt Corporate Executive himself, finds to be an annoyance and waste in this.
  • Fluttershy from Friendship is Witchcraft is an Affably Evil Devil in Plain Sight however even some things unnerve her:
    • She doesn't like the idea of Rarity trying to donate her little sisters college funds to her cult.
    • She's as squicked out as everyone else at Twilight being in love with her brother, Francis. Twilight constantly states it's not creepy because they're Not Blood Siblings however no one agrees with her.
  • This Is War has Sion, who is a seemingly merciless sadomasochistic war demon who kills for no reason, judge five other demons for ganging up on one person.
  • NationStates has Gregoryisgodistan, which in spite of being one of the most evil dictatorships in the Multiverse, despises gender inequality and all who support it.
  • Nearly all members of /r/roastme, a subreddit devoted to comically but absolutely brutally insulting people willing to consent agree that it's wrong to have children under the age of 16 participate in a roast.