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Even Evil Has Standards: Newspaper Comics

  • In Rocky, the owner of a pornographic magazine fires Rocky because he was offended by a gag strip Rocky drew involving pedophilic incest.
  • In Garfield, Garfield will eat almost anything and has no problem with killing the food himself, and will eat birds alive. He is shocked, though, when he finds out Jon's parents have turned Jon's pet chicken Nadine into "Nadine Noodle Soup" because "she was family!"
  • This trope is Invoked in This Modern World. Tea Party Tim and Plutocrat Pete both have disdain for the federal government, but when Tim wants to force the government to default in order to control spending, Pete is horrified.
    "I thought your uninformed outrage would be useful in my eternal struggle to avoid taxation! I didn't realize you were a nihilistic moron willing to crash the entire economy!"
  • Popeye character J. Wellington Wimpy is not a good person, technically. He's at best a mooch and at worst a con artist. But when offered a hundred thousand dollars if he'll kill a man (Offered because Wimpy looks like he'll do anything for money), Wimpy mournfully tells his would-be employer that while he does need the money, "But, too, sir, the man I am about to murder needs his life."
    • In the Plunder Island story arc, Wimpy is horrified when the Sea Witch asks him to prove his love by killing Popeye (It Makes Sense in Context). He does try to go through with it, but only because the Sea Witch tells him she'll "slit [his] gizzard and throw it overboard for the sharks to nibble at" if he doesn't. He tries to stall by sharpening the knife until the blade is gone, and jumps at Popeye's plan to get out of doing the job.
  • Dilbert
    • One series of strips had Dogbert starting up a business where he sells positive reviews. He's more than happy to praise your horrible book or provide quotes to advertise terrible movies...but even he won't deal with "filthy dot-com owners."
    • Catbert is called the "Evil Director of Human Resources", but in this strip, he clearly can't side with the clearly incompetent CEO against Alice.
  • In The Wizard of Id, the King is a cruel tyrant (and even admits it) but shooting at a caged deer left out for hunters for that specific reason? He's not THAT cruel.

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