Establishing Character Moment / Fan Fics

  • In Kyon: Big Damn Hero, Kyon's sister gets hers when Kyon tells her about his heroic antics the last days. It really shows how much she cares for her brother and how much she is afraid of losing him, as it's the first time the story is told from her perspective.
  • In Naruto Veangance Revelaitons, Ronan, within a chapter of being introduced, curb stomps Orochimaru when the rest of Team 7 combined failed, setting up how much of a God-Mode Sue he is.
  • In Christian Humber Reloaded, Vash's moment comes when he reveals that wolf packs believed he might be a threat and he (by his own admission) proves them right by killing the hunters responsible for killing his pack.
  • Lots in With Strings Attached, as there are so many original characters and character is a very important part of the story. Perhaps the most striking:
    • When Lyndess first enters the scene, she immediately recognizes the four as outworlders, comes running over to sit next to Ringo, feels the seam on his jeans, and tells them that she knows what they are and they should come to her house ASAP. Desperate, but smart enough to keep their secret from people who might not take it well.
    • When Jeft is first introduced, he immediately starts nattering on about how inferior the four would be as gaming characters and bragging about his best character, Jim Hunter. Shag has to interrupt him twice to get him focused on the events in C'hou.
    • When Grunnel comes looking for the four the morning after the bar fight, he sits down and starts eating John's food without so much as a by-your-leave. Self-confident, much?
    • As'taris enters the scene really, really grumpy and petulant. Emo Teen elf.
    • The Hunter appears silhouetted in the doorway of the restaurant, stopping all conversation and the bar band. He orders several people around and clearly enjoys scaring everyone to death simply by standing there. John is underwhelmed:
    John narrowed his eyes. So we're that sort of bastard, are we?
    • And Brox...oh, Brox.
  • When Mobius is introduced in Ace Combat: The Equestrian War, he takes down three griffins all by himself, each with a single hit.
  • Hamid, One And Only Son, has his one when he hijacks a Ganymede prototype in Tal Afar, wreaks havoc between the Krugisian military and then shoots the dog.
    "Sorry guys, but the bastards win every time. And I'm the biggest bastard of them all!"