'''NOTE:''' '''Due to the sizable nature of the page, and the fact that it will keep growing, please try to keep them in alphabetical order by series on this page so it doesn't delve into chaos and confusion.'''
* ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight''. Archer v. Berserker. BadassCreed, GratuitousEnglish and the best fight in the series.
* ''LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya'': The most awesome episode is episode 12, Live Alive. It feels like the entire season is a build-up to this episode, and they finish it with ConcertClimax and showing Haruhi's CharacterDevelopment very nicely when she is helping the band, and her reaction after getting praised is priceless. Bonus points for her singing God Knows with freakin' Yuki Nagato on the guitar.
* For me, the anime of ''VisualNovel/HigurashiWhenTheyCry'' has a couple of episodes that stand out in particular.
** Episode 11 is perhaps the turning-point at which this becomes a great series. Keiichi, the likable protagonist, is contemplating murder, and we can't help but sympathise. His dilemma is very well portrayed, and the atmosphere throughout the episode is beautifully created.
** Episode 26 (the finale) is simply a masterpiece: expertly crafted tension building up to the climactic RooftopConfrontation, awesome music, and the IKnowYoureInThereSomewhereFight showing just how strong both Keiichi and Rena are. (I've been a die-hard shipper ever since.)
* Episode 14 of the first season of ''Anime/DarkerThanBlack''. One of the most [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming beautifully]] [[TearJerker emotional]] episodes I've seen in ''any'' anime. [[spoiler: Especially the end, where the supposedly [[EmptyShell emotionless]] Yin smiles at Hei.]]
* ''Anime/CowboyBebop'''s Ballad of Fallen Angels. There are many outstanding episodes in the show but this one takes the whole cake. It builds up the tension so well; the dialogue, the atmosphere, and of course, the climax. It's CB at it's finest and I always get goosebumps whenever I rewatch it.
* ''Anime/SerialExperimentsLain'' has many awesome episodes, but the one that stands out to me is episode 2, the one that hooked me on this show and convinced me it was ''very'' worth watching. [[NightmareFuel "No matter]] [[CreepyAwesome where you go,]] [[MomentOfAwesome everyone is connected".]]