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  • Not many LPers die on the first part of a sometimes incredibly easy part of a video game. That's where Crazy Commentaries comes in. In their first Mario 64 video, one of the members dies by losing health to Bob-ombs, rolling balls, and not getting any health. The thing that really cements this into Epic Fail territory was how he died. He jumped directly into a rolling ball, not even trying to get away from it.
  • Parodied in The Nostalgia Critic's crossover review of Child's Play with Phelous. Phelous tosses a sock at Critic, it hits Critic's forehead, Critic "falls" out of his chair and twirls around his house on his feet as he somehow takes up a random gun, loads it, and shoots himself in the head.
  • The FailBlog, which includes both photos and videos, is in a similar nature to Attack of the Show!.
    • Amusingly, a lot of the contributors fail at understanding the concept of a fail, instead posting situations that are merely ironic or even triumphant. They've rectified that by designating some things Win or even Epic Win.
    • There's also Learn From My Fail, dedicated to oddly specific advice on situations from the mundane to the downright bizarre.
  • Sean Fausz, a member of That Guy with the Glasses, has a whole online series of videos dedicated to various Epic Fails. You can watch them here, but be aware that a good number of them are just old memes.
  • The blog Cake Wrecks features these.
  • Since Table Top features players that are new to the games, quite a bit of fail is built in (but it's handled all in good fun). The Epic Fail comes in as the host and longtime gamer, Wil Wheaton, almost never wins. His most notable win came as a result of someone else's Epic Fail. During a game of Fluxx, one player did some mumbling and card reading to himself, lots of hand examination, and such for what he thought was going to be the game-winning play. He makes the play and discovers that, by misreading two different cards, he caused Wil to actually win as a result.
  • Also documenting Epic Fails: there is a website made of videos of trucks disregarding blatantly visible warning signs for a very low 11'8" railroad bridge over a road. With very predictible results.
  • Red vs. Blue invokes this in the case of Church's time travel excursion. In his attempts to better the timeline, he ends up causing everything to go wrong. As he tries desperately, and fails miserably, to shoot Donut he sums it up fairly well:
    Church: Oh my God, I suck!
    • Caboose trying to cover Church with a sticky grenade in Reconstruction. Washington lampshades it by declaring it the "worst throw ever. Of all time."
    • Caboose setting fire to anything and everything in Relocated.
    Caboose: hhh! Now I am burning! That is much worse than other things burning!
    [A fire starts for absolutely no reason]
    Caboose: Oh, come on! How did that even start?"
  • Happy Tree Friends is fueled with Epic Fail.
    • And Gorn. Lots & Lots of Gorn.
  • The Darwin Awards are pretty much given to Epic Fails that ended in fatality. There are certain cases where the victim survived, but was left unable to pass on their genes.
    • Even among Darwin Award winners, some manage to stand out in the crowd, dying in ways that don't even sound physically possible, never mind how idiotic they are (e.g. the man who was shot to death by a snake).
  • Todd in the Shadows: When Todd reviewed Train's Hey, Soul Sister and found a quotation saying they were trying to make something like INXS...well he throws up comparative clips of the two groups (hint: nothing alike) and then analogises thus:
    That's like if you try to make scrambled eggs...and instead you caught syphilis.
    • He also theorizes that Usher's rhyming was so bad his wife divorced him over itnote .
      • It's not called out by name, but Akon calling a girl "Sexy Bitch" after "trying to find the words to describe this girl without being disrespectful" definitely counts.
  • Rules of the Internet: Rule 16: If you fail in epic proportions, it may just become a winning failure.
  • In the MSF High Forum roleplay, there was once a round of combat where eight people, of the same level, were fighting each other...and no one hit ANYONE.
    • There was also a round of combat that took three to four days to roll, where nobody hit anybody, with eight combatants? This qualifies.
  • Matt from Two Best Friends Play has two. The first one, from when they play Donkey Kong Country Returns, happens at the end of a Minecart Madness level that they had lost all their lives on, when Matt jumps off a cliff right at the end of the level, in full view of the exit, because he thought there might be a token under the cliff. The second one is during Dead Rising 2 when Matt fails to complete any objectives, which Pat rubs in his face.
  • Atop the Fourth Wall: When Linkara is trying to break open a champagne bottle to christen his new spaceship.
    Linkara: Break, damn you!
  • YouTube personality Tobuscus does a weekly video clip series called "Cute Win Fail" in which users vote on the most epic clip of three, one of which is from each of the aforementioned categories. Needless to say, the "Fail" clips are a celebration of this trope, and if they are chosen are glorified with the honor of "Epic Fail".
  • English Let's Player Over The Gun has made a career out of this: he actually calls his playthrough style "HTSF" ("How To Successfully Fail"). Some of his more triumphant examples include blowing himself up with a rocket - straight onto an electrified floor and somehow losing a plot-critical key to a basic Mook (latter complete with Lampshade Hanging).
  • At the climax of season two in Penny Arcade's D&D Podcast, Binwin and Jim are down and the party is barely alive. Omin, as a final resort, try to use an encounter power. And proceeds to roll an one. With some divine intervention from Aeofel he gains a re-roll and try to attack again. And the rolls another one.
  • The YouTube video "PSVITA VS 3DS" is either this trope or Refuge in Audacity. Basically it shows a side-by-side comparison of the handhelds' respective graphics done with the two versions (in-game and CGI) of the fight between Master Xehanort and Terra, Ventus and Aqua... while claiming the in-game graphics to be those of the 3DS and the CGI graphics to be those of the PSV. Not only is it ridiculous, but also the truth is the exact opposite: the 3DS can pull off better graphics than BBS, while those of the Vita can't reach those boasted by, you know, a Full Motion Video.
  • Spoony demonstrates one way to Epic Fail in X-Com: Terror from the Deep when his entire party gets taken out in the aliens' first turn. He takes it pretty well.
    • He also had some harsh words concerning the enemy AI's inability to hit a completely motionless ship in PC game Privateer 2: The Darkening. The entire tirade, however, can be summed up in the very last sentence of said speech.
    Congratulations guys, your enemy AI is less effective than the fucking UFO in Asteroids.
    • In this video, Spoony describes a Spycraft game he ran where the players were trying to get onto a bullet train from a helicopter. By the end, one member of the team was dead and they utterly failed their mission because they kept rolling 1s, Spoony kept giving them the chance to recover, and they'd roll 1s for that too.
  • Things Mr. Welch Is No Longer Allowed to Do in an RPG combines an Epic Fail with a Noodle Incident.
    1708. No bringing up the time we were nearly Total Party Kill'd by a jerboa.
  • Kickassia was pretty much this from beginning to end, for the Channel Awesome crew. They don't even think to use weapons to take the micronation, until they have the second invasion. Once they take command, they proceed to run the place so incompetently that it's a wonder it lasts as long as it does. As it is, the vice president repeatedly tries (and fails) to assassinate the president, the Critic tries to keep his power (and fails) by buying a massive amount of explosives, several other characters try (and fail) to steal control of Kickassia - including Dr. Insano - Santa Christ gets killed in the struggle though he gets better, and it ends with them all returning the place to former president Baugh and going home, banished forever from Nevada. One gets the feeling that Baugh only let them take control of Molassia in the first place because he knew they were all too stupid and selfish to actually keep it.
  • Rooster Teeth's Achievement Hunter group tends to have a number of Epic Fails in whatever they play. Their character sheets list out many of their well-known fails.
    • Same for Rage Quit, especially with Surgeon Simulator 2013.
    • Of all of the Heists in Let's Play Grand Theft Auto V, "Ray's Heist" is the only one that utterly failed. Most end with either a Sole Survivor with money, a Sole Survivor without money, a Sole Survivor who is Driven to Suicide, or a complete success. Ray's is the first where everyone died. What makes this worse is that Ray is The Ace. He's the best player in the team. The "RTX Heist" and "The Grand Heist" were total failures as well, but Ray's stands out as everyone being incompetent.
  • The title character of Homestar Runner is apparently prone to these, if Strong Bad is any indication. One Strong Bad Email segment ("4 branches") discusses various examples of Homestar's stupidity, including getting himself stuck inside a water cooler... somehow.
    Strong Bad: J-Just explain to me what you were trying to do when this happened.
    Homestar: Well, I was in Barbados, hanging a picture on a wall...
    Strong Bad: Okay, that tells me everything I want to know.
  • Darksydephil has one moment during is playthrough of Grand Theft Auto III. As seen at 6:25 here, while attempting to take a shortcut during the mission "Salvatore Called a Meeting" he accidentally goes off a cliff. The limo skids several feet upside down across a beach... and then winds up diving right into the ocean, drowning Claude and everyone inside.
  • Most of the stories on F My Life are this trope mixed with What an Idiot, Humiliation Conga, or Too Dumb to Live. Some examples:
  • This can happen quite often on Image Boards. For example, someone posting "Epic Fail Guy" in a "Marry, Fuck, Kill" style thread with the intention of killing him failed 13 times in a row.
  • SCP-1370 of the SCP Foundation has the personality of an Omnicidal Maniac, but is so inept that when it tries to destroy a completely ordinary potted plant, the plant wins.
  • An Angry German Kid gag dub has the kid go on the internet to get a girlfriend. After uploading his profile, he learns, much to his fury, that the amount of viewers he has is -2.
  • Twitch Plays Pokemon, an internet experiment that started on February 14, 2014. Over 70,000 players simultaneously enter commands to attempt to control Red. Somehow, they manage to defeat gyms while taking entire days to complete simple puzzles due to the wrath of the random number god and sometimes deliberate sabotage. Everyone else just watches the results of the fascinating livestream. Now has its own page of fails.
  • The "YOU HAD ONE JOB" meme. The implication is that the subject of the complaint had a very simple task to do and they messed it up in a manner that is so unbelievably stupid.
  • {{Roadkill} frequently features these, due to a combination of breakages, insufficient time, and just sheer bad luck. Best example? The first attempt at the California-Alaska road trip. They wound up way behind schedule, broke their window by slamming the door in a gas station parking lot, failed to flat tow a complete hulk of a 57 Chevy, and finally wind up in the Grand Canyon with a metal donkey strapped to the roof.
  • There's one Retsupurae video where slowbeef and Diabetus watch an LPer do a Let's Play of Contra and cannot get past the first stage. He keeps trying it for thirty minutes. When uploaded, they only did the first fifteen because it was so painful!
    • There's another featuring Chip Cheezum and General Ironicus where they watch an LP of Pokémon Yellow. Chip is left gobsmacked when the player loses to a Pidgenote . The Pokemon he was using? A Pikacnote . An electric type.
  • The Super Failio Cousins Macaroni fails a lot, especially in their New Super Mario Bros Wii series.
  • At one point during the Game Grumps' playthrough of Mega Man 7, Arin takes over for Jon after a long string of failures in the first Wily Fortress Stage, making fun of Jon for his incompetence. Cue Arin immediately summoning Rush, and then jumping right over him into a spike pit.
    • At one point during their Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) playthrough, they're put right next to a lake, and in plain sight is an island with a portal on it in the middle of the lake (which they're supposed to reach to get to the next stage) and a hint ring explaining how to get there. They proceed to ignore the hint ring, circle the entire lake, ignore the hint ring again, and then backtrack into the nearby hub area to wander around aimlessly while complaining that the game doesn't clearly tell them how to proceed (though eventually Arin looks up the answer on GameFAQs and realizes their mistake.) At a later point, after taking control of Silver, they reach a point where they need to use his psychokinesis in a specific way to proceed, before which is another hint ring explaining how to do it, which they walk right past three different times (while acknowledging that it's there, but they don't want to look at it) while once again complaining that the game doesn't tell them what to do.
    • One You Don't Know Jack match ends with Jon getting frustrated at always losing at the final Jack Attack segment and spending the whole segment hammering buttons and racking up penalties. His final score: -$513,082.
  • In a Murder episode of Sips' Garry's Mod series, Turpster spawns with the gun in one round, and Sips is the murderer. Smiffy and Ross both get murdered by Sips, but manage to shout out his in-game name, Papa Miko, and give him away before death. Turps therefore comes to the conclusion that it's Trott aka Lima Romeo, even though they don't have remotely similar names, and shoots Trott. This is after two people gave Sips away.

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