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With this being a series with LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters, it is only logical that a large number of them [[EnsembleDarkhorse enjoy particular adoration from the fandom.]]


* Khal Drogo was part of the main ensemble cast in the first season - but ''only'' the first season, as he proved TooCoolToLive and only became a minor player in the overall storyline, unlike with Ned Stark. However, he's one of the most popular and beloved characters on the show for being a badass and for his CharacterDevelopment, surpassing some more important characters such as the Greyjoys and Boltons in popularity, and is easily the second most popular player in Dany's early storyline only behind the Khaleesi herself (even though her other traveling companions get to stick around and play a bigger role in the storyline).
* Though a fairly minor character in the first season, Jory Cassel has a small, loving fanbase that remind everyone on Facebook his wonderful qualities by means of a meme called "Why We Love Jory Cassel".
* While he vanished very early on, many people like Benjen Stark and there has been much speculation on what his ultimate fate was. [[spoiler: Then Season 6 came along and it turns out Benjen has become a badass Human/Wight hybrid. People are quite happy to say the least.]]
* Syrio Forel, the badass and LargeHam fencing master.
* Hodor. Hodor? HODOR!
** His popularity raised even further after [[spoiler:season six's episode "The Door", which gave us TheReveal of his backstory and his HeroicSacrifice.]]
* Greatjon Umber. In the same scene where he starts off as a bit of a jerk ass, he instantly redeems himself when he takes Robb's act of mercy upon losing two of his fingers to Grey Wind and then jokes about it and laughs it off with all the Northmen.
** His son, Smalljon Umber, inherited his father's popularity. Having his first scene be him walk up to Ramsay and call him and everyone with him a cunt, tell him to go fuck himself and refuse to swear loyalty, made him a pretty popular character, [[spoiler: even if he did betray Rickon.]]
* Jaqen H'ghar is popular for his mysterious, deadpan nature and awesome killing abilities.
* Bronn the blue-collar sellsword for the endless amounts of entertaining interactions between him and Tyrion and his Deadpan demeanor.
* Sandor Clegane aka "the Hound," what with his terrific battle sequences, brooding, complex personality and brilliant OddCouple arc with Arya; especially notable in relation to the books given how little screentime he comparatively has.
* Barristan Selmy's got himself quite a loyal following as well considering his MemeticBadass and straight up badass traits. He even pulled off an amazing comeback scene in the Season 3 premiere [[spoiler: when he saved Dany's life from a Manticore]].
* Yoren's got himself a small following as well. From looking out for Arya's safety [[spoiler: following her father's execution]] and even having [[spoiler: A DyingMomentOfAwesome all to protect her and the kids he was bringing to the Night's Watch]]. He's also got a knife sharp enough to "shave a spider's arse".
* Podrick Payne's dogged loyalty, {{Adorkable}} behavior, and his hilarious and unexpected sexual prowess (approaching SexGod status) make him one of the singularly likable characters in a cast full of shades of gray.
* Lady Olenna Tyrell, a CoolOldLady who got very popular, very quickly for being bitingly acerbic and frank and holding her own against many of the most powerful players in the game. Also, [[spoiler:she kills Joffrey. [[HateSink That certainly didn't hurt.]]]]
* Thoros of Myr is already being called the Game of Thrones version of [[Franchise/PiratesOfTheCaribbean Captain Jack Sparrow]] , what with his rather carefree {{cloud cuckoo lander}} attitude and outlandish approach to greeting Arya, Hot Pie, and Gendry. Also helps within a span of about five seconds he demonstrates what an amazing swordsman he is when he casts aside Arya's suspicions he's just a silly drunk and not good with a sword at all.
* Margaery Tyrell's fanbase grew exponentially with each appearance of hers in Season 3. She tamed and manipulated Joffrey of all people, caused Cersei (the "[[BadassBoast Power IS Power]]" Queen) to start panicking, has inherited at least some of her [[CoolOldLady grandma]]'s wit and cunning, and despite her gender and age is one of the best players in the game of thrones. She is also [[EnsembleDarkhorse one]] in-universe, having endeared herself to the smallfolk as well as much of the court (something a pure power player like Cersei deeply resents). It's also worth noting, that the expansion of her character is almost universally liked even among the book fans, [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks good part of whom isn't usually fond of changes from the original]].
* [[TheDreaded Beric Dondarrion]] became this way before his re-appearance in Season 3 and then solidified his staus as this simply because of his presence, his status as a leader amongst a group of people fighting not for any side of the war, but for the good of the small townspeople whom are suffering the worst out of anyone in the War of the Five Kings and in the name of Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark who are both long dead and his seriously threatening reputation as a man that cannot die and even The Mountain is desperate to find and be done with. Also, his duel with Sandor was among the best duels in the series thus far.
* Edmure Tully has a growing fanbase for being a hilarious UpperClassTwit who nonetheless does his king and nephew a solid to make up for mistakes that were entirely Robb's fault.
* Brynden Tully, the Blackfish, just like with the books, is one of the most popular minor characters, for being both a CoolOldGuy and for being a skullcracking badass.
* Yara Greyjoy, especially after her single show-stealing scene in Season 3.
* Roose Bolton -- [[spoiler:despite personally killing Robb Stark at the Red Wedding and conspiring against the whole North]] -- actually has a growing following if the comments on Youtube and various ''Game of Thrones'' forums are to be taken into account. One cannot help respecting the man for his [[PragmaticVillainy subterfuge]], style, and the fact that he's an outright {{troll}}.
* Prince Oberyn Martell was already the biggest example in the books, and he follows suit here for being thoroughly unintimidated by the Lannisters and his unusual sexual proclivities.
** Pedro Pascal's passion for the role and his charisma oozing on virtually every scene he's in has ended up with people admitting that his [[spoiler: legendarily gruesome death]] was actually more of a punch in the TV series than in the books.
* Oberyn Martell's paramour Ellaria Sand also won over fans as one of the show's prime examples of flawless casting in Creator/IndiraVarma and her abundance of [[MsFanservice exotic fan service]] she brings. [[spoiler: Sadly, this has evaporated in Season 5, thanks to her AdaptationalVillainy, and especially following several specific MoralEventHorizon that are unique to the show. Now, she's demoted to TheScrappy.]]
* Locke qualifies himself in Season 4 after managing to pull off several awesome feats in combat and stealth.
* Daario Naharis, Daenaerys' sellsword-come-lieutenant/lover for much of the same reasons as Bronn, thanks to his blunt sarcasm, total badassery, and genuinely [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming sweet]] relationship with Dany. This is especially notable since the book version of Daario is something of a scrappy, but show!Daario rises above that courtesy of AdaptationalHeroism, AdaptationalBadass ''and'' AdaptationalAttractiveness.
* Salladhor Sann, the witty and amorous pirate, gets a number of witty lines whenever chatting with Davos. Most notable is his claim that he's going to fuck Cersei as part of his price for aiding Stannis, clarifying that "he's not going to rape her, he's going to fuck her," and claiming that he's very persuasive.
* Stannis himself has a growing number of fans who absolutely adore him and consider him the person most fit to rule Westeros. Not only did he prove himself a grade-A badass during the Battle of Blackwater, but he was the only Great Lord to send aid to the Wall when it was being threatened by the Wildlings and the White Walkers. Feats like these have earned him the nickname "Stannis the Mannis" to many fans. A lot of people are quite upset by his AdaptationalVillainy in the series. However, the touching scenes between him and his daughter are very well-liked in a series that has a lot of dysfunctional families. [[spoiler: Although the final two episodes of Season 5 split his fanbase clean in half...]]
* Like her father, Shireen has gained many fans despite appearing only in few scenes during season 3 and 4, thanks to her being sweet and smart despite growing up with greyscale and in a rather dysfuctional family. She has gained more screentime during season 5 and her interactions with her family and household have been appreciated by both critics and audience. [[spoiler:When she was killed off in "The Dance of Dragons", fandom did not take it well.]]
* Maester Aemon for being a CoolOldGuy, for the fact that his actor makes every one of his few scenes memorable and emotional. He's seen as a case of SmallRoleBigImpact.
* Wun Wun. His is part one of the coolest scenes of the series, and bring a CoolVsAwesome moment when he, a giant, fight a zombie horde. It's not only glorious, but add his name, you get yourself a quite popular secondary character.
* Karsi, the wilding leader in "Hardhome" has become surprisingly popular. [[spoiler:Of course, in typical ''Game of Thrones'' fashion, she gets killed by the end of the episode.]]
* The Night's King, to the point of OneSceneWonder. He simply raised his hands [[spoiler: and resurrected all the dead Wildlings and Night Watch]], all the while locking eyes with Jon, silently taunting him. And the fandom exploded with approval.[[spoiler:Further approval for him increased many times after he kills Viserion with very little effort, ''and'' use him to finally invade Westeros.]]
* Doran Martell is praised by many as the one good thing to come out of Season 5's much-despised Dorne storyline, with several great lines and a subdued but quite effective performance from Alexander Siddig. Being a ReasonableAuthorityFigure who can be kind yet still rule effectively, in a world populated by good people who end up suffering or selfish bastards helps. This is doubly impressive as he's also a pretty severe AdaptationalWimp, with his role as TheChessmaster completely removed. [[spoiler:Fans were at uproar when he was killed off by former EnsembleDarkhorse now Scrappy Ellaria Sand in the Season 6 premiere and most of his vengeful and scheming qualities are given to her]].
* Hot Pie was already quite popular from the books, but he seems to have become even more popular, seeing as he's one of the few comic relief characters in the series. The scene where he bids farewell to Arya is quite touching. There was much rejoicing when he returned to make a quick cameo in season 4.
* Septa Unella in Season 5, who [[spoiler: imprisons Cersei in her cell]] due to her simply refusing to take any of Cersei's shit and for her later participation in [[spoiler: [[MemeticMutation Cersei's walk of shame.]]]] Some fans have even started [[CrackPairing shipping her with Hodor]] due to both of their tendencies for PokemonSpeak.
* Karl Tanner, he is a drunken thug whose villainy is taken up to eleven but when it comes to it he did walk the walk by almost killing Jon Snow and kill Craster, who was referred as a tough old goat after knocking Jon Snow. His "fookin' legend" soliloquy didn't hurt, nor did BurnGorman's portrayal.
* Arthur Dayne's absolutely epic LastStand is his single scene, but he demonstrates such mindblowing fencing skills that even the most skeptic viewer was instantly awed.
* Smalljon Umber, despite suffering a severe case of AdaptationalVillainy, is adored for his single scene where most of his dialogue consists of calling Roose Bolton a cunt to RAMSAY'S FACE while implicitly mocking him for the obvious way Ramsay killed him and refusing to swear fealty to the Bolton's, only allowing an alliance if the Umbers can work on equal terms with them. And he does all this while smirking.
* Lyanna Mormont, the BadassAdorable, ten-year old Lady of Bear Island, after she held her own against Jon, Sansa, and Davos in negotiating the Mormonts' participation in the quest to retake Winterfell. Viewers already anticipated her appearance after her sternly worded letter to Stannis Baratheon in Season 5.
** Her popularity seems to have gone through the roof after she [[spoiler: declares Jon to be the second King in the North]]
** She also one some major points when she [[spoiler: rides with Jon to meet with Ramsay. Granted, she has no idea the kind of cruelty he's capable of and doesn't speak to him directly, but Ramsay doesn't look harmless by any standards. She's doubtlessly learned of his family's... habits, and she's still unflinching in the face of one of the most deranged characters in the series.]]
* Her namesake Lyanna Stark only gets appearances via flashback but has received a lot of love for them as one shows her as a tomboy princess just like her niece Arya while the other [[spoiler: confirms one of the most popular WMG's of the series regarding Jon Snow's parentage.]]
* Euron Greyjoy, who proves in Season 7 - with roaring, laughing, psychotic aplomb - to be the absolute perfect combination of cunning, competent, and ''batshit flipping insane'' required for an iconic villain. When it comes to the audience, Ramsay Bolton he is not. [[spoiler: He also personally killed two of the much reviled Sand Snakes and captured the last one and their equally reviled mother for some karmic retribution. That certainly didn't hurt.]] His actor's charismatic performance has proven to be very entertaining.
* Also from Season 7, that one Wight. You know, the one Sandor names Dumb Cunt. Yeah, the one who figured out the lake had refrozen and actually withstood getting his jaw taken off and his ribcage smashed in. Fans love this guy, and hope to god he survived Danny's dragon attack.
* Drogon, the largest and most prominent of Daenerys' dragons. Many fans [[JustHereForGodzilla were eagerly awaiting]] [[InstantAwesomeJustAddDragons destructive dragon action]] in the series, and he delivers by providing many awesome moments for both himself and Dany. His badass design and [[VisualEffectsOfAwesome amazing CGI work]] also helps.