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Ensemble Dark Horse: Visual Novels
  • Ace Attorney:
    • Adrian Andrews, a central character to the final case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All and had a minor appearance in the 2nd case of the 3rd game, Trials and Tribulations, is far more popular in the fandom than any other side character. This partly has to do with her having the central role in a fan-favorite case, but more importantly, there's the implied Les Yay between her and the Whip It Good Tsundere Prosecutor Franziska von Karma. This might also be because fairly early in the case, she turned from being a hard-edged talent agent into a soft-hearted puppy, because she was the real victim all along. Some of that may also be explained by players feeling guilty for having to re-accuse her of a crime they know she's innocent of to bide time, and later being forced to choose between her life or Maya's. It's quite a feat to have the player feel personally involved like that.
    • Before Adrian Andrews, there was Phoenix's rival, Miles Edgeworth. He even got his own game!
      • Games. You know you've succeeded when your new series puts out a sequel before the old series can even get a new game into the development stages.
    • Until Apollo Justice hit the market in America, Ema Skye appeared in all of one case (albeit a big one) in the first game as a stand-in for Phoenix's assistant, Maya. However, she apparently struck a chord with people, given that her coverage practically eclipsed Maya for a while — maybe it was the magenta goggles and flair for scientific investigation. She was almost the protagonist of Investigations before a certain cravatted prosecutor took over.
    • Don't forget Matt Engarde, who only appeared in ONE case, but has a huge fanbase. His rival, Juan Corrida, was just the victim of the case, and he has gained loads of fans (though this may be because of fanartist Zarla's works).
    • Godot. Cool shades, snappy dresser, and one of the most sympathetic and conflicted killers of the entire series.
    • Byrne Faraday of Ace Attorney Investigations has also become very popular, despite the fact that we see exactly one screenshot of him before finding his corpse. Probably has something to do with being a good father to Kay, a master thief, and one of the very few prosecutors who isn't an Amoral Attorney.
    • Don't forget Gumshoe, pal!
    • Also, Maya Fey. Trucy was criticised simply for not being her.
    • Detective '''Badd'''ass in Investigations. You know you're popular when you're the Ace Attorney equivalent to Chuck Norris.
    • Investigations 2 might not be out yet in America but Yumihiko Ichiyanagi already has a huge fanbase once the game came out. Given his voice actor is a fan favorite of another famous male tsundere from a certain series and the personalities are near identical to the point that he's technically a moeblob to his fanbase (and an Ineffectual Sympathetic Prosecutor), it really stands out.
    • Also, Damon Gant, thanks to the Memetic Mutation.
  • It is practically a given that in Fate/stay night fandom, Archer has more fans than Shirou. This is hilarious because Archer is Shirou.
    • The release of Unlimited Blade Works, however, may also put Lancer in this position. Sfter the release, a lot of message boards (those who played UBW) were saying "Lancer is more GAR than Archer!" And yes, he's never alive by the end of any scenarios like Archer.
    • Rider as well. It's too bad she gets so little screen time even in the route focusing on her and Sakura as the heroines.
    • Playable Caster of Fate/EXTRA likely qualifies. She's barely promoted at all, but she's only a little behind Saber in terms of popularity in Japan, and probably surpasses her by a large margin in the west.
    • To a more minor degree, Assassin. Many people find his calmness and his katana and the way he was able to stand up to Saber despite his limitations far more awesome than any of the above. And then, of course, there's the music that plays during his fight with Saber in the Fate route.
  • Happiness: Jun.
  • Princess Lover!: Sylvie.
  • Katawa Shoujo: The Paranoid, Misogynistic, Conspiracy Theorist, Kenji Setou.
    • Hanako Ikezawa is this due to the sheer amount of fan art featuring her.
  • School Days:
    • Yuki for numerous reasons. The main reason is that he's the nice guy to Makoto's jerkass personality and probably the only sane man that is genre savvy enough to realize what's going on. He can call Sekai out on everything she's done to Kotohana and punch Makoto for being a dick. Finally he's the cross dresser that many guys have deemed more attractive than the girls of this series.
  • SHUFFLE!!: Asa's mom Ama can be viewed as one.
  • Utawarerumono:
    • Touka, her cuteness and fighting style have her beat everyone else in polls. Karura might count, though she actually gets her own arc in the story.
  • When They Cry series:
  • For the fans of Tsukihime, Nrvnqsr "Nero" Chaos and Satsuki "Sacchin" Yumizuka seem to be well liked, with the former due to his badassness and the later for her cuteness and unfortunate fate both in-game and metawise.
  • Sola seems pretty popular with the Sunrider fanbase, despite not having appeared in the game proper.
  • Date A Live: Rinne Utopia has the title character Rinne Sonogami, an Original Generation character made for the game. Mostly thanks to her being the Harem Nanny, the fact that she wants Shido to be happy to whichever girl he chooses, and the fact that she's a Nice Girl made fans want more of her. Which makes it all the more heartbreaking to see her disappear and Shido pulling off a Skyward Scream and that she won't get remembered by Shido. This is because the events of the game happen just after the anime/fourth volume and before volume 5 in which she wasn't present..
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