Eldritch Abomination / Web Animation

Eldritch Abominations in Web Animation.

  • In The Fear Hole, the horrible thing that Antagonizer fights in Episode 7. It's never seen, but it's described with terms like "It's like a sewer had an abortion" and "It's like if cancer had leprosy", so you know it's bad.
    • Plus, there's also the thing in Episode 4 who looks like Cthulhu and has the personality of a small, fairly innocent child, but in the end turns out to be nasty.
  • The Garnet and Gure animated short, Monsters are Dwelling introduces us to the mythos of the "Horrible Gods", as described by a surprisingly charming green, eight-armed naked lady who is apparently going door to door to spread the Word of Kar-Goom.
  • In this cartoon, Rittz appears to be tormented by one of these. Don't worry, it's funnier than it sounds.
  • The Aeon Worm from Bravest Warriors is a powerful, giant creature from the "see-through zone". It is never shown in full on screen, but it's true appearance is very alien.