Ear Worm / Other

Songs with an infuriating habit of getting into your head from a variety of sources not covered elsewhere.


  • Both the opening ("Burkaaa! (Avenger!)") and closing themes ("Don't mess with the lady in black, the lady in black, the lady in black...!") themes to the Pakistani cartoon Burka Avenger are prone to getting stuck in your head.

Comic Books

Pinball Radio


Real Life
  • Some fire alarms, which make catchy bloops, blops, and wails.
    • And the ones that go "The fire alarm has been sounded, and the cause of it is being investigated. Please remain calm and wait for further instructions. Thank you. (Lather, rinse, repeat)"
  • Some reversing sirens - not content with merely beeping at you, they inform you: "Attention! This vehicle... is... reversing!"
  • Certain racing car sounds from international Auto Racing, especially this one. Certain tropers are major Auto Racing fans and can't get this racing car sound out of their head for days.
  • Sea Shanties. They can get stuck in your head for weeks just humming the same tune, this is a perfect example.
  • Ear Worms are nothing new.
  • The "Carnival Festival" ride in Dutch amusement park "De Efteling" is infamous for this; anyone who has been on it will never, ever get that song out of their heads again.
  • Protest chants. “Hey, hey, ho, ho, (insert thing you dislike here) has got to go!”