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Ear Worm: Music GHI
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  • Peter Gabriel: I WANNA BE.. YOUR SLEDGEHAMMER. - Sledge Hammer
    • "Games without frontiers, war without tears." ("Jeux san frontieres!")
    • "Big time/so much larger than life."
    • "(In your eyes) the light, the heat/(Your eyes) I am complete."
    • “Monkey… monkey… monkeyyyyyyyyyy… don’t you know you’ve got to SHOCK THE MONKEY!”
  • Bill and Gloria Gaither: "Get in touch with God... Turn your radio on..."
  • Gamma Ray: Noooow I knooooow there's a beeeeeeeetter waaaay, let my heeeeaaart ride out for a beeeetter daaaay..." Michael Kiske on vocals seals the deal.
  • Gala: Come, come, come into my life... nobody loves me, nobody loves me enough...
  • I been really trying, baby...
    • "Ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley long enough, ain't no river wide enough..." Also, the Diana Ross cover.
    • “Get up, get up, get up, get up… wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up…” Way back in the days before i-Stuff, there was this girl on the bus ride home singing this one word-for-word, without a regard for anyone else there.
  • Paro, Nakso, Mikono, Syro kai Folegandro. Kriti, Rodo, Ko kai Santorini~
  • Cee-Lo Green's Forget You is most definitely an Ear Worm
  • A lot of stuff by Gackt. Most notably, Vanilla and Ghost.
  • Cherry Lips by Garbage.
    • "I would die for you, I would die for you, I've been dying just to feel you by my side..." #1 Crush is one addictive song.
    • "I'm only happy when it rains, I'm only happy when it's complicated..."
    • "One mistake's all it takes, and your life has come undone..."
  • "Hey, turn the record over! Hey, see you on the flip side!"
  • Gloria Gaynor. What, you’ve never heard of her?
    • “First I was afraid, I was petrified / Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side…” (For all you millennials out there, Pussycat Dolls’ “Hush Hush” has this hook.)
  • Genesis: "She seems to have an invisible touch, yeah, she reaches in and grabs right hold of your heart..."
  • Genki Rockets has the ever catchy "Heavenly Star".
  • Andy Gibb – yeah, the little brother of the Bee Gees – definitely was not without his own Ear Worms.
  • Girls Aloud. I'm just a love machine, feeding my fantasy, give me a kiss or three...
  • Girls' Generation. Oh my God, Girls Generation. Especially "Gee". That song will get stuck in your head for days. Gee gee gee gee, baby baby baby...
  • "Centerfold" by the J. Geils Band (Or Captain Jack if you're a DDR fan).
    • "My blood runs cold/ My memories have just been sold! / (na na nananana) My angel is a centerfold..."
    • "Fright Night, who's it going to be tonight, lock your doors and windows tight, soon you'll all believe I'm right."
    • I've been through diamonds! I've been through minks! I've been through it all! ...LOVE STINKS."
  • Gary Glitter's "Rock and Roll, Part Two" manages to be one despite having no lyrics whatsoever except "Hey!"
    • Which was remixed very successfully as Doctorin' the TARDIS ten years later. Its arguably even catchier than the original.
  • Gnarls Barkley: "DOES THAT MAKE ME CRAZY"
    • "Run (I'm a Natural Disaster)"
  • The Go-Gos: "Vacation" ...vacation, all I ever wanted...
    • "Our Lips Are Sealed"
      • "We Got the Beat"
  • Gogol Bordello: Start wearing purple, wearing purple! (La la la la LA!) Start wearing purple for me now! All your sanity and wits they will all vanish! I promise! It's just a matter of time!!!
  • Godsmack: I fucking hate you/You're such a liar/I love to hate you/You're all the same to me...
    • "Voodoo," the earworm to zombify other earworms. That it's a rhythmic infinite chant definitely helps.
    • "I'm doing the best I ever did..."
    • "I'm alive, for you I'm awake..."
    • "I! STAND ALONE!"
    • "Straight out of line, I can't find a reason..."
    • "Speak the truth, or make your peace some other way..."
    • "Shine Down, don't take it away from me, no..."
    • "I, am realizing, that everybody's lost their simple ways..."
    • "Good times, bad times, you know I've had my share..."
    • "I'm feeling okay with my whiskey hangover..."
    • "And so, you tell me I, can't take my chances, but I told you one too many times, that you were crying like a bitch!"
    • "Love, Hate, Sex, Pain, it's complicating me sometimes..."
  • Andrew Gold's Spooky Scary Skeletons.
  • So many Goldfrapp songs.
  • Selena Gomez:
    • I-I love you like a love song baby...
    • "You are the thunder, and I am the lightning..."
    • Who says? Who says you're not perfect? Who says you're not worth it?
    • "When you're ready, come and get it, nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah..."
    • "All night long, baby slow down the song..."
    • "Youuuu-ou! (Youuuu-ooou!) When you're falling down, the world starts spinning out! Youuuu-ooou! (Youuuu-oooou!) When you're falling down, Now it's not all about youuuuu-oou! (Yoooou-oou!) When you're falling down, you know I'll be around!! When you're falling down, you're falling down!"
  • Let me stick a novelty song in there: "Ziet 'em goan, ziet 'em goan, me zen basketsloefkes oan" (by Sam Gooris)
  • Gorillaz: "I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad, I got sunshine in a bag, I'm useless, but not for long, the future is comin' on Its comin on it's comin on" Sorry,
    • Windmill, windmill for the land, Turn forever hand in hand...
    • The song is not the same when we're all played out, played out, all played oooouuuut!
    • M 1 A 1! Thousand miles an hour! Gorillaz got the bass drum! Gorillaz say I want some, some!
    • She turned my dad on, she turned my dad on, dad on, dad on!!!
    • "Go get the cool, get the cool shoe shine..."
      • Particularly the Soulchild remix, which is just lively and fun and makes you wanna dance
    • It's coming up, it's coming up, it's dare. (OOOH!)
    • "Kids With Guns"
    • Pirate jet, pirate jet, pirate jet, pirate jet...
  • This little number from up and coming band The Gorgeous Chans will have you whistling it for a long while after.
  • Gotye: "Now you're just somebody that I used to know..."
  • "Come hear Uncle John's Band, by the river side..."
    • Also, "The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)", "Friend Of The Devil" and "Ripple".
  • I'm just pulling on a line, on a line ... Oh, I'm just pulling on a line. I'm just pulling on a line, on a line ... and sometimes it pulls on me.
  • Ariana Grande? Oh, you might have one less “Problem” without her Ear Worm. (Iggy Iggs’ presence – as in, Iggy Azalea – definitely isn’t a help.)
  • Great Big Sea:
    • “See the chameleon, lying there in the sun…” (What, you thought only Slade could do something like that?)
  • From Green Day:
    • "Sometimes I give myself the creeps, sometimes my mind plays tricks on me..."
    • "Do you know the enemy? Do you know your enemy? Well, gotta know the enemy, whoa ay (whoa ay whoa ay!)"
    • The opening of "Brain Stew".
    • Gloooria! Viva la Glooorrriiia!
    • My shadow's the only one that walks beside me, my shallow heart's the only thing that's beating...
    • One... Twenty-one guns!
    • Don't wanna be an AMERICAN IDIOT!
    • 'Cause you know where I'll be found... When I come around!"
    • Red alert is the color of your paper valentines, intertwined on this moment passing by...
    • 'Cause I wanna be the minority! I don't need your authority!
    • Ca~staway, goin' at it alone/Ca~staway, now I'm on my own...
    • "There's something unpredictable/ But in the end is right/ I hope you had the time of your life..."
    • "City of the damned, lost children with dirty faces today..."
    • "I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies..."
    • "A fire burns today of blasphemy and genocide..."
    • "Bite my lip and close my eyes! Take me away to paradise!"
    • "Pay attention to the cracked streets and the broken homes!"
    • "Seventeen and strung out on confusions..."
    • "I'm on a roll! No self-control!"
    • "It's not over till you're underground..."
    • "Oh love, oh love, won't you rain on me tonight?"
    • "All alone in the world like a merry-go-round..."
    • "Shut your mouth 'cause you're talkin' too much and I don't give a fuck anyway! Let yourself go, let yourself go, let yourself go..."
  • Edvard Grieg's in the hall of the mountain king
  • Like Me by Girlicious. Try not getting "Doo-do, doo-do, doo-do, doo-do, doo-do..." stuck in your head.
  • Group X: I don't want to talk to you, I just want bang bang bang! I don't want to know your name, I just want bang bang bang! I don't want to meet your mom, I just want bang bang bang!
  • Musician El Guincho is very fond of these, exhibits A and B: Antillas and Kalise
  • I am a Gummy Bear! In multiple languages, too!
  • Guns N' Roses:
    • "Sweet Child o' Mine". Hell, you just need the opening licks...
    • "Welcome to the jungle, watch you break into your - shananananana - knees, knees!"
    • "Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty!"
    • "I'm on a Nightrain, bottoms up! I'm on a Nightrain, fill my cup!"
    • "We've been dancing, with Mr. Brownstone!"
    • "Just a little patience, yeah, yeah..."
    • "I used to love her, but I had to kill her..."
    • "Better" is (and the rest of Chinese Democracy).
    • "Shackler's Revenge"
    • Cornshucker, Real buttfuckah!
  • Gunther: Ooh, you touch my tra la la... My ding-ding-dong...
  • GWAR: "-died, and they died, and they died, and they died..."
  • Lesley Gore: "Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows..."
  • Ellie Goulding: "You shine the lights that stop me, I turn to stone..."
  • God damn it, this song has been in my head for days! And I'm American! From Gunnarolla:



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